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Pathetically enough, this news made my day markedly worse.

To everyone who doesn't get why this is a let down, I think you need to acquaint yourself with Capcom's mobile game track record.

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@extomar: You can skip probably half of those. It has a ton of obvious filler.

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I can't tell you how many times I've thought to myself "(Sigh), I wish boobs weren't so awesome. If only there were a video game about this." Finally, a game jam for a suspiciously straight cis dude like me.

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Actually finished it. Much better than the first video, the only criticism I thought was unfair this time was the whole Spelunky thing. I don't care how you dress it up, she said its okay to treat a guy badly but not a girl, and that's not something someone who believes in equality should say. Other than that the only complaint I have is that she needs to learn how to be concise. A lot of the things she says are redundant, and every segment drags on for far longer than it needs to, which honestly makes it kind of boring. Really a shame. Also she didn't make enough funny faces.

P.S. Did the Bleach anime ever end up adapting the final arc from the manga?

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In the last two videos she was much more expressive. I tried playing my "pause the video to look at funny faces" game with this one, but it wasn't as fun. I'm glad to see that she spoiled fewer games with this video, so I can actually watch it, but I've pretty much lost all interest in this trope, so I wasn't able to get all the way through. Maybe I'll watch again when she does a less obvious trope. Also, she should use some of that $160,000 to buy herself a new shirt, were these all filmed in the same day? They seem kind of far apart for that.

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I was hoping with all of the big level executive changes going on at Square that hopefully they would cut back on some of their lamer business practices, one of which is announcing all of their games way too early. Guess not.

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Probably Mortal Kombat. I remember when my brothers were freaking out over FFX being fully voiced, I didn't think it really mattered. I still don't.

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If I say my age is 99, will all the girls boobs bounce around super crazy?

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Only in Canada? Lame.

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I used to like movies more but now I think I prefer TV for the same reasons you listed. As long as I have a full season in front of me that I can watch at my leisure, none of this once a week nonsense. Just finished season 3 of Portlandia. That show is great. Which reminds me, another reason I like TV shows better is because there are good comedies on tv, and funny movies are few and far between these days.