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I will totally give that game a third chance to change my mind.

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Someday we'll all be telling our grandkids about this moment.

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You can't trust a dude who wears glasses like that. I knew it. Going through the world stats its impressive how close to half so many of the choices are. Chloe's request is 52/48 right now. Great game, except when its lame, and even then its great.

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@dixavd said:

All I want is a mission where you quickly play through the main story bits of Zack because some of those moments in Crisis Core are fantastic (Such as the Red Dead Redemption-style end, three years prior to that game). Maybe portray it as Cloud getting to understand the weird mentality he now has after that switch-over (for want of a better word) from Zack to him. Maybe just have them like those Laguna levels in FFVIII.

Heck, I think they could probably cover Crisis Core in a single opening cinematic like how they sped through the story of KH:Chain of Memories in the opening-credits scene of Kingdom Hearts II.

The scene you spoiler tagged was actually in the original game. It was difficult to find though. If I remember correctly you have to go to the mansion basement after Cloud's memory is restored.

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I had some friends that imported this last year. I think the fighting is needlessly complex, kinda confusing, and not very fun. But from a pure fan service perspective there's something to like there. Personally I only have experience with the versus mode, but I saw my friends play the story and it seemed more involved than I expected.

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Bioshock was probably the biggest one. I definitely feel like spoilers hurt my experience with that game. I got some Spec Ops The Line spoilers, but I'm actually grateful for those because it encouraged me to play the game. During GOTY podcasts I had L.A. Noire and Sleeping Dogs spoiled, but that's my own fault. There was a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix that spoiled a plot element from BBS but I don't really care. I had a bunch of Metal Gear stuff spoiled over the years but it kind of didn't matter since it's all so crazy anyways, I wish I hadn't known anything about Psycho Mantis though.

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Some good BBQ sauce can really improve a burger. Ketchup's good sometimes too. Mayo's gross. I've never tried mustard.

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Well some interviews with Nomura came out of Famitsu and Dengeki Online, and the way Nomura's talking definitely makes it sound like he's not interested in just updating the visuals. He said they're aiming to "surpass the original" and the only way to do that is to challenge what current hardware is capable of. He didn't give many examples but when asked about the "Game System" (presumably talking about the mechanics), he said they're "changing it to a more realistic system." Another choice quote about the mechanics is "We haven’t shown any gameplay yet, but since we’re updating them quite a bit, please look forward to that."

Looking at quotes like that it's hard to imagine this game shipping with anything resembling the original combat. I'm not in love with the ATB system or anything, but I'd be disappointed if they used something else, because I have no confidence in their ability to make a new battle system that's any good. And if they end up trying to make this an action game I'd almost rather they never made it at all. We have enough shitty Japanese Action RPGs.

As for the story, Nomura says "if you are going to do a full remake, you have to take a different approach and make something that suits the times" and that "there will be more plot devices in the story." So we can expect some changes there as well, likely some references to the dumb spinoffs. Probably some swimsuit DLC too. One word that was thrown around a lot during the interview was "realistic" which is worrisome, because this game is fucking silly, and if they don't embrace that they'll lose an important part of this games identity. So I'm not very confident this will be the remake I want, but I'm still pretty confident it will be more interesting than whatever else they would've put out. Certainly better than Lightning Returns. I guess we'll see. Nomura's still gotta get Kingdom Hearts out (which I don't think they've even announced a year for yet). Maybe this game will require less input from him since its a remake, but I think holiday 2017 is pretty optimistic.


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I would love to do that. Depending on the developer though a writing job might be pretty insignificant to the project, if they have one at all.