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I have an HDTV, so this is a secondhand report, but my coworker has noted that a good 3/4ths of his tutorial text on the top of the screen is clipped off, and he can't read it. Switching between composite and S-Video didn't change anything, either.

Anyone else experience this? Maybe even have a fix?

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If you meant "would you play an explicitly gay character" then yes.

If you meant "would you play your character AS gay", then I would say I regularly do.

If you meant something else, I'm afraid I don't follow the question.

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*Gives GiantKitty a great big cookie*

Thanks for being one of the good people!

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...but what if it's actually decent, Pibo? To hate someone just because what they've done wasn't satisfactory is foolish, not to mention continuing to do so, even if they make a concerted effort to correct that mistake.

Yeah, he makes lame movies, but hating Uwe Boll *JUST* to hate Uwe Boll is fucked in the head.

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Texas Flood. Something about its loose rhythm and cascading notes was a nice treat.

Frankenstein was a good runner-up, though.

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mawfu said:
"I can't believe someone knew about all these old crappy games and it was very well put together."
Well, when my mom got all pissy and broke my Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition and Shadow Warrior game CDs some 10-odd years ago, because they had sexual content, after I paid money for them, I think it was bound to happen that I would become obsessed...

Though I'm fairly certain there are other reasons, really. ^_^

But thanks for the remark. :)
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Well, actually, they haven't said one way or the other. I guess they're just assuming.

I re-pose the question: Are there any RB2 guitar owners that could test compatibility with GH III?

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Thanks a bunch, though I'm very disappointed to see the new guitar STILL doesn't work with GHIII.

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Are the wireless guitars for Rock Band backwards compatible with Guitar Hero III? I would very much like to know, if there are any persons in the know/any savvy testers out there willing to check for me.

Thanks in advance.