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The Witcher 2 is one incredible RPG but nothing this generation comes close to Bayonetta still.

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@demonknightinuyasha said:

Just as FYI the configuration panel for your video card drivers probably has an option to force vsync (and iirc with nvidia drivers you can set it to specific .exe)

Also wasn't this the game that was supposed to have like PS3, Steam, and mobile cross platform play or something crazy like that? Did it actually happen?

I tried forcing it via the control panel first, but it worked with none of the exes, don't know why.

Apparently PS3 and PC work cross platform, haven't tried it myself though.

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So the game is out, its fun and everything. But god damn, isn't the screen tearing bad? Anyone figure out a way to do this? There doesn't seem to be any Vsync settings.

It does tear bead, but it's easily fixed: go to Steam\steamapps\common\dungeondefenders\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini and change UseVsync=False to True. Works like a charm.

Also, this game is fucking incredible. I didn't really know squat about it before yesterday (a friend gifted it to me) and I'm absolutely loving everything about it. I didn't have issues with online play either, played for some three straight hours and didn't disconnect once.

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I wouldn't mind it as much if they would just say something about it, a simple tweet or somesuch; but the only information we get is yet another delay on the Steam page - one hour before fucking release. I'm sorry, but this is just getting retarded.

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Ok - after watching that I am inclined to forgive disinformation and the additional wait. Fucking Antlions? Hell yeah.

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I've had it pre-ordered since the day they put it up on Steam (almost two months ago) and now, over a week after the console-release and a day after it should've come out already we still don't even have a release date. Not exactly the best information policy I've ever encountered. Get your shit together Sega!

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Was 2,50€ here, not often that we get better prices in Europe.

Either way, Mirror's Edge is amazing, I played a bit of it on a friend's 360 back when it came out but I never thought it would be this good. Why did it get so mediocre reviews again? The concept is amazing, it looks and runs great and the execution of the first-person platforming couldn't be any better. The flow you get into when you run through a section just the way you imagined or find a new way entirely is a sort of rush that not a lot of games can claim to ever accomplish (the last game that made me feel this way probably was Bayonetta). This game is just frickin' perfect, I feel like a thief for getting it at this price.

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Makoto vs Q is one of the worst matchups in the game (for Q, obviously), so it's really quite easy. Just poke him a bit with mp and from the right distance, jump in with mk, hk and tsurugi and dash in (with optional jab tick) karakusa into combo. In the corner he is one of the characters you can do hp xx ex hayate > lp hayate, you should have him stunned rather quickly. If you see him do anything just dash in and grab, if you can't parry his dash punches on reaction just keep in mind that they're safe on block. 
In general, Q really can't do a lot as a character against her with his crappy normals, she dominates him entirely.

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Makoto, dabble in some Necro and Dudley.

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@NoXious said:

A 10 post person coming in here saying things as if they are truth...

Tell me OP - how / where do you get lag? I ain't ever experienced it. The only thing I would consider bad is that you can't move your mouse while using WASD to move the camera.

That at most is what I consider poor mechanics, but I have not had imprecise movement nor lag. In fact, I find things that Brad complained about (lava causing fire unintended) to never occur because of the precision of movement.

Either the control scheme came naturally to me, or you're just out to exaggerate your quarrels.

Although I'm going to take up some of the advice in this threat and try out the gamepad while I'm at it.

I honestly can't see how you could not consider the mouse movement ingame laggy and imprecise. It's a fact, as far as I'm concerned (evidenced by plenty of other people describing this exact problem). It's playable, but it's a constant annoyance. I also don't see what my post count has to do with anything.
To everyone asking for specs or calling me stupid: a) I can run every game just fine and b) thanks. I'm hardly the only one complaining and if there's still people out there who don't think that this is a terrible port with the issues I described (and more, such as framerate being capped at 30 and Ubisoft straight up lying about the required permanent internet connection) that's none of my concern. If you enjoy the game despite those flaws - great! It really hurt my enjoyment though and my warning was a genuine one to people such as me who really were looking forward to the game and would be bothered by those things.