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@flasaltine: either skip it entirely or mix and match it with other stuff. You don't HAVE to do any of it.

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Gay Tony is really a lot better than the main story of GTA IV. I thought that game was a mess in terms of narrative back when it first came out and still share the same opinion. Lost and the Damned just seemed boring more than offensive in any way.

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@treetrunk: I think the difference between the game having an official patch that I just launch and it's guaranteed to work and a dubious zip I have to download from some third party file sharing website and overwriting .ini files in various subfolders of my game is quite different. I understand you're being facetious but you really are "on your own." As in when Wolfenstein did not work for me there was no news on the main website, there was no official patch - I had to dig around through various online forums until I found a YouTube video showing a "fix" for my particular problem. First I had to go to some strange website to download it and when I did the file turned out to be a modified .exe among other files. Let me tell you that I had to sit there nervously for quite a long time weighing my options of either A) not being able to play the game I paid for B) possibly play the game at the risk of infecting my entire PC with a virus and getting my personal info stolen. The game turned out to be a lot of fun but I was really upset at the fact that Bethesda basically left me, and quite a lot of other people experiencing the very same issue, out in the cold in regards to any fixes.

This is a problem that doesn't exist on consoles because a million people are experiencing the exact same issue which motivates the developer to put out a patch a lot faster rather than saying "well we can't account for every hardware configuration so I guess you don't get to play our game."

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@tuxfool: nonsense, women can only be sexy through the act of appearing sexy!

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@sweep: I'm not saying you shouldn't exercise parental control but I am saying that you should be spending your time teaching your child how to deal with situations and make proper decisions in life, instead of automatically making those decisions for them. In this particular case I think a 15 year can probably play GTA IV without any real harm being done as long as they understand it is a game and as much as it imitates real life, it in fact is not a precedent for real life.

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My parents let me watch pretty much anything and didn't care what games I played. I had a 4 yr older brother that exposed me to movies and music that I definitely shouldn't have been watching at the time.

Now as an adult I am courteous, I don't curse nearly as much as my peers and I have a lot of old fashioned values instilled in me like holding doors open for others, letting an elderly person have my seat on the bus, etc. Despite playing violent video games throughout my entire childhood and watching messed up movies at ages 12-15 with mature content I didn't turn out to be some homocidal maniac. This is because my parents actually took the time to raise me properly and teach me right from wrong.

If you set your child's moral compass properly at a young age then you'll be able to trust them to come to the right conclusions on their own without having to watch their every single step to adulthood.

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@tuxfool: I don't know, giving you options and trying to take over your living room are two different things in my opinion. Also unless you're really strapped for cash, in which case you probably shouldn't be spending money on a video game console anyway, then I don't see why anyone would buy the XB1 without the Kinect. Even if you don't want to play Kinect games it does seem like it's part of the package.

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@sergio: it takes forever to receive messages - this is my biggest complaint. Everything to do with the PSN loads in very slow

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I thought Transistor would be great and it was a disappointment.

Had hopes for several other games that turned out just O-K.

So far Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably my GOTY. Amazing game with an addictive penchant for exploration. Any real fan of RPG's would definitely enjoy it. Even despite it's flaws Inquisition remains incredibly entertaining after roughly 40 hours that I've sunk into it. All the hooks of a proper RPG are there: exploration, great dungeons, a ton of armor and customization and a great supporting cast of characters all with their own interesting back stories.

I just killed this guy, got a cool dagger.

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@mattthadude: I don't think it's doomed, you just might have a different experience. So far the PS4 plays games well but it does everything else so poorly. I'm always surprised by how much flack the XB1 dashboard gets, but I never hear anyone mention how bad the XMB on the PS4 is at times. Currently there are actually a few more games I'm excited about on the XB1 than the PS4.