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I have a bucket list, full of things I want to do with my life. It's full of places I want to go, things I want to see, people I want to meet, things I want to create, things I want to own, experiences I want to have, and stuff I want to learn. I know that's vague, but anything you want to do in life probably falls into one of those categories. You should make a bucket list, it's actually quite fun.

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From an economic standpoint I don't think either party knows what the fuck they're doing, and even when they do they choose to help themselves, the companies who won them their election, and their rich buddies instead of fixing things. From a social standpoint Republicans are totally out of touch, and Democrats know this and focus far too much on social issues because of it.

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The radio stations in this game really bum me out. I don't find them funny at all, and they feel very out of place. Like you said, basically a (bad) episode of South Park crammed in the middle of the crime story I'm trying to enjoy.

But what about the music?

Ehh. Feel like I'm getting a lot of repeats.

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The radio stations in this game really bum me out. I don't find them funny at all, and they feel very out of place. Like you said, basically a (bad) episode of South Park crammed in the middle of the crime story I'm trying to enjoy.

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My biggest problem with 13-2 was that they dropped you into the world without giving you any context, front loaded the game with incomprehensible nonsense for like a solid two hours, and then waited until damn near the end of the game to explain anything to you. I fear they'll do the same thing after watching this, though who knows, maybe the bits of dialogue here and there were totally explaining what was going on (though I seriously doubt it).

Also it is super weird to watch Japanese trailers ever since I started taking Japanese.

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@zeik: I'm not saying the grinding experience isn't similar, but I was never talking about the competitive aspect of fighting games when I made my initial comment. If you're grinding to become good at something so that you can be competitive against other skilled players, that's totally different from grinding to earn stats so you can beat a boss and see the next part of the story. Those two things are so different they're not even worth comparing. I said that I was talking about the campaigns of said games. Sure most people don't care too much about the story modes in fighting games (even though I do), but even if we do extend fighting games to the multiplayer aspect, the kind of grinding you're talking about isn't the kind of thing you have to do unless you plan to play this game competitively for a long time. Learning your way around a character so that you can play online and get a decent win/lose ratio for a couple months does not require any grinding. I'm nothing special and I manage to do that.

I probably look at fighting games from a different perspective than most people though. I think the competitive focus has held the genre back in the past (though it seems to be getting better).

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I enjoyed my time with Pikmin 3 quite a bit, I definitely recommend you buy that. New Super Mario Bros U is alright as well. It's kind of a throwaway entry in the franchise though, it doesn't seem like there's much imagination behind it, but I still have a ton of fun going through the levels as long as my friends are there to play with me. Tekken Tag 2 is great! My favorite game last year. The Wii U version is also really cheap so I say go for it. I couldn't tell you what the online looks like at this point though.

As for downloadable stuff, Little Inferno is pretty cool, but I don't recommend you buy it unless you can get it for super cheap. Breath of Fire II and Earthbound are a couple of excellent RPG classics. Both hold up really well.

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Kind of pointless to speculate about this, because we only have one third of the relevant news.

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That nickname thing would have been cool if they were actually doing it.

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I can't remember ever having to grind to get through the campaign in a shooter, a platformer, or a fighting game.

Fighting games most definitely have grinding. If you want to do more than just mash buttons you'll spend many many hours grinding it out in the training room. Frankly it's one of the grindiest genres out there.

Grinding to become a competitive player is very different from grinding to beat the game.