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Since they already explained the scare in detail on the Bombcast I can't imagine it actually being particularly effective. That's why I haven't played it.

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I don't believe there's any significant preorder bonuses. According to this it's just some free in game weapons and armor. Kind of pleased about this, considering the last few Bioware games locked party members behind a preorder gate.

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I like Jeff's stories better, but Dan seems to have way more so it evens out.

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I want to be introduced to the new games in the most informative and entertaining way possible. When there aren't many new games, I like learning about old games. When there are informative or entertaining stories to be told about development I enjoy hearing them. Pretty simple really, generally I can find what I'm looking for.

Things I like to avoid include: opinion pieces that don't have very much to do with games at all (sometimes these opinion pieces pretend to be about games, but I am not fooled), extreme negativity and cynicism, stories about the press, and pseudo philosophical questions about games (Are games art? What is the definition of a video game?)

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That information should probably be available to people who care enough to know. I do not care enough to know.

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Pretty awesome. I think it should've been Toon Link though.

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@i_stay_puft said:

Oh man, Namco please add Magikarp... It would be the dumbest and greatest thing of all time.

They almost included a useless flapping salmon as a character in Tekken. Maybe they can finally realize their vision.

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"You know what Hunter5024 might like..." thought the video game industry. The fact that the trailer has Machamp and Lucario is just... It feels like something someone made up on my behalf.

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I prefer this to Google.

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  1. Open envelope
  2. Pull 2 pieces of paper out of envelope
  3. Paperclip them together
  4. Repeat for 10 hours

No breaks, no music, no podcasts. My life was envelopes for 10 hours. The paperclips made my fingers silvery and numb.