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The original post's tone and phrasing greatly interests me.

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I managed to beat Rom on my second try. I just kept fire or bolt on my cane at all times, rolled to dodge every attack from him and his spiders, and hit him in his rump over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over........

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After playing a bunch of Ziggurat (even with autoaim turned off) this game's aiming just feels off.

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No problems here. My PS4 controller is still okay too minus the squeaking of the triggers. I hated the 360's problem with the loosening analog sticks. I dread the day it happens on my xbox one.

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I've done what you have done in every Call of Duty after Call of Duty 4. Also, some Battlefield games.

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It sucks, but money speaks way louder than words in this situation. The bottom line is that people will buy this stuff, and so this trend will likely continue.

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I really really enjoyed L.A. Noire. It's one of my favorite adventure games of last gen.

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I primarily use the Cane-Whip. I just sidestepped to the left with every one of his attacks and I dodged pretty much all of them. In his last phase, attack him a bit then get some distance. Keep doing that and you'll win. Timing is the most important thing with the evade button. I beat most bosses by just abusing the invincibility frames of that dodge/roll.

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I was in the modnation racers TNT.

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@zippedbinders: I think you are making assumptions about how far back I was referring. Your argument committed a logical fallacy as you omitted information in which I declared a timeframe. Your information, while true, does not necessarily pertain to this, and I'm not even sure who it helps. Thanks, though.

@flakmunkey: You know, that's true. Ignorance does have a negative connotation, but in such a technologically advanced world knowledge is valued and expected. I only think the word ignorance is misused due to (ironically) ignorance, as it is often substituted for the word stupidity. I don't think anyone who can't see the framerate drops is stupid. I don't think the word ignorance is as poorly received as racial slurs, so I think that is where we can leave it. I guess this really isn't the place for this kind of discussion, but I truly, wholeheartedly am thankful for your reply. It was good talkin' with ya, have a good one!

If anyone took offense to anything I said, it was not intentional. See ya!