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Worrying about what other people think about games you like is one of the sillier ways to spend your time.

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@ichthy: What's not to know about a mortgage? It's a loan for a house. Sure there may be some details that you don't learn until you actually want one, but it's highly unlikely that he didn't know what a mortgage is. He's not a stupid man, he just plays one on tv.

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Any rules for top ten lists, especially personal ones, are silly.

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@drx25: Don't forget that the contract Big Show signed was ironclad yet he's still in at least one Big Show's about to get fired storyline every year.

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2014 was one of the best years I can remember. Not really any greatest game of all time games but a ton of great games.

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The combat in the game isn't great and I found bumping up the difficulty to be more tedious than rewarding. You can change the difficulty whenever you want so no reason not to start on hard and see if it's for you.

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It's mostly great. You have to fight non giant things a little too often and those parts kinda suck.

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I don't get why the Punk interview would change anyone's opinion over his whole situation since it basically just confirmed everything that has already been said. The only really new stuff that came out of the interview was the Ryback stuff. Is it really a shock that he didn't enjoy how the first half of 2013 went? Is it news that he wanted to be in the main event of Wrestlemania? Were you shocked that he didn't get along with HHH? Is it news that the schedule wrestlers are expected to keep is absurd? The interview was fine but nothing he said was really new or shocking.

It's also a little insincere to say that he didn't quit he was fired when he had left the company for 6 months and had made no indication that he had any interest in coming back.