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I think the final stage is squashing bugs and stuff like that.

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If someone has a NA code for me, I can trade some codes from the recent Humble Bundle. I've got Gone Home, Gunpoint, and Papers Please.

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This category is so weird, because you have to take into account not only how bad the game was, but how high the crews expectations were. Because those expectations are always different from dude to dude, that's what they always argue about. It's always fun to listen to though, and holy shit I just imagined Dan in goty for the first time and now I'm so excited.

I think those 2 games are kind of a shoo in though. Also I bet Titanfall will be the third.

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It's really cool to see someone genuinely enjoying this game for the first time. The number of times I've heard people say this game is only popular because of nostalgia is enough to make me choke. As for some of the story details that eluded you, I know a few of those things are explained in some dialogue you probably missed, but that's really no excuse for them, if it's important to the story they shouldn't let you miss them. Though I will say that I found the proper nouns in 13 much more egregious than 7, if only because they hit you up front in 13, whereas 7 doles them out over a while and they have a lot more self explanatory names.

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I think someone is very sad that Mewtwo isn't on the roster.

I read this whole post in this voice.

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It's really hard to be upset about this roster in any capacity when I'm staring at the names of four Fire Emblem characters. Everybody I play returned in this entry, and I don't really care about any of the characters that got cut, though I can sympathize with people who do.

I sort of understand the whole Ridley thing, from a series representation angle. Metroid is one of the most beloved Nintendo properties and when you compare its 2 characters to Mario's 9, Pokemon's 5, Zelda's 5, and Fire Emblem's 4, you can kind of see why some people feel Metroid got the short end of the stick. That being said, Ridley is literally like the only other person they could possibly include. I could see them having some Charizard sized Ridley character, but if they feel diminishing his size takes too much away from the character, I'm not gonna argue.

I do wish there was a guest character from Konami and Square though, because then I feel like every major Japanese developer from Nintendo's golden era would be represented. Simon Belmont, and Black Mage would be my picks.

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@hailinel: Yeah, I should've phrased it less inflammatory, because some of them do play pretty well (I wouldn't count FF12 among them, but that's no argument we need to get into). It's not that the ideas are necessarily flawed its that it became too common. It's okay for a few series to follow that style (Tales, Star Ocean), but its sooo not the direction I want to see the genre as a whole move in. Bravely Default is one example of a game that proves we can still add interesting twists to turn based combat, and I hope people see that, because games like that were rare this generation.

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Yeah I would never want this feature. If someone's bad enough to be worth blocking, then they should just be banned. If they manage to be that awful within the rules, then the rules shouldn't let them be so awful. If the rules are reasonable, they follow the rules, and I still think they're so awful that I can't stand to even see what they post, then that sounds more like my problem.

However if this feature is implemented, I hope it's displayed, right along with the number of people you follow and who follow you. Then at least I'll know if everyone secretly hates me, instead of just being suspicious about it. You're all scheming behind my back. I know it.