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After or during Phantom Pain. Big Boss gets cloned while he's in a coma right? And he breaks away from Zero after he's cloned.

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@iron1c said:

That would be the dumbest and best thing ever.

Would kinda explain why it's being done in two parts as well. You can't exactly play half a game, then be told that none of it actually happened. Also if it actually happened, it'd be a weird twist on what people were saying about MGS4. "Metal Gear Solid 4 was nothing cutscenes, it's practically a movie." And then this happens.

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To the people saying V/H/S, what exactly was it that you found scary? I just found it dumb. I recommend Barrio Tales (some cheesy anthology on Netflix) before V/H/S.

The hotel scene is what got me the most, cause really, what's to stop someone coming in and killing you? A keycard from reception they can create in seconds? Nope.jpg.

V/H/S2 is scarier though. Jesus Christ aliens freak me the fuck out.

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What if Ground Zeroes, the first half of Metal Gear Solid 5, is a film made by the Patriots to glorify Big Bosses actions taken at Camp Omega? We already know that Decoy Octopus was an actor before he was taken in by the CIA, so could it be him? Is that why it’s Kiefer Sutherland instead of David Hayter? The images below are what kinda set me off and theories are fun, so why not.

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WoW feels pretty stale and with these new consoles out, I doubt I'll both returning.

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The Geometry Wars like game is the most fun I've had in a long while. Resogun? Is that it?

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I have an action figure of myself, so yes.

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@darji said:

Yeah and I am still figuring out how men in this thread could actually be upset about it when woman dont....

Lonely virgins trying to use feminism to get their dicks sucked.

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You know, 200 thousand could have been used to actually make a game starring a female character and all her ideals.

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@milkman said:

And here...we...go...

I mumbled that to myself as soon as I saw this thread.