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@bisonhero: seems kinda cynical dude

I stand by the 95/5 mood/gameplay split, and that it's very much going to be an art game that will result in a select few writers expounding its merits, while most gaming sites will barely cover it and I'd be surprised if it generates much forum chatter. I'm hardly the only one to point this out.

It's not cynicism, it's just being realistic about what appears to be an art-house take on a genre that is already very loosely related to actual gaming. For industry folk like the above mentioned Patrick or Alexander, people who get exposed to a very wide gamut of gaming as part of their everyday job, this sort of stuff is an interesting break from the norm that they happily explore despite any and all shortcomings. For the typical person that buys a game every once in a while after reading reviews and doing some research this will be an oddity that they'll either skip entirely or wait for a serious discount. This is why the press rave about games like Gone Home, because in that line of work it's easy to lose perception of value in favor of originality.

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Revelations has the best mechanics y'all are trippin. It's the culmination of all the games up to that point. Mechanically the series started moving backwards from Revelations onward.

Also Revelations has the best cinematic trailer.

Revelations stank in comparison to Brotherhood. Brotherhood felt like the director's cut of AC2, whereas Revelations was the post-credits deleted scenes no one wanted. They'd wrapped up Ezio's story damn near perfectly by the end. Brotherhood also had the best outside-the-animus parts too.

I don't know how it stinks when it expands on everything that Brotherhood did and makes it better. Brotherhood felt like you're playing AC2 all over again.

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Revelations has the best mechanics y'all are trippin. It's the culmination of all the games up to that point. Mechanically the series started moving backwards from Revelations onward.

Also Revelations has the best cinematic trailer.

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"So Jay, what did you play last week?"

"Well.. I was on my boat, anchored a few miles off the shore of Malta all weekend man.."

"So you didn't play anything?"

"You know me Brad, can't go a few days with dropping some ill combos in puzzle and dragons son"

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@humanity: Oh, now I finally understand why people were saying the horse combat wasn't bad at all. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Yah now that I know you can go into slow motion it's actually pretty fun to line up the hits while in full sprint.

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@mechamarshmallow: @poisonjam7: Don't worry, I notice it too. Strangely enough Geralt speaks very differently compared to pretty much everyone else in the game. I would blame it on him being a Witcher as apparently they are supposed to be distant and introverted, but Vesemir is also a Witcher and he speaks in a perfectly natural way. Geralts speech is very stilted and robotic, delivering lines of dialog in awkward short bursts. It was like that in Witcher 2 as well so they are being consistent but it makes him always stand out in conversations in a weird way.

For instance I just did the whole questline for Keira and her voice actress as well as dialog was great, and it really made me grow to like her as a character. She's expressive yet elegant in her speech and her voice is full of intonations at the right moments. She delivers her lines in such a way that you're never sure if she's being nice or condescending, or both. Opposite her wonderful performance it felt like Geralts lines were placeholders waiting for the final versions, or taken from a table read or something.

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Something I found out by accident:

When you're on horseback, press and HOLD your attack button and Geralt will cock back his hand and the game will go into slow-motion.

Before this I thought horse combat was a mess because I'd swing wildly hoping for the best.

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MY pet peeve is his use of words like "wanna" or "gonna" which sounds really off in that world and strange for someone who is usually super cold and formal. Every time he says something like "where you gonna go next" I cringe a bit for whatever reason.

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@zeik: I think one of the main problems is that it takes a while to get a lot of your spells upgraded. I just fully upgraded my Quen bubble and it has helped me with the health situation. Larger and longer lasting traps have also helped out a lot. The base versions of all the signs work great in the beginning but later enemies kind of start shrugging some of that stuff off. In the first area with the griffin I was able to find a bunch of sources of power which helped a lot. Now I'm several hours into the next one and have explored quite a bit of landmass - the only source of power I've discovered was one inside a quest-cave you do with Keira. So leveling has been kinda slow, and as such getting upgrades for your signs has been equally slow. Deciding if I want to spend my next skill point on a passive buff or a sign is a hard choice and it doesn't help that I need to waste 3 points in the "sword" tree to get to the second tier of upgrades. I say waste because ultimately I rather be pumping up my signs rather than putting the points into longer bullet time for the crossbow or something I equally don't care about.

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One thing I really dislike is the AoE type attacks some bigger enemies have with it's fairly large radius. Golems smash the ground and you will take massive damage even when you're several feet away from them. It seems strange that this wouldn't simply stagger you and that it does do that much damage.

Also I got so used to Bloodborne dodge invincibility frames that I'm always a little surprised that I can still get damaged into the middle of a dodge move.