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I don't know. They all seem to balance each other out for the most part.

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I didn't read any of the posts besides the first one. I have to say that I agree. I got pretty fed up with what the game had to offer within the same time frame you listed - 20 hours. It just gets so repetitive. I recommend playing it in smaller chunks every now and then. I don't know how I can recommend that though, as I simply do not play games that way. Rather, I just stopped playing Persona 4 and never finished it.

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Yeah I don't understand the posts with all of the 'X' or 420s in them. Do they really make people laugh? I usually groan at the first one and proceed to skip the rest. As far as PregnantBuffalo, I think it's funny if you're a guy and would never suggest it to a female out of pure gentlemenness? There are just some things you don't say for a small laugh.

As far as good recommendations, I would say any of the Call Me Shirely references are good, but only if you understand the reference. I think your Kshirleyy name on here sounds fine, but I would suggest something a little more creative like you said. Personally, I like names like PurelyShirley, and ShirleyNot. If you want something more creative than plays on words with your last name, you'll have to dig a little deeper or just be nonsensical like most of the recommendations on this thread.

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@ChinaDontCare said:

New Pokemon will capture hundreds of hours if you go down that rabbit hole.

PS3 still has great exclusive but a 3DS is way more enticing cause its not on a big screen, ITS on a little screen that makes it more personal

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I don't disagree with their opinions. I disagree with how they arrived at them.

I used to think that the GB crew was different and they were knew a lot about games. That is not nearly the case anymore. The way most of them feel that they can freely bash/hate on something and only have an explanation of "___ is for crazy people" is stupid. I'm not just talking about specifically that sentence either. I think the irrational hate that GB tends to have is one of the most disheartening things I've experienced about video games in a while.

I think at times it can even be irresponsible on their part, because undoubtedly someone is going to stumble on their nonsensical information and it'll dissuade them from playing a game. I'm not going to say it is all Giant Bomb's fault. I'm sure most of the gaming press is like this. I just expected a more open, mature mentality at least on a deep level. I'm fine with fun and jokes and stupidity when it comes to humor, but this mentality that being immature and close-minded all of the time is funny, or is a valid excuse to dislike something ... it's been wearing thin for a long time.

I've stopped taking reviewers and a lot of the gaming press like Giant Bomb seriously. I just play what I can, and use their opinions as entertainment. It's the same as watching youtube videos (which is ironic when GB downplays youtubers), and I don't know if that means youtubers have gotten better, press has gotten worse, or if they have always been the same. I just know that the more I take a step back and think about the stuff being said, the more I actively want nothing to do with it.

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I honestly don't see what the big deal is. I have a PS3 and have numerous problems when I play online. I don't like the download times on patches, I don't like the store, I don't like the varying quality of voice chat that is on a per game basis, and I don't like that there is not top level form of chat.

I do like that it is free, but you get what you pay for. Everyone comparing it to steam, of course steam is better than the consoles. But between the three consoles, and if you want to have the best experience on a console at this point, the 360 has the best online experience. I don't think paying for Gold is a good deal, but I don't want to pay for Playstation Plus, because you don't get to keep the games and the online is still subpar regardless.

If Sony get's it together and has a comparable online service with their next console, I'll make the switch. As of now, Microsoft and Steam have Sony and Nintendo beat.

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@darkvare said:

who pays 14 bucks to go to the movies

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Yes, you are correct.

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Pick your battles. That's the life lesson here.
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I'm doin' alright. How are you?