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Fuck insurance.

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So yeah, maybe I'm speaking too soon, but I really can't see this succeeding at the rate it's going. The first and last day are supposed to be the biggest for any Kickstarter, and even if they somehow managed to get this much every day, they would only make a fifth of what they're asking for. Then again I can't tell what time this was posted, so maybe it hasn't been up for a full day yet.

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Pretty cool. It's definitely something that games of this type have needed. Though honestly, I kind of wish they'd get away from some of Dragon Age's splintered continuity, I want a fresh start.

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I like how your acting talent determines how big of a role you get to play in the movie. I mean even for $7500, they can't let us compromise the quality of the film.

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The new consoles are a reason for every gamer to be excited. Even if you play exclusively on the pc, there are still benefits for you. Any PC gamer whose being dismissive about them probably doesn't know what he's talking about very well.

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I wouldn't get one of these unless I was a kid. Seems smart to me though, hinges are the first thing to break.

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@mcghee said:

I could eat about five of those right now.

That's it huh?

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My favorites are Scorcese, Tarantino, Nolan, The Coens, Rian Johnson, Wes Anderson, Edgar Wright, and Hayao Miyazaki. Not a super original list, but people become popular for a reason.

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I'm going to name the first ten movies I love that pop into my head! If they're the first ones, they must be the best right?

Brick, The Royal Tenenbaums, Wayne's World, Reservoir Dogs, Back to The Future, Inception, The Silence of The Lambs, Nausicaa of The Valley of The Winds, Shutter Island, and O Brother Where Art Thou.

Pretty decent list I guess. I'm sure I'm forgetting some awesome ones.

Edit: Fuck, Die Hard!

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@deegee: Which quick look is that?