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@gaspower: I think it must depend on the quality of the battery as well, because I've had one of my dualshocks for 4 years and it still works fine, but the rechargeable pack in my 360 controller stopped working after about 4 months.

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I am an explicit gamer.

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"I feel like I could have really liked it if it’d just sucked less."

Perfect back of the box quote.

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  • The further evolution of video game storytelling, to the point where it eclipses film.
  • The creation of tools which drastically lower the barrier of entry for game development.
  • For politicians to stop focusing on lining their own pockets and drastically increase the budget of education and science.
  • New 2D Metroid
  • Final Fantasy becomes good again
  • Some sort of innovation in the Pizza and/or Doughnut department. (Pizza Donuts???)
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I think Knack looks pretty cool, but I want to see some reviews first. I don't really get what's so cool about Watch Dogs, and I felt pretty burned by AC3 and a lot of the things Ubisoft has been up to lately, so I probably will not be getting that.

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What did you guys do to your PS3 controllers that their batteries all died? That never happened to any of my controllers, and I don't think it's happened to my friends either.

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Now I'm all bummed out again.

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@shinjin977: Being lactose intolerant, I can confirm that American milk is not water.