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I hope for/look forward to future installments in the series. I just know if those never happen (which seems unlikely with the ground swell of support the game has gotten here and elsewhere), the ending of this game would feel fairly hollow, IMHO.

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So just finished this, and can't help but be a bit disappointed by the end.

I know that everyone involved with making the game has been very open with saying they would love to have a sequel, and that they need support to make that a reality, but I also feel like so much of the momentum of the final moments of the game are wasted. Everything from the Mirror Room to the ceremony in the woods all seems to be building to something very significant. But then it turns out the jealous wife did it, and was caught when she lied about the tape. It just feels very anti-climatic, and as much as I DO want more Hi-Jenks, the resolution felt so sudden and unrelated to what seemed to be the main thrust of the game. That is not an uncommon mystery trope, to build up some greater conspiracy over here which turns out to be irrelevant, but it just felt like a big let down for a game that I otherwise thought was a lot of campy fun.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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What others have said: this is the follow-up from the team that made Dark Souls 1. If you're already in that sizeable fan base, that's enough to get you in the door, and then past that word of mouth will spread it. I think worrying about reviews sinking the success of this game is a bit of grasping at straws for things to worry about; I think this game has been given all the hype and publicity you can expect from a game like this, and those that want it REALLY want it, and word of mouth will take care for those who don't KNOW they want it yet.

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Too strange, especially as I just saw their little comedy panel at PAX South this weekend.

If true, at least they are going with the same spark of humor they came in with.

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Not seen if anyone else suggested Hoozuki no Reitetsu, but thats definitely worth a watch. Dry workplace satire that just happens to be set against the backdrop of the realms of Hell. Only real mark against it is that it is VERY Japanese in some parts, with cultural references that the localisation has long footnotes for. But the funny bits are hilarious, and there is nothing else quite like it. Definitely for adults.

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Interested in doing a 2-player Lets Play stream, but wasn't sure if a headset plugged into a second controller would actually be picked up on Twitch. What have y'all seen/heard/experienced?

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Wireless, and my router is somewhat far away. I recognize thats not an optimal solution, but where my modem is doesn't make it very convenient to run wired.

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I had heard that PSN downloads could be kinda pokey (previous X-Box player), but there is slow and there is borderline broken.

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So I recognize this is partially on me for not buying discs, but the download speeds I am getting from PSN are incredibly slow. Like 2 Mbps slow, occassionally dipping down to 1 OR BELOW. I ran some speedtests on other devices, qnd typically average 30 Mbps, which isn't blazing fast but is a Ferarri compared to what I an getting now.

Curious if anyone else is having ludiciriously slow down/up speeds, or if anyone has some fixes network side I could try to zip this up a bit. Worth noting, I was able to get 1.5 no trouble, and have downloaded Resogun. And I've played that A LOT as I have tried to download N4S and DCUO all day today. I was going to give it the weekend but figured I'd ask on here if I am not alone.

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I am connecting just finw, able to stream and watch netflix, etc., but hot damn download times are TERRIBLE. 2-3 MB a second, and thats when it is connected; it keeps stalling out and I have to tedtart it, so its not like I can set it and forget it.

Please tell me this is abnormal launch woes. I was really looking forward to digital only but if this is the results? Not viable.