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PlayStation 4 (Europe)



Snagged the first one. Cheers, bud!

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Please be excited -


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You said it perfectly, duder. Pouring one out from Northern Ireland.

#4 Posted by HulkHanson (74 posts) -, this is real fucking sad, super shocked. Rest in peace, Ryan Davis: A Top Notch Duder.

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You could say we are \puts on sunglasses/...the secsperts.

But, to answer your question, I think it only makes sense for the latest technology to be utilised and to push the envelope for graphics and physics and whatnot. I wouldn't think Nvidia and AMD would be too pleased if they didn't have the most cutting edge game engines to show off their shiny new graphics cards.

It's the closed environment of the consoles really that have always been their main strength, and why we get the likes of Halo 4 that, (and I might not be entirely correct here) probably couldn't be possible on a PC of the same spec.

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I'm getting weird deja vu from this thread...

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Dave, you're a scholar and a gentleman. Also, a legend. Best of luck!

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Yeah, best give it a chance to callus over, shouldn't take long. Playing over a blister, as you could imagine, is extremely uncomfortable and might produce quite a nasty sore. If that happens you could always superglue your finger shut, Flea style, haha! Good to know there are fellow bassists here on GB.

Oh, yeah, I was a big fan of DR strings for a long time, great string. I had the red coated long life ones on my matte black Ibanez SRX 720 (awful name, I know) and they looked so damn fine. Lately however I've started using Kerly Kues, which are considerably cheaper and, in my opinion, very underrated. Unfortunately they don't come in red. Damn.

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Is not the case that Rocksteady and WB Games are rotating on development duties, ala Infinity Ward/Treyarch? If that's the case then perhaps Rocksteady have already started development on a next gen Batman game. Although we could do with a decent Superman game for once.

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A big ole' damp squib. That's my impression anyway, especially regarding the whole Woodbury/Prison battle that seemed to be hyped up no end. I want to like this show, I really do, but some of the writing and general character development is just so standard. I will go into next season with a glass half full approach now that they have Scott Gimple as showrunner.