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Been playing for a week, would like an invite to the clan. In game name - GhostBaker


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Aren't Patrick and Drew in Iceland ? So that is why its a slow week.

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How's this for the story line for the second bully regardless of gender roles

1. Act 1 - comes to new school

2. Act 2 - Juvenile camp or Summer camp

3.Act 3 - back to school ready for graduation or something

Depending on the choice you make in the first act, you get sent to juve or a summer camp. Say your participation in ruining a school event, either you blow up the school banner or not.

In the second act, if you are in Juvenile camp, you get to see the worst of the bunch, so female fights might be more plausible here. In both camps, there are still choices to be made and you can still change depending on the way you respond to the activities there; you can learn to be good in the Juvenile camp or you can sink other people's rafts in the Summer camp.

And finally in the last act, its graduation and again depending on how you play in the previous act you can graduate or ruin the day for others and not graduate.

The main protaganist doesn't need to be of a specific gender if the premise is interesting enough, though Rockstar might not give players the choice of selecting the camps ( seems more like CDproject Red thing ).

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So the stories about account hacking is really freaking me out mostly because I don't have an authenticator. But would something along the lines of what Valve does to Steam account help ? Not sure about Valve's success in preventing hacking just thought it might help. Thoughts anyone ?

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So i bought the wrong region prepaid card sometime ago and had not bothered to return or try to use it. It is only for European servers so here