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@theht: @ripelivejam: Thank you, I was hoping to make it look sort of like a wrestling poster and sort of like an oldschool comic book cover. I'm actually a little miffed that I sent Aaron the to-print version with the cut marks on the corners for the online blog, but at some point I kind of didn't even want to look at the thing anymore.

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For reference, this is what preceded Fish's tweets:

That's not 4chan, they are very particular about it being /v/ not /V/. It's a fake.

That was the front page of Polytron's website. I saw it with my own eyes. Probably isn't 4chan, but it sure as hell wasn't fake.

I mean a fake affiliation, not a fake hack.

Regardless 4chan is a terrible place.

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My favourite part of the promo poster is the sheen of sweat on Johnny V's forehead.

Weirdly, everyone in the poster has that sheen on their forehead. I'm not sure what Humanity was going for there.

Also, I could use some labelling on the poster, just to clarify who is who for those who might not know. I figured everyone out except maybe the selfie girl at the bottom right.

edit: In addition, I figured Trites and Pope gave Humanity a list of entrants, but Jared is on the poster and he CLAIMS he won't be at PAX. I won't be shocked if he ends up as a surprise entrant as Number 30

I was in fact given a list of confirmed participants - the only person who's name and affiliation wasn't listed was a guy who was only identified as "Dr. Tracksuit" although I doubt a real doctor would attend such an event. Strangely enough he was attached to Jeff on the excel spread!

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Well good luck Phil. Hopefully now that you're out of the game industry you'll no longer have to interact with people ever again.

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Great article Patrick.

After my initial experience with the game I just (sadly) accepted the fact that I wasn't cut out for this game. Can't wait to be able to give this game another go in one of the easier modes.

I think it's very important to note that it was this game that wasn't cut out for most people, and not the other way around. It's actually very refreshing that thanks to these changes a lot of people are coming out of the woodwork and willing to give it another shot after inevitably hitting a wall of frustration that simply wasn't worth the trouble to overcome.

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I can't really listen to 90's rap anymore. It just seems too slow.

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@humanity: That says more about video game writing than it does about Metal Gear. Don't get me wrong, Metal Gear is a pretty rad anime, the story gets so convoluted it's hilarious, its climatic scenes are climatic as fuck and god I wouldn't have it all play out any other way. It just bothers me a little when people try to take it too seriously.

Having watched the first episode now, Dan seems to have exactly the right attitude towards it and I'm sure this will be an incredible feature.

I personally get bothered when people say it's "shit" or nonsense. It's very melodramatic and over the top in both a genuinely intriguing and humorous way. It's also one of a very few series, if not the only one, that added new story onto the existing fiction with each iteration. When you have a 4th game in the franchise thats referencing very minute details from the first or 2nd entry, that can seem kinda nuts to an outsider, but to a fan who has followed the narrative throughout the years it's actually very rewarding. I think it's extremely cool that Kojima has crafted this huge overarching story that spans the length of all these games. I mean look, we're getting Uncharted 4 soon, but how complex is the Uncharted storyline really? It always seems like a waste that 4 games in and there isn't some sort of deep lore or anything associated with it.

Dans enthusiasm for Metal Gear is awesome though as he's quite literally the reflection of my younger self when I played the game for the first time. Everything to me was awesome - Liquid Snake? How cool of a name is that! Psycho Mantis, Decoy Octopus.. and what IS a Russian gunship doing in Alaska? I soaked all that stuff in like a sponge.

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I wouldn't mind a new Red Dead but I'd love to see some new IP's on these new consoles.

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@ghostiet: If the ultimate point of any game is having fun then the point was missed. I don't mean that in a snarky way nor am I trying to insult you in any way - I honestly think the developer missed that point when creating their game. Behind each challenge there should be some form of satisfaction. Then again you seemed to have derived enjoyment out of it so maybe there is a very specific and narrow slice of the gaming demographic that this experience is aimed at.

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Surprise surprise. After the new update my problem has been fixed.

Well it sucks you had to deal with that issue for over a month but at least they're fixing things.