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What do you mean by comeback? Do I think that sales will ever pick up from where they are? Absolutely. Do I think that they will match the other consoles? No. I highly doubt it will end up being some Dreamcast level catastrophe, it will probably end up selling around as well as the Gamecube, which is fine, no one expected Wii sales numbers out of this thing. People can talk about how sick they are of the same old franchises as much as they want, but everyone has a Nintendo franchise or two that means something to them, and if they don't, then they probably wouldn't have bought a Wii U no matter what games they came out with. Also people need to stop using comparisons to measure success.

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Almost every game I've played this year has been a pretty pleasant surprise. The only exception I can think of is Sim City. It has to be Sim City right?

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Ehh. If she had written it that would be pretty fucked, but if someone wrote a ridiculous fan fiction about me I'd probably post it too even if it was kind of crazy.

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No I never have, and I doubt I ever will.

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Like he said, it's a controversial issue, and it doesn't really bother me that they're not taking a stance on it right out of the gate. He even said that based on player feedback it's something they're willing to consider, which seems totally fair to me. Also I highly doubt he meant anything negative when he said he was "normal" English isn't his first language, so you ought to cut him a little slack.

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If you don't have a car to practice with, which means you don't own a car, why are you learning how to drive?

Why would you buy a car if you don't know how to drive?

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Great use of color.

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That story development trailer was pretty interesting. It gives me a little hope that there won't be such a huge focus on Mage vs Templar in this game.

I doubt that. The ending of DA 2 is the reason why your playing a chantry inquisitor. The chantry fell after the mages revolted at the end of DA 2 and now the world is in chaos so I'm guessing your going to be playing a chantry inquisitor, hence the name of the game, and your goal will be to travel around Thedes and try and quell all the fighting and get them to join your cause because there's probably some large threat that more of a concern or something to that effect. Basically taking the structure of Origins and placing that within the story and themes that DA 2 was trying to do but failed at b/c of the other mitigating factors like the combat, reusing assets over and over again, etc.

This was my line of thinking originally as well, but after watching the story trailer, they really made it seem like your group is less connected to the chantry than everyone had originally anticipated. And the way they're talking about the mage/templar war sounds like they're positioning it as one aspect of the story, rather than the primary focus that it was in DA2, with whatever the grey wardens are up to, Morrigan, and the tear in the veil presumably comprising the rest of the narrative.

@jimbo: Totally agree. It's important to know what people come to your games for, and I don't think anybody comes to a Bioware game for the combat.

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I'm really surprised we don't know the launch date already. You'd think the companies would be trying to sear it into our brains. I don't really understand what they get out of waiting at this point.

Jack Tretton actually talks about yield numbers being the big reason they don't announce release dates in the video below. he also mentions October as a potential "holiday" month, so it's not completely out of the question.

Ah I see. I just assumed it was some sort of marketing thing, where they withhold information so they can strategically drip feed announcements to keep the hype train rolling. This makes more sense.