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Have souls fans already decreed the game "too easy" ?

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The game certainly looked exciting but I'm still holding out for Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment. I've never known Frogwares to disappoint the loyal fanbase!

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I work as a graphic designer so if I'm not watching Quick Looks I'm probably taking a break. Sometimes work gets squeezed in but it's a hectic schedule between the breaks and the GB content.

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Allow matchmaking for everything - that is all.

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@believer258: FYI, there is a way to put the PSP's translation of Tactics into the psx version.

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If they support mods, this could be a very welcome move.

I concur, a nude patch for all the characters might make the games playable.


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@inv2: I did it on the hidden bonfire right above the boss fight room that leads straight to 4 of those sorceress'

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I'll happily buy it when it's on sale for around $5. If there is one thing that Square does really well it's discount their games on Steam.

I enjoyed XIII because of it's focused nature. Really wasn't looking for a sprawling run-around-these-empty-towns sort of RPG at the time. Always wanted to try XIII-2 but somehow never got around to it. Now that I all but boxed up my last gen consoles I'll gladly get it on Steam.

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@unastrike: Berserk is awesome but something tells me it's not the Dan type of awesome. Also I like the original more than the new updated version, but that just might be the cranky old man in me talking.

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@baillie: I've heard this too many times. And I know you mean well, but I won't get over her. Mostly because I don't want to. For better or worse, she's the most important relationship I've ever had.

I've been where you are, and life is going to be shit for a while, but trust me you will get over it. For the time being, you have to surround yourself with friends because being alone is when you start dwelling on the past. Coming back from work to an empty dark home will feel like the worst thing in the world but the one thing you have to keep hanging onto with all your strength is that it will all pass. There was a time when I literally started drinking before coming in to work to take the edge off - thats how bad it was for me - and these days I can think about it like it was any ol' memory.

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@chaser324: Well having played the Crew and not having played Forza (I don't own an XB1 yet) I can clarify a few things. The physics feel more "realistic" than "arcadey" in a way. Cars have a lot of weight to them and you're not just popping the handbrake any time you feel like it to slide around 90 degree turns. Once you get used to it it's fine but I guess I wouldn't mind if it was a little more loose. Driving off road in a non-offroad car still feels cool. For the Beta I drove around in a muscle car and going offroad was cool. I can't compare city density since I haven't even seen Forza 2 in action much less played it, but cities weren't all that detailed in the Crew. When driving from place to place there are little mini games akin to the billboards you mentioned in Forza. You either hit a big ramp to go for range, smash targets, slalom between pylons and stuff of that variety. What is cool about them is that after completing each one you get a car part (which you can install on the spot) and experience with it - it's instant gratification.

So I guess we're just exchanging info about games we haven't played. I only bring this up because The Crew is a similar game to Forza that I'm interested in - open world racing - and since I don't own an XB1 it's the only one available to me.