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CODE for PC:





Get em' while their hot and tell me when so I can cross them off.

Took the bottom two for some buddies. Thanks!

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@hungry: I feel like you should have worked in "frame traps" somewhere in there.


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Really though, all genres have various kinds of special lingo that only apply to that particular style of game. I'm just really struggling to come up with any off the top of my head at this very moment.

Circle strafing? Rocket jump? That Counter Strike trick where you run faster while holding a knife (because video games have never understood how mass works)?

Yeah alright, I'll take those!

I'm willing to bet there's a metric shit-ton of special wanky words in the fighting game community too

The fighting game community has tons of confusing lingo. I needed a glossary for a while just to read guides about the games.

I was playing against a shoto and we were going at the footsies real hard and then he opened me up with a raw DP and I was gonna option select my wakeup but I missed the plink and he went for a sick fake-crossup mixup and then I got bodied so hard that I am still salty to this very moment.

Also people interchangably using light punch/jab, heavy punch/fierce, heavy kick/roundhouse, sometimes even in the same sentence! Always a fun time to explain that to new people.

It gets even worse if you start going at it with Yipes-inspired Marvel lingo.

I will admit it is fun to talk like that though.

Meaty. Okizeme.

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From the look of things and the emphasis on new (and the inclusion of mega evolutions), I don't think it's going to be a remake so much as a new "story" (I use the term loosely because Pokemon games have god awful stories) set in what will probably be a slightly extended version of the same Hoenn map.

I'm still weirdly excited despite the fact I've bought at least one game from the past two releases (White 2 and X/Y) but haven't finished either. I'm having more fun going back to the basics with my on-again-off-again playthrough of Blue (too bad the savegame battery is nearing end of life). I left off in the large hub city in Y so long ago and I can't remember what the heck I was supposed to be doing.

It could be interesting as a remake or a brand new game, though. Ruby/Sapphire were pretty awesome, and that alone with the upgraded mechanics since ye days of olde could be fun if they keep it simple compared to what that series has branched out into.

If it is not a remake the person who decided the names of these games needs to be fired. It follows the naming conventions of the remakes (Fire Red, Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Soul Silver) but it isn't a remake? I can already see thousands of people being confused about the game because they decided to go against a convention that has multiple games behind it.

It would be like if Final Fantasy XVI was all of a sudden a direct sequel to Final Fantasy IX despite not being called IX-2 or something like that.

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I have no idea how they are going to localize this one, all things considered.

Are we going to have people in Japan named Samm Eurai?

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Yes and no. The "healing salvo" costs some virtual currency but you can buy it for 1-2 guns with the starting currency you get when you are a new player. In addition, it only takes like two matches to earn enough currency to buy the healing salvo. The game is mega generous.

I play this game like I play Quake. Fast, never aim down the sights, and with a rocket launcher and laser gun (that works like the Quake Lightning Gun). Feels good to have a shooter in my life again.

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I don't even really understand what you are saying. Are you playing on Lunatic? I recommend not playing on Lunatic on your first try, Lunatic requires some pretty Fire Emblem-specific strategery. You should try playing on Hard (or Classic? Whatever the one down from Lunatic is), it will make a lot more sense to you.

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All of the people telling you to go for it are ridiculous. Humanity has known about the inherent long-term health risks of smoking for ages now - it isn't like alcohol where your liver can handle it bits at a time without killing itself. It doesn't seem like a big deal now but this is a snowball you don't want to start building up.

Also, I'm no psychologist but if you've been drinking a lot alone and taken up smoking now, you might be feeling a bit depressed because of your move. You might want to try talking to someone because these are the signs (at least to me, someone who deals with depression a lot) of going down a very dark road that I don't think anyone wants to see you go down, duder.

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I will have to pick this up sometime when I have some spare cash. Frozen Synapse is amazing.

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Something like 21k rupez and 0 deaths. Just carry a fairy and fear of death be nary.

(also the fact that I have ALttP practically memorized means I found a lot of the bottles really early on since the ones in this game are inspired locationally, just like the rest of this game. Stock up on dat blue drank)

EDIT: According to my 3DS my first playthrough, of which I did a 100% completion run, came in at 20:59. Fantastic game.