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Dragon Age Inquisition has great moments and a lot of filler. (review) 0

Dragon Age's progression as a series from game to game has been very interesting to say the least. I really enjoyed the strategic nature of Dragon Age Origins' combat, and the way it introduced you to a setting that seemed had a long history before you got there. I had to think about which decisions I wanted to make, who I wanted to take along with me and care about, and how to use them. Dragon Age 2 was a weird departure from being the savior of the world, and I thought it was kind of refreshin...

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Alan Wake mixes light and darkness in spectacular ways. 0

I’ve never been a fan of the horror genre. I don’t like the creepy lead up to an inevitable, predictable jump scare, or the dumb-looking monsters that usually serve said purpose. It was interesting, then, that a game like Alan Wake made such an impression on me after just a couple hours of gameplay. Remedy has crafted a game that utilizes the creepy atmosphere, and its surroundings, to serve the story - not just for cheap thrills. Alan Wake is a prime example of a game that is more than the sum ...

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A varied and memorable shooter. 0

The simpler, more iconic box art is great.Resistance 3 is a colorful, remarkable shooter in the dull sea of annual iterations of games in the same genre. It speaks volumes against the argument that all shooters are the same, and no one tries to innovate. Sure, it takes cues from other shooters in some spots but the story, setting, characters, and weapons are definitely new, fresh, and all its own.In Resistance 3, you play as Joseph Capelli the killer of Nathan Hale, who has been the series main ...

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If you liked Uncharted 2 ... 6

Then you might like this one or you might now. Liking Uncharted 3 really isn't a problem, because there is a lot of content in a single package that you're bound to like at least a part of it.Interacting with this guy is one of the best things about this game.First and foremost, Uncharted 3's single player campaign is the first menu item and probably the most anticipated part of the game. It begins with Nathan Drake trying to obtain the second half of a piece of a puzzle. It's eventually explain...

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Is this game good? Does Batman look worried? 0

Batman Arkham Asylum was a really cool, linear game with a great combat system, and fan-service oriented story that didn't really end that well. Batman Arkham City proposes new additions to the combat system, an open-world dynamic, and endless riddler challenges to complete or collect. Well, Batman Arkham City delivers on all fronts and surpasses it's predecessor in almost every way.The story starts off in the most awesome way possible. It takes place a little while after the events of Arkham As...

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