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There are about ten more polite ways to call someone overweight. I don't think people usually mean "skinny" in a bad way, and even if they did, there are fewer negative connotations associated with it, so it still wouldn't be as bad.

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I saw Noah and it surpassed my expectations. I love the liberties they took with adapting the story. Like magic powers from the serpent satan's shed skin. It was like they took the bible and made a really good fantasy movie out of it. The only problem I had was it was difficult to like the majority of the characters. Emma Watson was pretty much the only one I sympathized with, even his sons were kind of annoying. Still, I thought it was a great movie. 8 rock monsters out of 10 possible rock monsters.

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I should have my team finalized by tomorrow. Still experimenting with what I've got. This season's going to be weird and awesome.

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Ken hit on my character. After causing the death of her boyfriend. No thank you Sir. Ugh.

I wonder if Rise will use a chain for a weapon, like in the original concept for her character.

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Rise doesn't secretly want to be a stripper, and Yukiko isn't really a princess either. I don't know why people always take Kanji and Naoto's shadows so literally.

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Also the Wheel of Time suggestion is interesting. I'd certainly watch it, but I think once they got past the material in the first handful of books, the editing required to adapt that book and make it work would come across less like surgery and more like butchery.

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I get my news incidentally online. Through Facebook, and Giantbomb and stuff. A lot of my friends on facebook post news stuff pretty regularly though, so I do usually hear about stuff, though admittedly it's through the lens of whatever crazy conspiracy theory, hyper christian conservative, or ultra hippie liberal websites they go to (there is no middle ground). 22 Male.

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I just can't stop laughing at the first screen shot. I may have to play this.

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A show about time travel.

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@mechanical_ape: I was born in Mesa! Yeah if 111 is the worst it gets that summer, that was a pretty mild summer.