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I was a Knight Enchanter and I can confirm that they're stupid powerful. It's basically every good thing about a mage (like damage, support, and versatility), without any of the bad stuff (fragility).

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I listen to it at work, while guarding priceless expensive art.

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Skyrim. It's impressive that they made so much content, but they forgot to make the content good.

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I feel like I'd be pretty stoked if a developer told me to go fuck myself.

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I've been known to have Nyquil on occasion. Usually during winter.

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I hope they do another Pikmin.

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I think the main missions told their own interesting stories, and the primary conflict was an intriguing premise. However most of the main missions failed to tie into the greater conflict in an interesting way, and that conflict suffers as a result.

"In Your Heart Shall Burn" is the only chapter where the main plot truly shines. It really does shine though. It was great that they took a moment of triumph for the characters, and used it as an opportunity to destroy everything they've spent the first act building, twisting that moment of triumph into one of the darkest points in the story. And then they take that loss, and use it as the fuel to build something bigger and better than anyone dreamed of. Definitely the high point of the story for me. I also really appreciated the dark future mission, the journey into the fade, and the Orlesian court, but they felt too much like side stories.

It's unfortunate that I would consider the ending a low point. It was about as anti climactic as it could be. Overlevelling was a problem for me all game, and even though I pumped it up to Nightmare for that encounter, my level 23 party members completely thrashed the final boss in like 15 minutes. From a narrative standpoint it was also a super dull encounter. You go in with a plan to defeat the guy and it works out pretty much exactly how you expect it to without any consequence or variation. Then they barely elaborate on the fate of the inquisitor, the inquisition, or your companions at all. Which worries me, because it makes me think the next game is going to be about these guys too, and I think this world is too big and diverse to focus on any one group.

Really the main plot isn't what I come to Bioware games for though, it's the characters. Most of their stories are super well done, even if they feel a bit brief. Blackwall was definitely the standout for me, I thought that was a really cool twist. Cole is noteworthy for having a decision that feels super meaningful for that character. Dorian was a surprise hit for me, as someone who initially found him insufferable. I was happy to finally learn something about Varric, but I still feel like I don't know much about the guy for all the time I've spent with him. Also Vivienne is the worst, the only way they can salvage that character is by turning her into some sort of villain.

The quality of the story isn't really a problem to me, but the quantity is. I feel like there's a lot of story stuff, but it's spread too thin. It's basically the opposite of the problem DA2 had. Rather than running through the same area on a dozen different adventures you're running through a dozen different areas on one adventure. They need to find a better balance. I would happily trade 50% of the side quests and a couple areas in exchange for some more fleshed out companion quests, and a few extra main story missions.

I also believe the story would benefit from having more frequent and meaningful choices. I'm not saying I want to destroy a people, or elect a new king every 10 minutes but I want to have small scale choices more often. For example in Inquisition someone will tell you that they're missing an item that's super important to them, you can go find it and then bring it back to them. Dull as fuck. In Origins someone can give you the same quest, but when you find the item, you'll be given the option to keep it for yourself, sell it back to them, or give it back just to be a nice guy. Suddenly you've turned this dumb fetch quest in an opportunity to define what kind of person my character is, and for my party to react to that. Way more interesting.

In my eyes Inquisition is like a semi reboot for the series after the failure of Dragon Age 2. They reset the course of the franchise and for the most part I'm happy which direction they chose to go. There will be more Dragon Age games after this, and I just hope they recognize which changes worked and which didn't. Still if Dragon Age 4 is as good as Inquisition, I'll be happy.

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For the first third of the game I rolled with Blackwall, Iron Bull, and Varric. That was alright, I liked having Varric poke at Blackwall's backstory, and it was pretty fun to hear Iron Bull and Blackwall talk about killing shit all the time. Once I got Cole I traded Varric out for him, I just wanted someone new. I feel like I'm one of the only people who likes Cole. He had some good stuff with Blackwall and eventually Solas, who took Iron Bull's spot for the last third. I thought I'd like Iron Bull more, but he had too much anachronistic dialogue and there just wasn't enough to him. Solas has some perspective on some shit man.

Mechanically speaking I liked my final party best, I was a Knight Enchanter, and since I fought up close with Cole and Blackwall it was easy to hit all 3 of us with a barrier at the same time. Between Solas and myself we just always had one going. My Blackwall was unkillable, and the damage output between Cole and my character was nothing to scoff at either.

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As someone who loves Tekken, Tekken is not to be taken so seriously. Still that character is dumb as hell, and not in the cool way that a lot of other Tekken characters are. That's fine, because I don't have to love every character, but so far I haven't liked any of the new characters, and that's a bummer.

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I want to play all the cool games and limiting platform releases makes that trickier.