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In the last 3 weeks I have been paid to watch 140 episodes of One Piece.

Explain. lol

I'm a security guard at a museum, and we just installed a multi-million dollar exhibit that requires 24 hour surveillance, which means someone gets to sit in the lobby by themselves all night. I spend that time doing dumb shit on my laptop like homework, watching anime, and posting this.

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I think the curator pages would be more meaningful if they were split up by staff member. I don't see much value in following a Giant Bomb list, but I could definitely see some value in Patrick running a curator page for good horror games, or Jeff running a list with rad shit like Lethal League and Crimsonland.

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My hope for Final Fantasy XV is that despite being totally divorced from what I think Final Fantasy should be, it manages to deliver a gameplay and narrative experience that's interesting in its own way. My hope for Persona 5 is that they match the same incredibly high bar that they set with their previous games. So I certainly expect more out of Persona 5, but I would define my feelings for XV as more hopeful than they are for Persona.

Can't say I have much of an opinion about X. Despite owning one of Xenoblade Chronicle's coveted copies I haven't found the time for that investment yet, and it's not really a super high priority either. I don't particularly appreciate games of that length, and the battle system is not a style I'm known to enjoy. As for Bloodborne all I can say is that I enjoyed the original Dark Souls earlier this year, and I guess I'd be up for another one of those.

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My favorite drink is probably Earl Gray tea, but I don't have it very often.

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@zfubarz: Alex talked about it on the episode after he got back from China. Not sure which one that is, but it was a few months ago. I'd look, but for some reason you can't scroll to old podcasts at the moment.

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By Non-Inverted I assume you mean "Normal"

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Neat I've wanted to try one of these ever since they talked about it on Bombin the A.M.

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1000 calories isn't that bad. Healthy adult dude should have like 2 thousand, so just have a light breakfast and an average dinner. Orrrr... Skip breakfast and have Taco Bell twice a day to double your chances.

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Since I already have access to Giant Bomb's opinions I don't really care about their curator page, because I already know which games they think are good. The curator pages I like are ones like "Story Driven Games" because that can help me find something specific and niche that an outlet like Giant Bomb might not cover.

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In the last 3 weeks I have been paid to watch 140 episodes of One Piece.