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He's kind of easy, but Bongo Bongo is pretty great.

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As a few other people have said, he doesn't immediately look as cool to me, but I hope that's a good thing. I remember some people complaining about Charlie being a Mary Sue, which I don't particularly agree with, but I understand the sentiment. Hopefully giving him some glasses and messy hair makes him a bit less awesome, in a good way. That being said, Japanese people probably have a completely different definition of cool, so maybe to them this guy is concentrated sex.

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@syz said:
Maybe some trademark party member cut-ins in the background.

I just spent 2 minutes looking at these briefly flashing pictures, while trying to see what I could determine about the people from the half a second they are visible. I'm in too deep, goddammit! Abort!

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@hailinel @fluxwavez Gentlemen. I fear your Brad Wallets are due for some lightening, as per our agreement.

Was clearly talking about 360/PS3 there, not PS4 at all.

That's not the bet you agreed to sir. "100 Brad Bucks says this comes to platforms other than ps3."

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I do. I think he looks a little more normal than the last two, which is good because as you said, he's just a cypher (presumably).

Also I'm going to enjoy pretending he is Harry Potter hiding from He Who Must Not Be Named in Japan. Wingardium Persona!

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Why don't they just... make a new Dragon Quest game?

That's a damn good question.

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Pretty good press conference actually. I really wonder if they're doing another one for proper TGS. I doubt it, because if they're willing to show off this many games at this thing, I can't imagine what they could have for the other one. Unless its a lot of the same games but more in depth.

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I would probably be pretty excited if this Dragon Quest were an RPG, but Square doesn't seem particularly interested in those anymore.

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Main character looks like anime Harry Potter.