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We will miss you so much Ryan. Giant Bomb crew, we are sosorry for your loss, and you will be in our thoughts.

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Oh Microsoft...

It is difficult to judge how much press conferences reflect company strategy and policy. Here's hoping there is a little more diversity and depth of thought there than may appear.

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Way radder than I imagined. Nice job!

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Thank you Drew!!! I have been dreaming of that sandwich ever since I saw it on video. I even debated whether to PM you to ask for the recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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"Fixed occasional issue where a guest would arrive to the player’s wedding dead"

The best of all bugs.

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Inspirational post! Thanks for the helpful tips. It seems like most people I know programming have been doing it since age seven or eight, and they often have a hard time describing how to get into it. I appreciate your suggestions for those of us who didn't get started so early.

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Fantastic compilation of new, great quicklook clips. Made my morning!

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After the flurry of holiday releases, I am a bit depressed looking at the desolate release schedule of early 2011. Oh, how should I rejuvenate my gaming hobby? Time to catch up on oldies-but-goodies?    What are your suggestions--what are you playing during release slumps?
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I couldn't agree with you more.  After the news broke, I was mired in a feeling that a great developer, with a fantastic track record, missed the market mark on their last game and was rashly closed down.  I would like to believe that developers are more than the financial statistics of their most recent release.  Developers are dynamic groups of talented individuals--and investment to be nurtured, not to constantly be put to the knife.    

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$5 for a jump button and a moustache....count me in!

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