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Maybe someday these people who say "Oh it's okay with me, because I want the developers to make money" will start to learn that it doesn't work that way. This isn't about Gamestop. Fuck Gamestop. This is about being able to sell or trade your games to another human being. If it is restricted - Fuck. That. Shit.

I swear, people act like Gamestop forces people to trade in at their store, and their store only. People sell their games to each other on Ebay and Amazon every day. If you think EA, Activision, or Microsoft deserve a cut of that, you have been fooled.

You don't have to buy used games to see the reality in that.

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Yes E3 can save MS ... if Sony follows suit with everything people complained about.

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I'll talk about whatever I fucking want to.

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I'm not sure if this really qualifies as a "conspiracy theory."

I was thinking the same thing.

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My guess is that they are doing the same thing, and I'm getting ready to build a PC.

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No, I won't stop. It looks like shit.

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The clear benefit to buying a console over a PC is almost completely destroyed at this point. I can't imagine anyone with a clear mind being happy with this outcome.

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Do ya'll not already just have your consoles connected at all times anyways?

What if I bring my console with me when I travel or when I visit family that doesn't have Wifi at their house?

What if there's a problem going on with the internet at my home?

What if there's a weird network error?

What if something bad happens to the servers?

I just want to play the games that I paid money for.

I had all of those questions as well. I don't understand how people can defend it if they haven't even announced how it will benefit us, as gamers. Brushing the matter off by stating how you believe everyone is always online anyways is short-sighted, closed-minded, and ignorant/stupid.

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I guess I know not to ask questions on these boards.

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