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So this probably isn't a 2014 game huh? We're a third of the way through the year and we haven't heard anything about this game since the initial trailer, which had very little information to begin with. Not to mention all the changes that have gone on at the studio since then. I certainly expect we will hear more about it soon, but if they were gearing up for a holiday release date we would probably know more by now.

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Tigers would win because the best breed is bigger, stronger, more agile, and more experienced. Tigers hunt much more powerful game, by themselves. Lions hunt weaker prey, and do it in packs.

Although David beat Jake in Animorphs, so who's to say.

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To me this is a much more feasible location, so that's cool. January is an interesting month to hold a gaming convention. I guess it would be a good time to show all those games that got delayed until March. As people are saying, they do run the risk of diluting PAX, I'm not worried that there isn't enough demand attendance wise, but how many conventions are developers and journalists going to be willing to attend every year? I have a feeling that this might be where the Giantbomb guys will draw the line, and if they're not doing a panel, I probably won't go. I find the thought of Patrick and Alex in Southern Texas amusing for some reason.

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Altair and Connor were really serious all the time, and that's boring. Ezio brought a little levity to the franchise.

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There are GIRAFFES? Guess I don't need to play this now.

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No one peers into my soul like Jeffrey Gerstmann can.

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Sixty dollars shouldn't seem like a lot, but it does.

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I was IMing this girl I know one time, and I don't remember what we were talking about, but for some reason she said "I don't understand you sometimes." So as a joke, I copied some random Japanese sentence off of a manga website, and sent it to her. She did not understand the joke, so she translated it to see what it said. I had no idea, but it basically came across like a confession of love. I tried to explain but I'm pretty sure she didn't believe me. I am still friends with her to this day, and I just try to forget it ever happened.

Also, one time me and my friend were going somewhere, and he had to drop something off at some girls house on the way. Since he was driving he told me to text her: "I'm coming. Almost there." So I did. Word for word. "I'm cumming. Almost there." He was so mad at me.