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So it looks exactly like Deadlight which I personally found to be a really great game - so hopefully it's a cool game. I guess it's another Polish developer since it's a Polish song playing throughout that trailer.

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@jesus_phish: Hey I ain't no businessman, I don't know how they make these things happen, I only know it's in their interest to in fact make them happen.

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@humanity: What if Ubisoft and EA (the people with the actual power to decide if their games are promoted) don't want to do that?

If I'm Ubisoft and I have 4 games on a 1 year old system and another 2 games coming out, why would I put one up for promotion? Sure I could put up Asscreed 4 and hope it generates more sales hype for Unity. Or, since there's nothing to buy on these systems anyway, I don't do that and people will buy Unity anyway because they need something to play on their console and then maybe they go back and buy 4. And then in a years time put 4 up on PS+ when it's AC 6 or 7 or whatever number they're on now is coming out.

It's up to Sony to pressure publishers for these sort of deals in order to make their service appear more appealing to potential PS Plus subscribers. No one want to give anything away for free but you gotta spend money to make money.

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@spaceinsomniac said:

Tomb Raider - PS3 version released March 5 2013, on PS Plus March 4 2014

Metro Last Light - PS3 version released May 14 2013, on PS Plus February 4 2014

Yeah, but the PS3 was already out for about 7 years by that stage and had a massive library. The PS4 by contrast is just out for a year and has a tiny library.

All the more reason to build that library with significant titles.

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A casual gaming friend of mine just got a PS4 and asked what his first game should be, so I told him that he should just get PS+ for all the games. His immediate reaction was "yeah but aren't those just indie games? I don't want to play those."

You'd think he'd be the perfect candidate for these games since he probably wouldn't check them out otherwise, but if you can't get him in the door with a couple heavy-hitters, he's not going to sign up in the first place. PS+ being an "indie paradise" is not necessarily a good thing. It needs to strike a balance, which it used to.

Plus, for me, a loyal customer who has been having more fun with the indie games than big budget AAA titles this year, PS+ is quickly becoming way less valuable. It's devalued indie games to me because I know if I just hold off for a few months, they'll probably just appear on PS+ for free. I feel burned as someone who buys most of them on day one.

As much as Sony's marketing has tried to fool us into thinking these games are "free," they're not. It's like calling Netflix movies free. I pay for a library. Sony needs to reevaluate its strategy because right now it's not satisfying hardcore or casual players.

Full agreement. I love indie games, replaying Dust was still a great experience, but they really need to start thinking about some older retail titles at this point. The console has been out a year next month, and there have been retail titles on PS3 that went to PS Plus in much less time than a year.

As a newcomer to PS Plus I agree with the sentiment of striking a balance. Just like your friend, I'm not a fan of small indie games. I'll play the occasional smaller title here and there like the excellent Mark of the Ninja but largely I prefer full retail releases. So for me the past few months PS Plus has been very lackluster. I only own a PS4 and it seems like the selection so far has been a Steam stale back catalog. Not quite sure what they COULD offer. Maybe Ground Zeros? All I know is that if you're not a fan of these smaller indie games it has been a couple of very dry months - add to this the fact that generally PSN has been slow and unresponsive for me to the point of utter frustration and I don't really see what I'm paying for. XBLive didn't have stellar games but at least the online experience was solid.

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@shindig: I guess? It does ease you into the gameplay loop of respawning enemies and experience-as-currency model. It seems a tad more forgiving so once you get comfortable with this style, going into a Souls game might not be as jarring. It could possibly work to your disadvantage though as you might really become accustomed to the systems in Lords of the Fallen and find the difference in Souls games too severe.

Also the past Souls titles aren't exactly beautiful looking games. Might be hard to go back to those textures.

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Driveclub is gunning for Destiny's spot as Most Disappointing Game of the Year at all costs.

While both those games weren't as great as expected, they are still fun games. Watch Dogs, on the other hand, handily deserves the title of "Most Disappointing Game of the Year". Why I ever forced myself to finish the game I will never know. I think it was some strange way of dealing with my buyer's remorse.

I enjoyed Watch Dogs. On the gameplay side they never promised anything it wasn't.

Yah you'd have to be insane to even compare Destiny and Watch Dogs in terms of disappointment. Watch Dogs was actually a complete open world game with working systems, pretty varied gameplay and regardless of what you thought of it, a complete story - all elements that Destiny "handily" lacks across the board.

Driveclub looks like it might be the winner of "most disastrous launch" of the year.

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Sony weren't kidding when they said "greatness awaits" cause I think we've been all waiting for quite some time and it's still not here yet.

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@l4wd0g: I've heard of this problem and have avoided using rest mode since the update. Apart from the pure horse-power advantage man the PS4 seems like a mess. With each passing month I'm getting more and more annoyed with the little things that it does poorly, all of which are basically problems with the operating system running on it.

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@britxmenyuan: My friend got the same yellow scout rifle (multi tool) drop while randomly doing patrol, that I got for doing the Raid. Go figure.