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I spent a lot of time trying to master this technique, and no matter how hard I tried I could never get it down. As it turned out, the problem was that a quarter was too small for me, I switched to a dollar coin and had no trouble.

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I really enjoyed the combat as well, which is high praise coming from me because I generally have trouble enjoying first person shooters.

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I would be cool with Wii games getting re-released.

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Wow. I'm glad I never trade stuff in at gamestop. I have a local used book/game/movie store that I go to and they usually offer pretty fair deals. The only time I ever felt ripped off was when they offered me $16 for a psp, and that was after talking him up from 12. Wen't back the next day, got a different clerk, made $45 on the same thing.

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I kind of liked HD collections this gen because games from last generation looked like garbage in HD. There are still a few of those that I'd like to see remade, but as far as games from this gen go, I don't see the point. Seems like kind of a lame cash grab.

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Everyone in my family has been diagnosed with a mental illness except for me. This doesn't mean I don't have one, but if I do the symptoms are less noticeable.

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@hinderk: I agree, there are definitely situations where the word has its uses.

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@sor_eddie: I think you're making it a bigger deal than it is. Granted, I don't know many transgender people, but I can't imagine they are offended whenever someone says "Woman" and doesn't specifically mention that they mean people with vaginas. That's just looking for things to be upset about. They would be walking around pissed off all day every day.

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@sor_eddie: It's a needless distinction. The fact that transgendered people account for such a small segment of the population is what makes the term seem stupid. It's like insisting on using a word to distinguish everyone who is not an Eskimo from people who are. I agree that it's not something to get angry about, but I can understand why people roll their eyes at the term.

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When it comes to spoilers my ability to play a game doesn't really factor in, but my desire to play it does.