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I chose the SNES because, even though I never owned one, I played a lot of great SNES games. I also chose the Genesis because I have a lot of fond memories with it being my first console. The PS1 and N64 just had some many games that looked awkward or controlled awkwardly.

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It could be that they built the engine around the PS3's cell infrastructure and the time it would take to port it wouldn't be worth it, but that's just a guess. It could go to another platform in the future but who can say?

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That's a shame because it was basically the only community involvement with the staff on this site. I rarely see them interact with people, ever. They rarely respond to comments on videos and never respond to people on twitter not in the game industry. TNT was perfect for that, because even though they didn't have mics on they were playing with viewers and customers.

Now the only involvement with the community is someone in live chat, and emails. Maybe they are just trying to be professional, but that doesn't really fit the theme of the site.

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@joshwent said:

They got mountains of shit for some shorter episodes of all of the official ERs back in the day. And the main "excuse" I'd offer for them not to do it is that it doesn't make good entertainment watching people forced to play a game that they don't want to on any given day. The daily structure guarantees constant content, but it also guarantees a gradual decline in the quality of that content, if they have other more important things going on.

The entitlement in this thread (and the duplicate threads just like this one that pop up every month or so) is pretty gross. I've been a paying member for a while now, and it's because I support the staff doing what they want, and what they think is best. Not because I want them to cater to my every whim. I have no interest in Metal Gear, but Dan clearly does, so I'm thrilled that content exists so he can share it. And much more thrilled that he and Drew can play those games when it fits into their schedules and they're excited to do it.

People love ERs. It's why they keep getting requested. I find that people are pretty understanding if you simply explain these things. "Hey guys, we're doing another ER, but longer episodes are just impossible for us now, so every episode will be 20 minutes tops." You really think there'd be riots in the streets over that? Also, the way I understood it is that lots of the ER episodes are recorded on one day. The video's are then chopped up into smaller pieces and distributed over the days in the week. I reckon they could fit that in the schedule somehow. Obviously it would mean we'd get less other content, but that's a trade-off I'm all for. And, Endurance Runs worked pretty well in the past. So obviously they're capable of doing them, and doing them well, even for extened periods of time. It's been years since the last one. I don't think I'm being incredibly unreasonable here.

I'm not too active on these forums, but every time I see someone critcize even a small part of the site, or give their opinion or a suggestion, they're immediately dogpiled by a bunch of rabid fanboys. Apparently it's really, really bad to disagree with some of the choices made for this website. Wanting a popular segment to return is even "gross entitlement" now (Unless you're referring to something else here). According to those people, I can't even give my opinion about any of the content on offer right now, despite my being a paying customer. I should just shut up and be happy the crew is making stuff I don't like to watch. Well sorry, but that's just not the way I roll. The crew can take my opinions into consideration, they can ignore them entirely, but I don't see why I shouldn't be able to say these things. On a forum, of all places.

Yeah, don't speak your negative opinion on GB ... OR ELSE! People will sadly defend this site more often than actually think about the criticism being said. I don't mind fandom and bias, but when it gets in the way of good discussion, logical thinking, and understanding then it ceases being okay. With that said, there are people like you and me still on this site. Maybe not enough for me to become a regular here, but I chime in from time to time.

What I would like to know is what Giant Bomb wants. I was completely drawn to Giant Bomb due to their clear and interesting goals in the beginning: establish a video game database, create new video game video ideas, and change the review formula. Now I am completely lost on what the purpose of this site is. The wiki is not discussed, promoted, or even mentioned by the crew, it seems they are perfectly fine doing the same video things they came up with years ago, and reviews are on their death bed. Now we are paying to watch let's plays, a podcast that has no ads in it, and a live stream of them just hanging out on the couch. When I say these things out loud I baffle myself, because I watch people I like do this on youtube for free.

@gkaboozTOPIC: All of the semi-interesting stuff has been moved to subscriber only. If I were to choose a game for an ER, I would pick something like the original Dead Rising, Jade Empire, or an older game I'm not familiar with. Yakuza 4 is a good one as well. Realistically, I would want the GB crew to pick it because they would have more interest.

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Xbox One: Microsoft has done a great job post-launch with their frequent updates to the UI and apps on the Xbox One. Their servers seem a bit more stable than Sony's, and they have more exclusive games that are not indie games. With that said, the exclusive games have been of average quality and interest level. Overall, I think they have the 'most likely to improve' award on everything just like the 360 did. Oh, and the Kinect still sucks, but can be a fun, quirky thing to use. Personally, I am happy with the Xbox One's progress and hope to see them work harder to make better exclusive games. The dashboard is being tweaked in many great ways and will probably be the ideal console for someone who likes to multitask.

PS4: The PS4 did a great job pre-launch with their marketing as they were able to capitalize on Microsoft's missteps and grab a large portion of the community. Post-launch is a different story. Their game library has been growing, but almost exclusively due to their indie game push. Whether purchasing a $400 console to play indie games is worth it is up to each individual. Most of their big games have been re-releases or we have the single case of The Order ... which flopped. Their updates to their UI have been slow and the PS4 is still missing the suspend/resume feature that was mentioned before the console launched. However, most jrpgs will most likely be on the PS4 because it's the console Japan prefers. Overall, I am disappointed with the PS4's progress, but interested to see the games that are 'exclusive because of Japan' and if Sony will ever improve network problems. The PS4 is great, but I hope something happens and humbles Sony in a way that gets them working to address our concerns. I am mainly looking forward to JRPGs on PS4.

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I would love another one for consoles. I have Magic 2013 and 2014. I'm always looking forward to trying another one though. The game that Vinny and Alex quicklooked had some card elements to it, but not really a TCG/CCG.

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After the 360 I don't think I'll ever have a major issue with a moderately loud console again. You could heat a room and drown out a crying baby with one.

Yeah, the early 360s were the absolute worst when it came to noise! They made adjustments when they released the slims, but they can still get loud too.

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@huntad: what? the ps3 made almost no noise.

Case by case basis. Mine was dead silent up until a month later. I began cleaning it out every month just to shut it up. I know I know, yours didn't, but other peoples' did.

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This is going to sound like I'm a crazy person, but mine sounded super loud when I first got it and got quieter after the first week. Also, make sure you have a lot of space behind it, because it generates crazy heat that it pushes out the back of the unit.

Yeah the PS3 and PS4 are like rocket ships.

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@musclerider: If you're tired of these kinds of threads, that's cool. I simply made it known that some games still fit the criteria no matter the review score. I won't comment on the supposed frequency that this topic appears here because I do not know, and no one else seems to care and the responses seem solid.

I will, however, reply in saying that devoted followings nor critical acclaim necessarily conflict with a game's status as underappreciated. Just because a game has a following now, does not mean it was underappreciated back then, and judging by the original post ... almost anything is fair game.