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I bet the location of their office would make it pretty difficult to have fresh food unless they cooked it there.

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I think ps2 was the generation where it became weird not to have voice acting.

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@believer258: Don't get me wrong, if somehow they magically fixed the entire world and everyone lived happily together I would've absolutely hated the ending of Psycho Pass. It just felt like there was a bit too much unresolved stuff. I think I'm coming around on it a bit more after reading your guys' comments though. Because really I'm not sure how they could elaborate on the loose plot threads without the show turning into the mega happy ending that I can't stand. My understanding of Psycho Pass 2 is that it's really action heavy and I don't think Kogami ever even shows up so I doubt it changes much.

@hamst3r: Yeah I don't think she was supposed to be remarkable either, and I don't think the show would necessarily be better if she was more interesting. I just got sort of annoyed seeing the world through the lens of the least interesting person in it. This definitely isn't always the case though, and when it's not I think the show's a lot cooler.

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I watched Madoka. It's pretty much the first magical girl anime I've ever seen, so I think maybe some of it was lost on me, but it was cool anyways. When the show picks up and the music kicks in it's about as badass as it gets. I also really enjoyed some of the characters, Red Magical Girl is the coolest one, Blue and Black are pretty awesome too. If I felt the same way about Madoka herself I think I'd like the show more, but she was kinda boring. Still I'm very glad I watched it. Dope stuff.

Also I watched Psycho Pass several weeks ago and forgot to say anything here. That shit is the shit. If the ending hadn't left me so unsatisfied, I feel like it'd be one of my all time favorite series. Maybe they didn't mean for it to be a cliffhanger when they wrote it, but it felt like one to me. Sometimes while watching that show I just wasn't sure how dystopian the creators intended for it to be. To me it came across all the way dystopian, but maybe that's just because I'm 95% sure I'd be a latent criminal. Between Psycho Pass and Death Note I kind of wonder if the Japanese just have some funny ideas about crime, but what do I know, I just watch anime. Psycho Pass is good though. Makes me want to wear a suit and smoke cigarettes.

Also both of these series have sequel things that I've heard mixed things about and I'm not sure whether or not to watch them. What do you guys think?

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When I used to ride the bus I saw it all the time.

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Axiom Verge seems like it's more likely to scratch my 2d Metroid itch than any other game that's tried in the last few years. Titan Souls might be really neat. Mortal Kombat's a definite buy for me. Batman I'll play after my trip in July.

Seem's like a pretty solid second quarter considering I'm still busy with Monster Hunter 4, and Cities Skylines, and I haven't even got Ori, Codename Steam, Bloodborne, or Pillars of Eternity yet.

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Blitzball is a poorly explained, poorly balanced sports game from the early 2000's, and he's playing it for the first time in 2015. Of course he hates it. Why wouldn't he?

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Fortunately no. I don't think that's a big problem in Tucson, at least not on the East Side. I have a 30 dollar phone and almost never have cash anyways, so they wouldn't get much out of it.

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When my dad tells me to fuck off or calls me an asshole I say "Love you too Dad." Other than that I think the only context I'd feel the need to say it would be before a trip or something like that. He's not really the type to say it back.