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I'm bummed that I have to wait longer, but if they need the delay for Dragon Age than I cannot fault them for taking it. I don't think they can afford to fuck this one up if they want that franchise to continue to mean something. Only 6 weeks I suppose.

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I totally agree with most of these issues as they pertain to the series at large, however I really didn't have these problems in the first game. The narrative in KH1 is fairly straightforward: there are different worlds, bad dudes are eating them, your world is eaten, now you must stop the bad dudes! The Square stuff has a far less prominent role in the first one as well, you've got Traverse Town and that's about it.

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I recommend you play it in a way that allows you to use a fast forward button.

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@perfidioussinn said:

So what's up with the "every odd-numbered Tekken game is good" theory? that true at all?

Tekken 2 is rad.

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Wrote a couple things down playing Always Sometimes Monsters.

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@arbitrarywater: I would definitely say you're right about 13 being serious, but its sequels have more than their fair share of silliness. Also 7 and 9 are about as goofy as they come. They certainly have their melodrama as well, but I would argue that 4 and 6 have as much. 5 and X-2 are definitely the least serious though.

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Theres 2 dudes in the same position as me, who haven't worked there as long, but make $2 more per hour, and I think that's mostly because they're older than me.

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I can't say I have much more food experience than Mr Ryckert.

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I play as ladies because they're probably my favorite gender. Definitely top 2.