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I triple checked and I put it down correctly. Someone likely picked it up before you and didn't post. Sorry!

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I found this cleaning up my room and thought I would post it up here because it expires in a month. This is a XBLM download.






The order is top to bottom. Cheers.

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Color me interested.

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Get some proofreaders, dog!

Engrossing and informative read as always Pat!

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I would try Quelaag, Stone Golem, or Smough and Orstein.

Edit: I know it sounds crazy but I know a lot of people that do Four Kings at 40ish. GL brother.

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@CornBREDX: I was actually thinking of doing a paladin sword/shield on my next play through. Is he working out alright for you? The thought of casting holy shit on my blade before going into battle is really appealing.

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Now that the game's been out for a good week what classes have you guys stuck with and has it been working out for you? And I don't mean just tell me the names the game gave you in the beginning give me some details.

I'm rolled a 2H wielding warrior in honor of Berserk's Guts.

Sorry if this thread has already been made I looked around a bit and couldn't find any.

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It's gotta be Gwyn.

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Yep. I was pretty mad.

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When I backstab someone and the blood sprays out I get a little drop. And in Blighttown is where you find the frame rate at a constant >10. This happens for both versions as far as i can tell.