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I'm reppin Rose just as hard!

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I can only think of two things:
A) Your opponent is sandbagging and their adapt game is amazing.
B) You can't seal the deal.

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Yo Bayonetta ain't that old dawg

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@mubress: Call me crazy but I lean toward the 360 pad for street fighter. There's just something about it...
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I've been using the standard controller up until recently. I dabble and get used to the stick normally, but if I want to throw down some serious fight I switch back to the controller for a couple matches. I can't stress enough that it is really fucking hard to use 360 or PS3 pad because the Dpads generally are balls.

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Training mode is where I'm still getting down the motions. If I ever end up on the right side of the screen I'm totally fucked.

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Much oblige on the feed back y'all. Hopefully the turn around won't be so long with getting used to the stick. Loving it so far and as always training mode will be my residence for execution/familiarity as I continue to drudge on.

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I don't really remember why I play Rose. The more I got to use her the more I noticed how she kicked ass. Fast dashes, good pressure game, jumping? SOUL THROW)
Wish her wake up game was a bit better but I still love her.

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It's nice to see I'm not the only one thinking about it.
@CaptainCanada: Yeah this feels comfortable for sure. I think they call it the wine glass hold or something like that. But I found that I'm pretty comfortable holding it with three fingers (Thumb, Index, Middle) kinda like a big pencil. The only problem with that is when I get to the left side of the screen the motions are pretty tough. Still practicing and getting the feel for it the more I do.
P.S. The SNK style button lay out (the first three button sets) are pretty pimpin.

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Totally stoked and ready for some fucking ROBOTS.