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does it have local co-op on PC

It's not a co-op game. Learning to control two characters with one player is the most important mechanic.

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I have a hard enough time getting four of my friends together simultaneously. I didn't even realize that the Playstation 3 supported that many. There are only four lights.

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I talk to myself because I imagine it's more entertaining for the people who are secretly watching my life on tv, like in The Truman Show. It's not crazy at all.

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I'm sure that will pay off for them, though the ever inflating budgets of these games kind of stresses me out for some reason.

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@wjb said:

"Sitting under my desk...or whatever the fuck..."

He should think about putting those in his Kirby nap-sack so he doesn't lose them.

But then where will his animal crackers go?

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If I saw a food truck named Nacho Boss, I would buy the shit out of those nachos.

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My friend invited me to go with his family to Vegas this year, and I think I'm probably going to set aside like 50 bucks to gamble with until it's gone, just to see how I like it. I imagine that $50 will be gone pretty quick.

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You should never feel bad about liking the things you like. Unless it's like weird porn or Frog Fractions.

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@greggd said:

I'm speechless right now.

I can't find any evidence of this tweet. All I can find is an empty twitter page with one tweet about shaq. Is this just a fake example tweet?

Does Twitter archive tweets that are years old? I can't confirm it's authenticity, but I definitely remember seeing this tweet a long time ago.

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@mb said:

I wonder how much this is going to affect this kid's future employment opportunities in the industry?

Good question. If I was responsible for hiring people, I certainly wouldn't choose someone who filed a lawsuit against a company they worked for. It's easy to be happy for him after winning, but I have to wonder if he shot himself in the foot over this.