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Nikes? This man could never pull off a Ryan Davis.

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As I mentioned in the thread about people who wear socks at home, I find the very idea repellent.

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Fans hate DW6? Weird. I actually liked Dynasty Warriors 6 because I felt like it took the gameplay of the series to its logical conclusion. The combos don't really matter: just hit dudes, and look cool doing it. Though Zhen Ji's lack of a flute was oddly disappointing. Diao Chan's whip was way cooler than her little mace things though.

My favorite DW experience was playing Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends, where they let me make my own character. I played under Zhou Yu and he wanted me to become a double agent inside of Wei. So I defected to Wei and did a few missions under Xiahou Yuan. He ended up being a way more fun, jovial commanding officer than Zhou Yu, which made it very difficult when they gave me the opportunity to spring my trap on him. I remember they gave you the option to actually defect at that point, I don't recall what I actually ended up doing, but I remember being super impressed that Dynasty Warriors managed to make me sweat over such a decision. Have they done another mode like that since 5?

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According to Best Buy employees I know, BB makes ~$5 when they sell a $60 game. Now I don't know who's taking a cut or where from, but if you're seriously pulling in ~$150 million each on Tomb Raider and Hitman, and you're failing to make a profit? You're doing something wrong, guys

It's because those games don't exist in a vacuum and the fact is: a LOT of Square games have been underperforming, which necessitated much, much, MUCH higher-than-realistic expectations from games like Deus Ex, Tomb Raider and Hitman to account for the losses elsewhere. There are MUCH better ways of framing that, though, as Square is essentially using its Western devs as scapegoats rather than saying the hard truth: Final Fantasy is underperforming sales wise.

I don't think it's quite that simple. Final Fantasy 14 is certainly bleeding money, but other games in the franchise aren't doing so badly. 13-2 was the only real Final Fantasy game that launched last year, and while it did sell about a million less copies than Tomb Raider or Hitman, it wasn't in development for as long, and recycled a lot of assets from 13. So when you factor in the investment, its success is probably pretty close to the other two games. I think they're just spending far too much money on development, because they have a reputation for good looking games, and the cost of asset generation has ballooned since the ps2 days.

Edit: My 13-2 sales numbers were wrong. That was only for playstation 3. 360 had .7 million as well.

FFXIII sold only 7 million worldwide across both consoles. For such a giant, established behemoth of a franchise, it's been going steadily down from VIII, the spin-offs in particular aren't doing well. It only seems to have outpaced XII due to it being on two consoles.

So 13 sells double what Tomb Raider sold, but it's Final Fantasy's fault they're in trouble? Sure 13 probably cost more to make, but I highly doubt it was a financial failure. You can totally blame 14, but 13 and 13-2 did well for them, even if they wanted them to do better.

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About half of my feed is suggested posts and advertisements for stuff, and I don't even see everything that all of my friends post anymore. It makes me want to stop using the website, even though I really like it as a tool for communication.

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I don't really believe in actively hating anything other than the obvious stuff, like genocide and rape. That being said I hate Dragon Age 2 and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days.

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They did a reboot of Looney Tunes a couple years ago that was actually kind of funny.

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Only in Pokemon.

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That's obviously a hood.

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I haven't played the new one yet (though I'm actually kind of considering it), in the past I was partial to Zhou Yu until they gave him a staff.