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I definitely agree with the first point. There's this part where it seems like a character is dead in one of the Marvel movies recently and it was really difficult to take it seriously because I knew the actor was on the hook for several more movies. It nullified a lot of the emotion I was supposed to feel for that element of the story.

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Patrick has been known to enjoy games that are really difficult. I think mentioning difficulty in a review is always tricky, because everyone's bound to have a different level of skill.

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Bioshock 2 is an awesome game. It's only sin is being the sequel to one of the most beloved games of the last generation.

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Most of my music is video game related. Not because I think it's better, but because I don't have the patience to search for music as an activity so I usually discover music I like through games or movies or tv shows or whatever. I've tried using Pandora to find more stuff, but its terrible for my purpose. Try plugging a video game composer you like into there and it basically goes "Oh you like nerd shit." and starts playing stuff whose only relation is the fact that it's also from video games.

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I'm so eager to get some news that their silence is getting pretty frustrating to me. TGS is so long from now! I really hope it's the August Famitsu, I don't need much, just gimme something!

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In the first I was a Female Human Warrior, then in the second I played a Male Rogue. For this one I'll probably be human again, leaning towards female, and I'll either play a Warrior or a Mage. I'll probably change my mind once I get to the character creation screen though.

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Starting to build up a collection on Origin, almost exclusively from the free stuff they gave me.

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I saw Terminator 1 for the first time in the last year or so and thought it was pretty boring. Terminator 2 is not bad.

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@cdub901: In this one post, you have literally put double or triple the amount of thought into FD Link that Nintendo has.

I remember asking someone why they so adamantly thought that the Fierce Deity should be a character in the game when all we've ever seen of him is the mask and Link's form while wearing it. The response I got was based entirely on fan-crafted theories and suppositions that the deity is a super-powerful being somewhere in the neighborhood of Goku.

It's super depressing that I'm sure there are multiple fanfics out there where Fierce Deity Link is basically treated as Super Saiyan Link. All but guarantee there must be a fanfic where Zelda dies in Link's arms, and he goes so ballistic over this that he goes Fierce Deity.

Like, look guys. I get it. It was a cool character design. He had a neat curvy sword, and maybe some kind of weird chainmail vest thing? It had it's time, and that's cool. Hell, I'm not at all opposed to it somehow making an appearance in Hyrule Warriors. Why not? But just...guys. Listen. Don't sit around thinking there is some super elaborate explanation behind Fierce Deity Link, or ever will be. They just thought "I dunno, what will we give the player for collecting like, damn near everything in the game? I know, a super OP mask transformation that lets you obliterate bosses". That's it.

The Zelda lore fandom sure is a strange one.

Im pretty sure there was some sort of Majora's Mask manga that touched a bit on the origin of the Fierce Deity. I think that's where a lot of the speculation comes from.