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I doubt it will happen. They are having a lot of trouble selling as many copies as they want already, and if they believe that charging more for their games will make up for the number of people who can't afford that price, than they are dreaming. I really don't think they're dumb enough to think this will make them more money, because EA seems more aware than anybody of the alternate options available to people (used, rental, steam), because they've been trying to combat them all generation.

I think it's much more likely that we will just see more scummy dlc, and microtransactions. That way they can still get all of the people who can only afford a 60 dollar game, and the people who care enough about a game to spend 80 will spend that extra 20 on the dlc and microtransactions anyways.

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What was the name of that game they were talking about on the bombcast last year, that's set in space, and it has weird races like space hippies, and a species of clones all with the same name or something?

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I bet that's where the lawful evil version of Hunter5024 lives.

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The excellent 2d artwork was pretty much the only thing I found interesting about this series.

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Of my physical games I've probably completed about 80%, but I usually buy every old game that I have any interest in because I'm afraid it will become hard to find if I wait too long, so (aside from Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning) that entire 20% incomplete is all older stuff from previous generations. If we're counting digital stuff too, it's probably more like 30% I buy every humble bundle to support them and almost never find the time to play any of the games.

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Goddamn right.

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When I find a game boring, I like to listen to a podcast while playing, which dramatically improves the experience.

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If I don't see myself ever wanting to replay a game, I usually sell it. If I keep a game from this generation, its either because it's one of my all time favorites, it's really replayable, it has some sort of sentimental value, or it's difficult to find.

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Updating and rereleasing recent games has been standard operating procedure at Capcom for decades, I don't really see why people are upset.

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I forgot to tell everyone thanks, so thanks! Beat The Last of Us, so now I'm gonna get started on these.

Edit: Just finished Grave of The Fireflies. Sadly I did not particularly care for it. Just felt like oppressively sad stuff for an hour and a half, and then it was over.