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Some fine scotch and a bottle of Coke.

Its like you're trying to make an enemy for life.

Alternatively you can just pour the Coke already into the scotch bottle??

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Some fine scotch and a bottle of Coke.

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As a person that used to loosely work in HR - take your breaks you jerks!

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It's a really nice touch from his friends in the business.

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@humanity: I'd like to give it another shot (will be picking up the Xbox One version). GTA Online was just so broken initially that it put me off from it in spite of how much I loved the single player.

In spite of the rocky online and atrocious matchmaking the three of us managed to have a lot of fun. We did missions and just fooled around. Once all of us got a decent amount of money and bought some super cars it was cool. We all had a different type, I had the shittiest of them all the Infernus but it looked cool.

Weird seeing so many people say they're getting it for the XB1. I was under the impression most people bought the PS4 which is what made me get it despite having a much larger investment in Xbox Live. I will eventually get the XB1 as well but so far I got the white PS4. I guess it doesn't matter since I wouldn't buy the game again on next gen consoles anyway. If I end up buying it over it will be for the PC.

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Was the clan even active? I remember some of the last people being active in GTA Online were Cloned Zero, Doctor Format and myself. It was a ton of fun though.

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Can't say my jaw literally dropped, but it sure looked good still!

Yah mine didn't drop either but it looks cool. They really spent a lot of time on that wet pavement tech. Hopefully the Souls series greatest enemy, fire, has finally been conquered and will no longer cause massive frame drops.

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Personally I like Dominos better but I know a lot of people, on the east coast anyway, have this high opinion of Papa Johns.

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Doesn't look anything like Final Fantasy anymore in terms of gameplay, but maybe it's time to move on.

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I'd like some Diamond Dogs branded clothing - thats a cool logo.