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@zeik: Personally I'd rather just forget a bad character ever existed than try to fix the character and potentially fail (as I feel they did). Although granted, calling him the worst part of the series is a small exaggeration.

@bisonhero Buckles for days son.

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@zeik: Do you really want Roxas to be further developed though? He's literally just Sora but with less personality. That's so uninteresting. He's the worst part of the series.

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358/2 days is one of the only games I actively hate. You don't even really need to watch the movie because nothing important happens in that game that isn't already covered in 2. Unless they retroactively decided to make Xion important in the following games which I didn't play. Which actually wouldn't surprise me like at all.

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So you start the game with 2 women and 1 man huh? Clearly this decision was made to enable the fantasies of straight males. Disgusting.

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So I thought Reiko was copping a feel on Mileena before I realized whose hand that was.

Yeah so did I until I read this. Is she copping a feel on herself instead?

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Task forces are cool. They make me imagine a team of people in leather bodysuits each with their own specialty. So obviously I'm in support of whatever this is.

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@daveyo520: To be fair your comment about anime kissing is true 99% of the time.

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I'm not competitive so I don't really care who wins or who loses. But I don't think wins count when there are outside shenanigans or technical difficulties.

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I have just discovered that there is no Chamber. That's one out of the 5 good shows they do all year so I like the WWE exactly 20% less now.

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It takes me a while to realize how I feel about some games. Chrono Trigger is my favorite game, and I played that for the first time in like 2000, but I didn't decide for sure it was my favorite game until like 5 years ago. Still there seems to be a new game I would count among my all time favorites every 2 or 3 years, the last was Bastion I think.