I kind of dig the PDP controllers for 3 reasons:
The 1st (main) reason, is because their PR person, Candace, is completely nice, adorable, interesting, and, overall, a good person to know
Second reason is because I like the quiet irony of the PS3 controllers having a red LED, while the 360 is green.  The PS3 test (debug) controllers (DECR-1010E) had a red light-up home button that was pretty good.  They should've kept it.  And the PDP one is indicative of that.
And three: The controllers are actually of good quality, which is fairly key.  And unlike Mad Catz, PDP seems to actually be improving on their designs, and evolving.  Not just throwing out the same  crap.
Also, the light-up Companion cube that Bowman (SP?) has is awesome.
EDIT:  Here's a pic of that test controller.  It's alright, but the button is awesome.  And the red LED's in the PDP controller match the test button fairly well (I think).

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Wii Buying Time

So, I'm going to be buying a Wii in a few days. Ironic, since I just bought two GameCubes. But, this Wii is fairly cool. It has a case-mod, of it being see through. So, here's what it looks like:

I like the case, because I can actually see where I'm putting disks into it. I had a Wii earlier, and it was always guess-work, of if I'm putting GameCube games in the right spot or not. But, onto the real stuff, what are the games to buy for a Wii?

I went down an alphabetical list (for the most part), and picked out about 44 games for it (that are currently, actually out). I'm going to list them here. Feel free to tell me additions or subtractions, and why, since I know nothing about the Wii (for the most part)

The list:

1. Animal Crossing: City Folk

2. Boom Blox

3. Boom Blox: Bash Party

4. de Blob

5. de Blob 2

6. Donkey Kong Country Retrurns

7. Elebits

8. Excite Truck

9. Excitebots

10. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

11. Ghostbusters: The Video Game

12. Goldeneye 007

13. Kirby's Epic Yarn

14. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

15. MadWorld

  1. 16. Mario Kart Wii

17. Mario Party 8

18. Metroid: Other M

19. Mercury Meltdown Revolution

20. Metroid Prime: Trilogy

21. Monster Hunter Tri

22. Muramasa: The Demon Blade

23. No More Heroes

24. No More Heroes 2

25. Okami

26. Red Steel 2

27. Rygar: The Battle of Argus

28. Samba de Amigo

29. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

30. Sin & Punishment: Star Succcessor

31. Sonic Colors

32. Super Mario Galaxy

33. Super Mario Galaxy 2

34. Super Paper Mario

35. Super Smash Bros Brawl

36. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

37. Wii Sports

38. Wii Sports Plus

39. Rabbids Go Home

40. Punch Out

41. A Boy and his Blob

42. Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

43. Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy

44. Deadly Creatures


GTA preview

Might blog about GTA (as a franchise) in a few days or so.  We'll see when I get around to it.  I just bought (well re-bought, for like the 3rd time) GTA: San Andreas for the 360.  I talked with Buzz_Clik about it some, and "yeah', I have some thoughts on the series, and which ones I liked/which ones I didn't like.
San Andreas literally sucked me in, for like 2 hours tonight, and when I was done, I looked around and was like, "Hmm...it's darker out.  Weird."
In other news, I got my 2nd GC today.  FedEx blows.  I also found a bad-fucking-ass Wii online, but don't have the money for it.  When I do, I'll probably buy it, since it looks great.  Ah well, until the next time.

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A dilemma -- please give some thoughts

So, I got a dilemma, and need some help:  I got a DebugStation a few months ago.  It's a blue, PS1 (with cords/box), that was for testing/reviewing games.  Someone is now interested in acquiring it, and is offering me a trade for it, with an 80GB PS3.
Should I take him up on his offer?  The DebugStation is nice, and a great historical/cool find, but I'm never going to really do anything with it.  And while the PS3 isn't the one I really want (that being the 60gb good one), it's still a PS3.  Plus, most of my loser friends are Sony fanboys, for some unknown, idiotic reason.  I guess having a system, where you have to pay for multiplayer, but the online part actually works (the 360) is a HUGE breaking point for those nubs.
Anyways, give some feedback if you can.  Thanks.


A dumb, DUMB plan

So, as some of you may know, I was on the hunt earlier for a GameCube with a few games.  I FINALLY found one, and I'm going to pick it up next week.  It's a black GameCube (with cords/controller, memory card) for 50$.  Comes with 4 dumbass games, but the 5th one is Eternal Darkness.  This is *WHY* I am buying this thing.  It'll be about 50$, 60, to 65$ with the cost of transportation.
Also, I found another GameCube for sale on a forum I go to.  It's JUST a Gamecube, silver, but has a Xeno 2.0 chip in it.  Comes with no cables, or anything, just the console.  This is around 30$, probably 40$ with shipping.
BUT, the 2nd GC doesn't have the case I want.  The one that lets you use full-size DVD disks.  I finally found a semi-reputable looking site (I'm going to call tomorrow to confirm if they exist or not), but if they do, I'm going to order a case from them.  That's an extra 25$.
So, I went from not having a GameCube, to committing to buying 2 of the goddamn things, with an extra case.  This, my friend, is a truly stupid plan.


Geeks & Gamer Girls

Ok, here are a few of my thoughts:

Firstly, I generally don't mind/care about female gamers.  I care about gamers.  If they have boobs, fine, if they have chest hair, fine, if they have a tail, fine.  I ONLY care about gamers, and their ability/enjoyment of games.

Second: This video is a COMPLETE FUCKING ABORTION:


This single video exemplifies entirely what is wrong with the female gamer/geek culture.  Let me count the ways....

1.  There's NO way that fucking video gets made if Clare Grant (chick dressed as Lara Croft) wasn't married to Seth Green.  No fucking way on Earth.  If you'll notice, she's the one featured the most prominently....wonder why....

2.  Why is Starbuck in front of a bunch of Stormtroopers?

3.  Cute how Robot Chicken and "Hatchet" are prominently displayed as the "nerdy" dvd's, isn't it?

4.  Who actually uses "l33t sp34k" (leet speak)  in real life?  If one of my friends said that, I'd beat the shit out of him.

5.  What exactly is it with the fat guy dressed as the Flash?

6.  The entire goddamn point of the video is (theoretically) supposed to say "Take me seriously as a gamer.  Yes, I might be female, and attractive (based on your own tastes), but that doesn't exclude me from knowing about things we both enjoy."  Instead, they portray themselves as essentially blow-up dolls, only existing to cater to men's sexual whims.  I'll point to them dressing in badly-made cosplay costumes, and them being naked with "nerdy" stuff covering their sexual organs.  Hey, you having an S-Rank in The Darkness, or Team Fortress 2 is nerdy.  Having CGI lightsabers covering your boobs?  NOT nerdy.

7.  Playing Halo doesn't make you geeky, a gamer, l33t, or anything else.  I will repeat this a billion times if needed, but once should be enough.  Halo is a fine FPS, but it is NOT the end-all be-all for fucking shooters.

8.  Am I the only one seriously creeped out by Clare Grant's green eyeliner? It looks clownish.

9.  I will repeat point 7 only with "WoW" in the title.  If your only experience in gaming is playing WoW, it's time for Timmy to take you to the shed to put a bullet in your skull.  It's just the humane thing to do.  I will digress on this later, if my blood pressure can take it, but there is a fundamental problem in MMO's.  Mainly, that you can *never* win.  You can/will NEVER beat WoW, Everquest, Aion, or any of the others.  It is literally impossible to.  The only way you can truly beat an MMO, is to turn the fucker off, so you can regain a modicum of your life/sanity back.

10.  I would, love, *LOVE* to put any of those 4 women through Giant Bomb's trivia system.  I'm currently ranked something like 40, having answered around 6,500 questions, and having an average of around 60% or so.  I would love to see how well they do on it.

11.  Here's the most ironic thing to me, there's a "director's cut" of the video.  It runs a minute and a half longer and has a whole intro for Seth Green's character.  Here:      

Two things about this version:  1.  It adds a pretty funny popcorn gag in it.  And 2. The first woman shown with Seth, Mikaela Hoover, is LIGHT-YEARS more attractive than the 4 women in the video, combined.  So, apparently, she had to go, because upstaging them with her beauty, and class, is a no-no.


Ok, video-rant  over.  Back to original point, there are tons of geeky/gamer girls out there, whether or not you like them.  Leigh Alexander, Babs on Comic Vine, Amanda on Blistered Thumbs (on Twitter she's VelvetVelour), Candace at PDP, among many others.  These four I mentioned (and others) are all attractive in their own ways, either physically, or mentally, but they do not overtly advertise it, or preach it.  I think a lot of guys would agree that Babs is an attractive woman, physically.  While that is true, it is her actually KNOWING shit, and having the capacity to detail her thoughts into rational, respectable viewpoints, is what makes her special.

Bottom line:  Be a gamer, or a geek, period.  Don't draw attention to yourself, and draw distinctions on what makes you different.  Instead, try and focus on what makes you the same as everyone else.  Also, don't be an asshole who is only trying to suck-up to males.

...I'm looking at you Olivia Munn for that last one...

Episode 4 Done

Finished the BTTF Episode 4 "Double Visions".  Good episode, but it had a few problems:

1.  I missed Jennifer some.  Considering she was so integral to the third episode, her short time in this episode was annoying.
2.  Some of the camera stuff bugged me, just the way it kept switching, and loosing track of where I needed to go.
3.  Citizen's Brown's motivations are lacking.  Who really cares about Edna Strickland?
4.  The mental helmet test thing was ok, but the switch to turn the test off, and to switch to the next slide were too close.  I accidentally shut the test off twice, while in the middle, because of that.
And the big one:  5.  The game glitched/locked up twice, while I was playing it.  The first time, while I was rescuing Doc from the Citizen Plus program.  I jumped on the gurney, with my guitar to blast Edna out, and the models became seriously corrupted, turned black, and the music repeated like 3 times.  It then went to desktop, and when it came up, it was fine
The second time, it was when I was chasing after young Emmett, after Edna broke up with him, and he was on the courthouse balcony.  Same problem of corrupted graphics/music, crashing to the desktop, then restoring itself.  Not bad, per se (I didn't loose progress or anything), but just weird.

Few other things:

1.  Bought Contra and Banjo Kazooie for the 360.  Contra is a BITCH.  Haven't messed with Banjo yet.
2.  Going to buy Portal 2, and Eternal Darkness sometime this weekend.  Portal 2 is 30$ at Gamestop, so that's a good deal.  Also might pick up Forza 3 Ultimate, if I can.
3.  Trying to social engineer myself a copy of Ultimate MK3 for the 360.  As you may/may not know, UMK3 was on the 360 for a while, but was pulled due to Midway crashing & burning.  Due to this, you can't buy the game anymore, but can still download it, if you bought it previously.  I didn't, but I do have a trial version.  When I try to buy it, it spits out an error code, and can't be completed.  So, I called up Microsoft today, to see if there's a way I can buy the game from them.  It took 19 minutes, and the woman finally gave up and said she'd escalate the matter, with Microsoft calling back with an answer.  I fully expect a "Screw off" type of conclusion, but I really would like to buy it, if I could.

Ah well, take it easy, everyone.


GameCube best games?

So, I'm trying to determine a list of the best GameCube games.  I've been looking to buy a GameCube (or possibly a Panasonic Q), and some games, but I'm having a hard time trying to nail down the "best" games for the system.  Here's what I got so far:

1.  Animal Crossing
2.  Sonic Gems Collection
3.  Eternal Darkness
4.  Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition
5.  Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
6.  Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
7.  Mario Kart Double Dash
8.  MGS: Twin Snakes
9.  Metroid Prime 1 and 2
10.  Paper Mario
11.  Pikman 1 or 2
12.  Resident Evil
13.  Skies of Arcadia
14.  Starfox Adventures
15.  Starfox Assault
16.  Super Mario Sunshine
17.  Super Smash Bros Melee
18.  Wave Race: Blue Storm
If anyone else can recommend anything, it'd be much appreciated.  Thanks.


Modern Warfare 2 Wackiness

So, I like to play Modern Warfare 2 on PC.  It's not perfect, but is still fun.  I am (well...was...) only level 17, noob-toobing my way up the rankings.  I'm really not good at the game, and I usually average a 1:1 kill ratio.  So, I may kill 7 guys in a match, but get killed 7 times.  Some maps are different, but my ratio is fairly consistent, dipping when I get frusterated, or dealing with good players.

So, I got into a match a little while ago, with a group of people.  Selected my class, and spawned.  A curious thing popped up on the screen, "PRESS F5 FOR MENU", with it flashing.  Having never seen that option before, I hit F5, and it popped up this menu:

Level 70
All skills unlocked
Accolade unlocked
Kill modifier

....yeah...that's new.

I scrolled (as much as I could) down to the "Accolade unlocked" and pressed it.  The guy running the map/server, was literally killing everyone within moments of spawning.  He had infinite airstrikes, bombs, ammo, etc.  So after about 3 minutes, the match ended, because his team one.  Got back to the lobby, and saw I had 4,000 of each accolade added.  Huh....

So, got into another match, and selected level 70.  Well, got out of the match again, after 2 minutes, then the guy nuked us, which was a first for me.  And..yeah, now I'm level 70.  It's funny how I selected a normal match, and got thrown in a match with a hacked server/cheat menu.  I would never have gotten to level 70 normally, but now that "I am", it's decent.  I missed having Claymore mines at least.


Partial medical stuff, and a few extra stuff


Yet another medical update note thingy, as well as other stuff.  We'll see how it goes.


As far as the medical stuff, it's a challenge.  I have two orthopedic surgeons trying to diagnose my situation.  I saw one of them a week or so ago.  His basic tactic is to wait it out.  He wants me to come back in 4 months (approx. August), and get another scan done.  The scan I had with him earlier showed the muscle/bone death, loss of blood supply, and that my Talus (weight-bearing bone) is hollow.  So, there's a STRONG likelihood that if I walk normally, the bone will shatter, and that is completely irreversible.  Mind you, he wants to wait 4 months, on the extremely slim chance that blood will come back to the bone, and it'll heal. 


To be fair, I don't put a lot of stock in this approach.  It's been 14 months already, since I've been able to walk normally, and 15, without pain.  Having to wait 4 more months (at the earliest) is depressing, to say the least.  This past year has already been incredibly hard on me, and considering some of you know what I've previously gone through in years before, that is saying a lot.  I don't want to waste another year, sitting on my butt, while life continues to pass me even further behind.


My other doctor, who I saw yesterday, painted a semi more optimistic picture.  He agreed that a 4 month wait time is a bit ridiculous, and he wants to move ahead with a treatment option.  His earlier treatment ideas were, bone grafting, bone cement, and then ankle fusion.  He later decided ankle fusion would probably be best, but he's being held up by the first doctor.  He wants to come to a consensus about what my treatment should be, before acting on it.  The first guy is a podiatrist (foot/ankle) doctor, while the second doctor is just a general orthopedic surgeon.  So, I'm going to go back in two weeks, to see the 2nd guy, and hopefully he'll have worked something out with the first guy.


Other stuff:


1.  My Archos player is decent.  I wish it had a much longer battery, but so far, it hasn't conked out on me, yet.  I get about 5 to 7 hours with it, continuous playing.  It has a few technical problems here and there, but I still like it.


2.  Next month, we're buying an air conditioner.  Hopefully it'll keep the apartment cool, since this place is not fun during the summer.


3.  I am exceedingly tired right now.


4.  I wish I had better pain medication.  I'm currently on 60mg of long-acting Morphine, and 15mg of short-acting Morphine.  They do the job "ok", but they don't make me feel good really.  They just take the ache out of my leg, but I still feel pained.


5.  I'm very excited for Dr. Who coming up on tv.  It's one of the few reasons I've been able to hold out as long as I have.


Ah well, that's enough of my meandering for now.  Drop a line, if you wish it.

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