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I wonder how much of a visual difference ultra textures will have compared to medium or high. I really want to get a 970 but if it'll only be able to run games at high settings for the foreseeable future then I'll have to wait until there's a SKU with more VRAM on board.

It's kind of silly to base your decision based on a screenshot from one menu option for a game that isn't quite out yet. Unless you want stuff the run in 4k the 970 will run 99% of games coming out in the foreseeable future maxed.

People with 6gb of vram are still myths at this point.

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What if Daniel Bryan is returning tonight to throw the Chicago crowd into a frenzy? I haven't heard anything since they said he didn't need Tommy John surgery. He must be getting close to coming back.

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Waiting for the review from Brad. And if good (what I guess it will be), I'm definitely picking this one up for my Xone.

There are about 9000 other reviews for the game. Why would you possibly base your opinion on one guy?

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No one seems to care that KENTA and Fergal Devitt are also pretty dumb names.

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@corevi: Unlocking the framerate was the first thing I did.

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@hunkulese: But its cool being a cynic

Better to be a cynic than get suckered. I was optimistic for Destiny and that landed me $60 out of pocket that I ended up not enjoying. Caveat emptor shouldn't be necessary in an industry where the media should be policing the message put out by publishers, but it's still something everyone with limited funds should exercise.

Are you high? The "media" does exactly what you're asking it to do. Destiny got very mediocre scores and there was an Alpha and Beta that weren't that hard to get into. What else could they have done? The amount of coverage they've given the game was warranted and deserved. If you have limited funds you don't need to prehate every game that's coming out so you don't get burned. Just wait for reviews.

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So either the Nvidia patch fixed things for everyone or the 970 outperforms all the last gen stuff with Dead Rising 3. I didn't run into any of the slowdown that people were complaining about.

Too bad the game kind of sucks.

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I'm so confused. Aren't people supposed to just automatically hate all ads?

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@csl316: I don't get why it's a shock. All the preview stuff looked great. Listening to forum posters is always a bad idea. No matter how cool something looks they'll always focus on every reason why the game will suck.

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Go away.