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@scrawnto: Think you meant to reply to me there. But yeah, those were also dumb. I'm not claiming this is a new problem for the series.

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I don't understand why people get some up in arms about stuff like this. What does it matter to you if Player X gets his in-game cash by grinding out missions or paying for cash packs on the marketplace with real money? You will never know the difference, and these players won't have access to anything you don't if you choose not to spend any additional real money.

I think the reason people get up in arms about it is because they start to wonder how the base game is affected by the decision to include microtransactions. Did they balance it so that you get cash at a reasonable pace, or did they set it to take just long enough to be frustrating? Then there's just a little extra temptation to give them money. At that point you can tell the difference, and it kind of sucks to play a game knowing that you're getting a worse experience because you're not paying them even more money.

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It probably would've helped if they made all 3 of their announcements as one big announcement. There's little to no context as to what/who this OS is for, as made apparent by some of the confusion in the comments here. Why drag it out over the course of the week?

My thoughts exactly. I don't even feel like we can intelligently respond to this announcement before we get the rest of the news. Also there is a lot about this announcement that wasn't made clear.

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@hunter5024: What's wrong with that exactly? It's not like Jigglypuff or Clefairy were pinnacles of masculinity.

I think Jigglypuff and Clefairy are stupid too. Not that all pokemon should appeal to adult males like me or anything, it just felt really transparent. It's kind of hard to explain my criticism, but it's sort of like how the first Star Wars movie was something that people of all ages could enjoy, so it became popular with kids. Then with the Phantom Menace they decided to ride that popularity with kids, and instead of making a movie for everyone, they basically made a movie for children. That's what Sylveon makes me think of.

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Hot-but-still-relaxing-banger was my nickname in college.

No it wasn't... It was actually "Probably-a-deformed-virgin" ='(

By the way this song is awesome!

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I used to want an Eevee of every type. Now that I've seen Sylveon I'm not so sure anymore. That thing was made for little girls.

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Silver is my favorite. Generation 2 evolved the mechanics of earlier games in a lot of cool ways, and getting to go back and explore the previous region and face off against Red was really cool to me.

Edit: I would probably say my favorite is Soul Silver though. Same game but with a bunch of cool new shit in it too.

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I have a couple of friends who believe in ghosts, spirits, and demons and stuff, but they wouldn't use a ouija board, because they are genuinely afraid of what might happen. All of my other friends would just think it's stupid. So no I've never used one. Personally the only way I could see myself getting into that is if I met some cute girl who was into occult stuff.

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I echo the people who are saying you should apply for food stamps. There are many times where I would have gone hungry if we didn't have them. They don't make it quick and easy to apply, but based on your current situation I'm pretty sure you qualify. There's also government medical programs that you should be able to get for your wife to save money on hospital visits and stuff. Another thing to consider is that if your wife can't find a job, maybe she could take some online college classes and help support the family with her financial aid? I guess that wouldn't be something she could do until January though. Look around the house see if there's anything you can sell, I guarantee you won't miss some things as much as you think. Even if it's something you know you want to keep, but you don't use very often, try pawning it. If it works like my local pawn shops you'll have 3 months to turn your situation around before you lose your stuff. My brother sold plasma a bunch when he couldn't find a job. As far as christmas goes, I can't really help. I have no idea what kids these days want. All the stuff I used to like is free now. How old are they?