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Years and years ago I had an assignment to make a quick video in flash. I really didn't want to draw anything so I decided to use sprites for my characters instead. I edited a bunch of Pokemon Pearl sprites because they were the right size and had enough detail to work with. When I made an account here I decided to use one of the sprites for my avatar because it was unique and vaguely video gamey. I'm also very lazy, and I think a consistent avatar is good for helping people recognize you, so I've never changed it. I wish I had the skills to make my own original pixel art so I could do a new one. I should at least change the color, because my picture kind of blends in with the default avatar.

Also Hunter is my last name, and the numbers after it have mysterious significance to me and my circle of friends. I just realized I never noticed when I hit 5024 posts and I can never get that moment back.

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I kind of like crafting weapons in Fire Emblem games even though its a bit of a waste of money. I don't have to farm for ingredients, I get a useful thing, and I get to name it and choose its color. Good stuff.

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@bane122: I definitely feel like we should be able to see the "Damaged" tattoo in the photos from the previous page, and I can't at all. But like you said, they're blurry set photos.

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@octaslash said:

As much as I liked that twist, I really hope they return to the original timeline. I was just starting to get invested Max and Chloe's (possibly romantic) relationship. It'd also be kind of lame if they just ditched those versions of the characters, along with all the choices you made in previous episodes.

Was anyone else not able to save Kate? Her suicide seemed like a major plot point and I can't imagine how that episode plays out with Kate alive.

The romance was sort of interesting. Max is a pretty defined character, but it seems like they're giving the player a bit of agency over her sexuality.

My Kate was alive, but everybody was still pretty shaken up by her attempted suicide. There were a lot of well wishes around campus and a few people mentioned what a hero Max was for being there when she needed it.

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I've seen 9 episodes of Kill La Kill. Seems pretty good so far.

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Shit got real. It was a really good episode, the ending was pretty cool. I agree that it's unlikely they'll stick with this timeline for long. It makes most of what they've been building towards irrelevant. I'm not sure if they'll manage to deliver on the decisions people have made, but I'd like to see them try. Still if we spend the first 30 minutes of the next episode exploring what's different I'd be into that. I really don't want to wait 6 weeks.

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It isn't a big leap, but I don't think more powerful hardware would've made much of a difference. Except it would've inflated the cost. The old consoles were struggling to match the port quality of pc games, these ones narrowed the gap a bit, we got some cool new controllers, and a few new features. Sounds like a decent deal to me.

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I beat the game the same day I got to that part. So you're definitely getting there.

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I think Leto will do fine, but that promo image still looks all the way shitty. The leaked stuff seems better, but I think that's a flashback before the tattoos. I bet I'll like this movie.

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I feel like there are some interesting games they miss. It's the sad downside to having so much coming out all the time. I don't trust the community to find games either though (no offense community). I think the idea has some potential however. Like maybe every so often the crew could post a poll with like 10 games they're considering a Quick Look for, and the community could vote on which ones they're most interested in.