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I would like to request a change of name for the character page of Stranger from Bastion. I excitedly made a character page for him on my first play through to quickly realize his actual name is Rucks.

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All thumbs on the site do this for me.
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Did a solid patch also come out with the DLC?
edit: Just booted it up and it totally did.

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This game is pretty interesting to say the least. Can't wait to see more.

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Does anyone know if there are going to be VOD's of the games in the tourney?
I would love to see the hallucination win first hand.

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Just bought this today.
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As far as I can tell it saves when you change areas and after key story points. Other than that I have not found a hard save function.
Sorry :(

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Don't fret zerg brother. I too feel the sting of "f**king zerg rushes", "zerg king of cheese" etc. Don't let them poo poo on your good fortune. You're not exploiting a glitch or cheating in anyway. You're just outsmarting and playing better than those who whine about it.
Zerg is the ultimate race. Play the haters to the ground.

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I love you, Katey.
I will kill them all for you.
Dad will keep you safe.

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I hear he sucks live.
I love the Stonger though.