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Maybe this will end up being for the best, but no matter how much people might dislike Nomura, it's hard to be optimistic about a director change in the middle of a project. 12 was basically ruined by it in my opinion. Hajime Tabata is an interesting choice for his replacement, I'm willing to entertain the idea after he directed Crisis Core, but I have to wonder how well his vision and Nomura's vision will blend. I feel like a lot is riding on this game, especially given that recent quote about how they're using it to judge the viability of console rpgs. It's really baffling to see changes like that given what this game represents, though just about everything Square does these days is kind of baffling to me.

Despite making me worry about 15, I suppose this is at least good news for Kingdom Hearts 3. Personally I'm more interested in the former though, and I wish its fate was a little more secure.

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Getting kind of a Dynasty Warriors vibe from this. Various characters with unique but simple movesets, running through big featureless environments, having people yell in your ear about the larger battle you are taking part in, narration that gives you context for the battle you are about to be in. Not really what I'm looking for from Square. Fingers crossed though.

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My job is basically an 8 hour break.

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Drinking is high on my list of Dumb Things to Be Proud Of.

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I just chalk it up to differing tastes. I've never had a game I love be totally ravaged by them before though. I kind of hope that happens sometime just to know how I'd react. I'd probably blame it on them being incompetent or something.

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@liquidprince said:

I know the exact feeling that you are experiencing. My advice is to give it a little bit of time (but not too much) and then call her and ask her to talk. Then tell her face to face basically everything that you've written here. Tell her that you miss her, and that you've been feeling physically ill at just the thought of not being with her. But most importantly tell her that it was your fault for causing them to break up and that you undertsand that your fears were not rational, but it was a weird way of just showing how much you care about her.

And for the relationship to work thereafter, you have to change. If you do get together and then you just fall back into the same loop of worry and jealousy and distrust, then when you break up next time, it will most likely be permanent. If she's given you no room to doubt her, then trust her a little, especially if you think she loves you as much as you love her.

This is my advice too.

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I think the final stage is squashing bugs and stuff like that.

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If someone has a NA code for me, I can trade some codes from the recent Humble Bundle. I've got Gone Home, Gunpoint, and Papers Please.

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This category is so weird, because you have to take into account not only how bad the game was, but how high the crews expectations were. Because those expectations are always different from dude to dude, that's what they always argue about. It's always fun to listen to though, and holy shit I just imagined Dan in goty for the first time and now I'm so excited.

I think those 2 games are kind of a shoo in though. Also I bet Titanfall will be the third.