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Sure hope they go to jail.

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I want to believe.

Are there even going to be any more characters in the game? I don't remember when Brawl came out, but weren't all the characters announced prior to release?

I hope there are more characters because having fewer characters than last time (as is the case at the minute) would be decidedly un-hype.

They left quite a few characters unannounced for Brawl, however it came out in Japan before America and Europe, so the roster was a known quantity by the time any of us played it.

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I look forward to hearing whatever badass name he chose for this one.

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I could not possibly be happier with Dan as the new hire you guys.

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I only got 1 character to level 60ish. Everyone else was below 30. This was around Lich King time, so I doubt I cracked 200 hours.

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I saw The Giver. The book was required reading at my middle school, and I remembered really liking it when I was 12 or whatever. So I have a bit of nostalgia for the story, and I think that might have colored my opinion of the movie, which I had a really good time watching. Didn't hurt that I got to see it with a pretty girl either, so maybe this movie is just trash and I didn't notice. I liked that the ending was less ambiguous than the book, and that they gave a little more attention to characters other than Jonas and The Giver. I enjoyed a lot of the clips they selected for the memories too, even if it felt a little heavy handed at times. I rate this movie red.

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I've never played Metal Gear Solid before, so I'm actually pretty excited to watch this. Maybe I'll play along or something.

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I just hope we get Vinny in some sort of podcast soon. I miss him in my ears.

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It will probably cause explosions of a sort.

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Pikachu driving a Mercedes.