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Everybody loves Yoshida. Really smart of Sony to put faces like Mark Cerny and Yoshida behind their new console.

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Yep. I'm thinking of doing the same.

Secretly hoping the kids break my current one. :)

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I'll never be able to get over saying "Xbox- Do this". but the UI looks very snappy and I'm sure it will work fine with controller inputs.

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Yea, I think the video game press jumped on a bandwagon for this one.

This game seems like a totally competent character action game, and it LOOKS pretty good as well.

I might would play this if it had a decent local co-op or something.

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This is probably the wrong way to look at this, but I would say get Killzone sine it's the game that Playstation actually made.

Maybe I just have that point of view since I own a decent PC and Battlefield doesn't necessarily seem like a playstation game to me.

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Wow, I can't believe the amount of frenzy that a few vague tweets and unconfirmed rumors can create.

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Yep it shows me the same thing when I click my order.

The thing is when i click the "Launch Edition" option on the different bundles, that's when I get the message at the top that says "You purchased this item on June 10".

So I think it might just be sending us to the wrong page when we click the order link.

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I'd be down for this. Perhaps a dual-boot system or maybe, if there is even basic driver support, this could even be my main OS. I mean all i do on my desktop is play games and loot at the internet.

What makes my excited about this most is having a smaller, faster OS might allow more memory and processing power to be used directly by the game instead of running a full on windows in the background.

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I'm guessing Dark Cloud is there because it's getting an HD re-release alongside its sequel, possibly to gauge interest in a new Dark Cloud game.

Of course, judging by all the other old school games scattered in that image (including ル...スた, which I can't identify), a PSN release seems more likely, at least if that isn't already the case for any of those games.

Wait. Is the Dark Cloud HD remake something you know is happening or just a guess?

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While I don't think that a FTP model benefits game design in any way, I also don't understand the whole "this is sleazy and crooked" attitude that they project onto everything that asks for money at regular intervals.

I mean, if people don't have enough common sense to not spend hundreds of dollars on plants vs zombies then God help them.