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I guess you could put vegetables in if you like ruining burritos. I'm weird though, I only get meat and cheese on my burgers.

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Here's a better question: If he did a livestream of his wedding, would you watch it?

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@nezza: The controller is wider now, so that issue should no longer be a problem. Also I think its worth noting that in your dualshock photo, you'll notice that your thumbs are at a right angle, which is the advantage to that stick placement. It gives you a better idea of exactly which direction you're pushing at all times. When the analog stick is in the other spot, I've noticed I constantly drift to the right (or I over compensate and drift to the left).

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Only specific games.

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Turn based strategy by a mile Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, and Xcom are all great. I think maybe this is because I'm a single player kind of guy, and a lot of the Real Time Strategy games I've tried don't place very much emphasis on single player. Also they feel more about skill than strategy to me. If anyone has a recommendation to change my mind though, I am open to hearing it.

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@aronman789: Indeed, although it's also a good example of why a lot of people don't like him. Kinda emo.

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Like, 3.5 out of 5. I think all of the action scenes could have been trimmed down a few minutes, and one of them probably should have been cut from the movie entirely. They could have put that valuable time toward fleshing out the plot a little more, cause there really wasn't very much story to this thing, and most of what there was revolved more around Zod and Jor El than Clark. Also I thought what they did with the tornado was hella stupid. That being said I think they could have done a lot worse, and I'm honestly a little surprised that it came out as well as it did. I think it was a decent start, and they hit a good tone, but I really hope they manage to make a more thoughtful, character driven movie next time. Hopefully with just a tad more color.

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I chose Squall. He's not very likable but I think he's a more human character than most of them.

Cecil is the only one I felt actually went through a meaningful character arc where he grew as a person. The others tend to stay the exact same throughout the games, with maybe a big moment at the very end.

How long has it been since you played FF4? I actually thought the very same thing, but when I replayed it in February I realized he really doesn't. He's a good guy from pretty much the moment you meet him. The very beginning of the game has him committing one awful deed, and then he instantly speaks out against his king for asking him to do that. The whole summoner village thing wasn't his fault at all, and it really only takes about 15-20 minutes into the game for Cecil to renounce Baron. The Paladin class change didn't really represent a change in attitude for him, it was just a cosmetic thing, and it also occurred relatively early in the game. So if he has a character arc it's a super short one.

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If there was something I truly believed in taking a stand on then I would. Like when people were talking about how the PS4 might not allow used games, I was thinking pretty hard about ways to play next gen games without supporting those policies.

The closest I come to this is purchasing all of the new games that I can on disc, so that companies know I don't want to see physical media go away.

As for the Origin vs Steam thing, that's dumb, competition is healthy. The fact that you're actively encouraging a monopoly on PC purchases sucks.

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The cumulative total of points has never been what's important to me, because it's not really a direct comparison for any of my friends, and with things like Avatar around to artificially boost your score, those numbers aren't really meaningful. I care about Achievement Points and Trophies on a game by game basis, so even if I wasn't planning on sticking with Sony, it wouldn't matter to me.