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Those breasts are dumb. Everything else looks fine I guess.

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eh Dota isn't that great of a game, or very complex, or very watchable. I don't know why people are so into it now as opposed to the WC3 days when you couldn't move but to trip over a hero defense map, I still play a few games every now and then and just stomp everyone I play and that is a bit of fun but SC2 is where the action is at in terms of e-sports

Obvious troll is obvious. 0/10 would not read again.

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@wchue: The PC Gamer review seems to be slamming the game, could just be the PC port. i've read in the PC Gamer forums that if you play it on normal it's terrible and long time fans are told to play it on the expert difficulty.

So really there's no telling.

As someone who loves Hitman and plays it on PC this makes me very sad. I am also sad in seeing this trending progression of "If you're not new to the game Normal is a cakewalk." Why is Normal difficulty turning into what Easy used to be?

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Well you yourself said that the game was trying to be as authentic and close to reality as possible. Or rather, you said that is what people should be expecting of the game. So when something has all of these modern shooter mechanics, which are not only unrealistic, but are games not trying to be as authentic and close to reality as possible, it is a little jarring.

So what I am saying is, if they are trying to be as authentic and close to reality as possible as you claim we should expect, then they failed. It's not even like "Oh well the closest thing to reality is regenerative health" or any other of the unrealistic things you see that I don't (not saying they are not there, I don't really know a lot about guns or a lot of other military things).

I mean I'm no game designer, but how about you make the cover system way better and make it so that it is really important to not get hit? Not necessarily like you get shot twice and die, but make it so that you should really not get shot a lot and have the tools to make that a guarantee.

Oh wait, that isn't what they are going for, because what they are going for is the modern military shooter audience but also trying to say they are as close to reality as possible. Which is contradictory.

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Um what? What part of the gameplay nails the authenticity of anything here that all of the other modern shooters don't? I know a couple people in the military and I will be use to ask them how many headshots they need to get before they decide to use a crowbar to breach a door. I will also ask how many bullets they will just shrug off without seemingly dropping their pace or performance over the course of a 30 minute patrol. I am not saying this is a travesty or anything, just that the marketing is even more PR bullshit than it sounded when it first came out. I'm not asking it to be ArmA or anything either, just that it tries to be a little honest about itself.

Really, I am all for games trying to go for realism and I understand the need to make it a game, but they could have found a better solution than just being lazy and going with the same mechanics all of the modern shooters we have today that we all know don't go for any sort of realism at all.

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By the way I am not against kill streak bonuses. I just find it to be incredibly video-gamey for something that is trying to be as realistic as possible. If you are trying to be as realistic as possible you obviously have to make sacrifices because it is a video game, but the kind of gameplay contrivances this game uses goes a little too far to say it wants to be realistic. Maybe the narrative and factual accuracies are more based in reality, but pretty much none of the gameplay seems to be.