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Sounds like what I expected. This still leaves the question of how powerful it is compared to the Wii U.

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Right now I'd be tempted to say Stellaris, but for all the things that game does right there's quite a bit it also does wrong, so it'd be hard to give it the top spot. Another contender is Uncharted 4, but that doesn't quite feel right. I wouldn't rule out Fire Emblem either, but I'd say the sheer amount of content they released is actually working against it, I'm feeling pretty Fire Emblemed out (which is partially my fault for buying a copy in Japan before U.S. release).

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I think the problem is that people's opinions are just very precious to them. I doubt this is a recent phenomenon.

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I somehow sank 73 hours into Stellaris without even really trying to. I played The Horde, a military dictatorship populated by a race of fanatically militaristic, demon-looking lizard things with a penchant for slavery. I spent most of my game being the biggest asshole on the block, expanding as quickly as possible to keep my nearby allies in check, and picking fights whenever it suited me. Needless to say it didn't take long for everybody in the galaxy to hate me. They hated me so much in fact that they set aside all their differences and formed an alliance, and then every empire in the galaxy simultaneously declared war against me. "I'm fucked." I thought, and then after a few skirmishes and captured planets, I realized I was winning. I eventually "beat" the game after I'd genetically modified my lizards into 6 subraces that could withstand any climate, and then colonized all of the planets in my borders (which is currently about half the galaxy). I think my time with Stellaris has come to an end for a while, because I've reached the point where even selecting my main fleet cuts the frame rate in half, and conquering the remaining half of the galaxy sounds more tedious than fun.

The core game in Stellaris is a fantastic realization of its vision. The number of options you have to customize your empire is incredible, and roleplaying through all of the unique scenarios that your empire encounters makes for a lot of really awesome stories. There's some stuff on the strategy side of things that they still need to figure out, but I'm confident that they will. This is my first Paradox strategy game but their track record for post release support is incredible, and I can't wait to see what kind of stuff they come up with. I know I could just as easily start another race and sink another couple dozen hours into this game, but I won't, because there's just too many awesome games out right now to focus on just one. 5/5 will play again.

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For some reason I just can't seem to get into the longer series that I'm normally most comfortable with, so I've been reading a lot of shorter novels. I read The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle, which I'm still sorting out my feelings about. It kind of dragged, and it's really not what I'm normally into, but there were some pretty beautiful passages and concepts. Maybe I'd like the movie better. I would give it The Only Unicorn, out of All Remaining Unicorns.

After that I jumped right into Neil Gaiman's Stardust, which I really enjoyed. It was a charming adventure that didn't overstay its welcome. After reading it I watched the movie again and decided I like that a bit better, the actors make the book's somewhat thin characters a lot more likable, and the added content only increased the story's charm for me. I'd give it roughly 80% of the innumerable stars. I think I'd like to read a little more of Gaiman's stuff after this, if anyone has any recommendations let me know.

Currently I'm reading The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy books, I'm on the third one. I absolutely loved the first book. While I was reading the passage about the sperm whale I actually had to stop for a minute just to process how funny it was, that's never happened to me while reading a book before, but it happened multiple times throughout the first one. I love the characters, the plot is absurdly fun. Fantastic book. The second one was a small step down in quality, if only because the plot was less satisfying and the jokes didn't land quite as often. However the chapter about the grammatical complexities of time travel may be some of my favorite words ever printed. Still pretty early in the third one, still waiting for it to pick up steam. I will report back with my findings.

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I chose Instinct because Zapdos is my favorite bird, and Instinct has downtown Tucson on lock. Since making the decision I have discovered that Valor has my neighborhood way more on lock, so I'm going to try and fix that somehow (or probably not actually cause I can't see myself ever getting Pokemon this powerful, cause this game is a huge time sink and not really good enough to justify that time).

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It seems kind of silly to get upset that this game is in America, like I totally understand the sentiment for games set in modern times, but for this particular game the only difference the location will make is raw geography. And in terms of landscape Colorado is an A+ choice, it's beautiful with a ton of diversity.

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I think if someone has trouble eating a Rocky Mountain Oyster, then they just haven't come to terms with the reality of meat.

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Saying this as someone sitting about 3 feet from a 55 inch TV (who very much appreciates extravagant screen sizes), I always kind of regretted getting a 17 inch laptop. Personally I didn't find the difference over a 15 inch screen that noticeable, but I definitely noticed how much heavier it is, and it seems to kill my battery quicker (especially now that my battery is old). The only time I really appreciate it is when I'm using it to watch movies with other people, which is very rare. Just something to consider.

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Professional Killer. It's a growth industry.

Security Guard at an art museum. Going to college for Creative Writing because I'm a fool.