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@giantlizardking: I love Amano as much as the next guy, he's an incredible artist, though I can't help but feel he's kind of a poor character designer. His work doesn't really translate to the games at all, especially in 3d. Still wonderful pieces though.

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I hope so but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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I'm pretty okay with art being offensive to some people. It's not a problem that needs to be fixed.

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Yeah like most of you I picked up "hot garbage." I also use dumb as a compliment. I throw dark on occasion. I use basically every phrase Ryan says in this video because its all hilarious, especially "fuckin get outta my face with that."

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@kane_233 said:

There's a distinct lack of original IPs there.

That's the difference between 1998 and now.

Sure, but it's easier to be excited about games in franchises you already know and love. I'm sure there will be lots of awesome original games next year that we don't know anything about yet, big publishers just aren't the ones making them.

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I think this game needs checkpoints, and the ability to string levels together (with powerups and lives being carried through from one level to another). I think its too hard to make a meaty, difficult level without those things, because it gets repetitive. That's why so many of the most popular courses have been short and gimmicky I think.

I'd also love more control over some aspects, like with Bullet Bill, I want to be able to set how often he gets fired, and what triggers him to fire, and I'd like to be able to customize him in the same way I can any other enemy instead of just the cannon.

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I played Coup! Coup is super good! I also bought Sheriff of Nottingham which i'm excited to try!

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Remember when Obama showed up for Unprofessional Friday? That was pretty neat.

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@zombiepie My dog ate it.

I could literally read these all day though.

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I'm excited enough to have it in my Gamefly Q.