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I'm happy this is just called Xcom 2. Fuck. Subtitles. The fact that this is coming out in November makes me all tingly inside. I hope they hit their release date.

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I think it's important to care about your units, and having predetermined characters is probably better for that. I don't have a problem with blank slates though, if they find a way to inject them with personality then that's totally alright with me. They did some of that in the last Xcom, and I hope they go a little further with it this time.

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Martyr Logarius is nonsense.

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I've heard every Bombcast but I don't think I've ever listened to a Bombcast more than once, so I couldn't really say on my own, but you guys are making a strong argument for 2011. Also that was the showdown between Skyrim and Saints Row.

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If this really ships in November I'd be so into that. That'd be 3 years too so the timing makes sense.

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I was pretty picky about what I consider an RPG while forming this list, which is why there aren't really any strategy RPGs. Also there's quite a few things I still haven't played, particularly western stuff.

  1. Chrono Trigger
  2. Final Fantasy VII
  3. Final Fantasy VI
  4. Dragon Age Origins
  5. Persona 3
  6. Pokemon Silver
  7. Breath Of Fire III
  8. Dark Souls
  9. Persona 4
  10. Kingdom Hearts
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This interview from last year definitely makes it sound like they intend to make a new Metroid game relatively soon. It sounded like early goings in that interview, and it hasn't quite been a full year, so I doubt we will get a proper announcement this e3, but its possible depending on the scope of the project(s?) they're working on. I expect to play a new Metroid game sometime in the next couple years though.

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Its funny that this week's episode was so good after we all trashed the show last week. Replacing Val's baby with Shireen is smart because it breaks my heart a little bit after that excellent scene with her earlier this season. I really like Stannis lately. Seeing Daenerys and Tyrion together was awesome, it doesn't seem like that will happen for some time in the books. Even if they had to gut half of Tyrion's material to make it this far this quick, I can live with that. I accept Game of Thrones' apology for making me believe Bronn was going to die last week. I dug the scene where Margaery called Cersei a hateful bitch. It's nice to see her drop the act those two always have together. The High Sparrow is awesome. He's bringing that character to life super well. Also Sam's the man.

It's really a shame that they doubled down on the Sansa stuff though. I guess I had a little hope in the back of my head that she was going to turn this around, but nope, she still sucks like she always has. So does Reek. It's a damn shame that Brienne and Pod have spent the whole season doing nothing as well. Still, at least the rest of the episode was good. Next week I hope we get a healthy dose of Tyrion.

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I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case but I'm not going to get my hopes up. They have a pretty bad track record for getting these games localized quickly.

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There's enough that I can't really watch all of it. It's only too much if the amount they're producing is affecting the quality. I can't really say whether or not that's the case.