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Ken hit on my character. After causing the death of her boyfriend. No thank you Sir. Ugh.

I wonder if Rise will use a chain for a weapon, like in the original concept for her character.

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Rise doesn't secretly want to be a stripper, and Yukiko isn't really a princess either. I don't know why people always take Kanji and Naoto's shadows so literally.

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Also the Wheel of Time suggestion is interesting. I'd certainly watch it, but I think once they got past the material in the first handful of books, the editing required to adapt that book and make it work would come across less like surgery and more like butchery.

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I get my news incidentally online. Through Facebook, and Giantbomb and stuff. A lot of my friends on facebook post news stuff pretty regularly though, so I do usually hear about stuff, though admittedly it's through the lens of whatever crazy conspiracy theory, hyper christian conservative, or ultra hippie liberal websites they go to (there is no middle ground). 22 Male.

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I just can't stop laughing at the first screen shot. I may have to play this.

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A show about time travel.

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@mechanical_ape: I was born in Mesa! Yeah if 111 is the worst it gets that summer, that was a pretty mild summer.

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@raven10: Well I understand why you don't like it now. If you ever find your hatred for that game cooling, I recommend you try playing without doing the side quests. Maybe put some podcasts on during the slower moments.

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I live in Tucson Arizona, in the United States. Our distinguishing features are being the crash site for an alien meteor in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, having the dumbest hot dogs in America, being the butt of several Hamlet 2, Family Guy, and American Dad jokes, and Apocalyptic Sunsets.

The thing we are proudest of is not being as hot as Phoenix (although still being insanely hot).

Arizona Fun Facts

  • We're all secretly jealous that Breaking Bad was set in New Mexico instead of Arizona.
  • Our state is so unimpressive that we have to brag about a really big hole in the ground.
  • We are the newest continental state, and we're secretly a little peeved that Hawaii and Alaska stole our thunder.
  • We've got all the copper you need.
  • Greg Kinnear went to the same college as me.
  • We can take credit for Emma Stone.
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@raven10: Nier is like 20 hours long on the first playthrough. Were you playing it super completionist style or something?