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@turtlebird95: Yeah I'm glad I made it. Hopefully it's all good from here.

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I'd say this has been the weakest year in a very long time. Traditionally I marathon all the games I missed in the year over winter break, and I still never get to all of them. This year I don't really feel like I missed anything, and at the same time, the list of new games I've already beaten is noticeably smaller than it was last year. And I feel like only a couple of those would've made the cut on my 2013 top 10.

Still, even weak years have some cool ass games. And this year gave me ample opportunity to play some older games.

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My quest to finish the One Piece continues. I got through Skypiea, and really didn't like that arc. It felt so disconnected from the plot, the setting, and the characters that I just could not have given less of a shit. If it had been shorter that would've been fine, but the arc just wasn't worth the amount of time they gave it. It wasn't without it's redeeming qualities though, I liked the episode with the wolves, there was some decent Nico Robin development, and the stuff with Noland was pretty alright even if it came waayyy too late to make me care about what was going on.

After that I watched G-8. I decided to skip the filler in One Piece after watching the first couple, but apparently a lot of people point to this one as an example of why One Piece does filler so much better than other shows so I figured I'd check it out. I liked the concept, and in practice I think they did a pretty good job on it. It was better than Skypiea but I certainly wouldn't consider it any sort of high point. For people who really like One Piece though, it's good that stuff like G-8 exists just so they can get some bonus episodes.

Then I moved on to the Davy Back games. My understanding is that this is considered one of the worst arcs. Personally I didn't mind it so much. Brevity goes a long way, and I liked having something kind of stupid and lighthearted after all that Sky Island stuff. Plus Luffy in an afro. After that I met Aokiji, he seems cool.

Finally I began Water 7 and got to Luffy vs Usopp. Even if I thought the reasoning was a little flimsy, I really really enjoyed that. All the stuff with the Going Merry and Usopp and The Franky House was fantastic. Easily some of the best moments since the Nami stuff in Arlong Park. So either I'm starting to develop some form of anime stockholm syndrome or I'm finally coming around on One Piece. Either way hopefully it lasts!

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The only game where I found a codex really useful was in Mass Effect 2. Since I skipped the first one, it was useful to read the codex to understand the universe, because they didn't explain everything again. For Dragon Age, I already know 90 percent of that stuff. I even read one of the books. So the only codex entries I really bother to read are stories. I try and read some on the loading screen too, but it always goes too quick for me to get through even one of them, even though I consider myself a pretty fast reader. Which is why Jeff's complaint about the loading times was really weird to me.

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I started having a much better time with the game when I left the Hinterlands. I was enjoying the Hinterlands, but you just don't get the character or story interaction doing the side quest stuff, and those are so key to the game. Also it's kind of a shame to spend so much time in that one environment considering there's so many cool and distinct ones.

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I don't get why people would even want a TWEWY or Chrono game. Even if they released sequels to those games (which they won't) they'd just be shadows of their predecessors. I guess it could be a new Dragon Quest? It's been a while.

Whatever it is, I don't expect to play it for a long time. Square likes to announce their big games super early.

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I would've said Leliana before I played this game, but she's actually kind of a bummer compared to Origins. I asked her to tell me a story and she told me to go to the library. Ice. Cold.

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I really like both, but I definitely prefer the Bombcast just because I prefer having more than 2 dudes. Maybe if they got Vinny on Bombin I would be singing a different tune though.

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It really sucks that this didn't get a trial, but at the same time, I feel like people have already made up their mind about this cop's guilt, so I'm not sure a trial would have meant true justice anyways. It's not about his guilt or innocence anymore, it's about which side of the social issue you fall on. No one who knows me would ever accuse me of being sympathetic to the police, but I'm still willing to believe that this wasn't the senseless killing it's been portrayed as. I can't imagine the jury room being objective, or the court room either for that matter. So even if it makes me upset that there's going to be no attempt at justice, I don't feel like whatever farce of a trial they held would've had it anyways.

In the end I'm just upset that nothing has been or will be accomplished as a result of all this, because ignoring the whole Ferguson case, there have been numerous examples in recent years of police brutality going basically unpunished. I'll never endorse fucking awful riots, but I have to say I sympathize with the feelings. You know what will never ever in a billion years get the government to take measures towards more police accountability? Silently lying down in an intersection. But if people go and riot then it just turns into a conversation about how awful that is. So we can hope that the government delivers justice, which it clearly has no interest in, we can politely ask the government to change things, which they'll ignore, or we can demand that the government change things, which they'll punish. So what choice does that leave us with? Fucking none.

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I just watched Dolph Ziggler vs The World and it was awesome. I haven't been that into a match in years. They could've so easily fucked it up by having Cena in Ziggler's place, and for once they didn't, and it was incredible. Super pleased about that match, and I hope it means bigger and better things for Ziggler, because I've been a fan of his for years.