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Too Human

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When I started out I just stuck with the Dragon Sword for my first play though. I later experimented with the different weapons on my 2nd - 9th play through to see which tickles my fancy. I grew fond of the scythe.

You should do the same, except not with that many play throughs.

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Lighting is a sick name. Alias or not.

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Try the airport. The middle grassy area where the airplane does its laps. There are small ramps there that you can hit the edge off to get some good rolls going. Its a good place to be with really nothing to get in your way besides the airplane and the 5-0. If you try this beware that you'll get 4 stars instant when you enter the runway.

Also a lot of people tell me that when you hold the gas while in the air it'll be more likely that you land on your wheels. I'm not 100% sure about this though.

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I'm not sorry. But heres a comic for you Mr. Soldier

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I try to fill in any missing aspect that the teams needs (no heals? Medic. wheres the defense? Engi etc). If not, Spy.

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Neverhood OST

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Neutral. Because Dead Rising, ICO, and World of Goo are great games.