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I like to take the whole carton of eggs and throw them in the trash. Where shitty food belongs.

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I've known crazy people, and he sounds too crazy to be crazy.

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It seems a little soon after the reveal to delay the game, you'd think if they came to this realization so quickly, then they would've known not to speak about the release window when they did. I'm always okay with a studio taking the time they need, but I hope this rumor is wrong, there's almost nothing I'm looking forward to this fall.

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  1. Super Mario 3d World
  2. Dark Souls
  3. Bravely Default
  4. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  5. FTL

The list of what I've missed so far is pretty short: Broken Age, Banner Saga, Dark Souls 2, South Park, Infamous, and Lightning Returns. I'm working on Lightning Returns right now. Normally I've beaten a lot more than this, but there hasn't been much that interested me this year. I hope there's some crazy stuff I don't know about yet, but this far into the year it's starting to seem unlikely.

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  • 8 DS games (5 of which are pokemon)
  • 4 3DS games
  • 4 Wii games
  • 2 Wii U games
  • 2 ps3 games (I probably have 15 or so in the pawn shop which I'm sad about)
  • 1 360 game (sold my 360, but still have Child of Eden for some reason?)
  • 1 Xbox game (they wouldn't take my copy of Jade Empire, and I don't want to just throw it away)
  • 12 ps2 games
  • 4 ps1 games
  • 6 n64 games

I also have 164 games on steam, around 20 on GOG, maybe 10 PS one classics, some PS Plus stuff, and 2 or 3 downloadable games on my Wii.

I used to have a lot more, but I don't really make enough money to hang on to all the games that I'd like to. Lately I focus on buying older stuff, because I can't sell it for as much, and that stuff won't always be easy to get a copy of.

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All this Onion Knight love. It warms my heart.

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Also Richard Dawkins seems like a prick.

How so? I'm not holding him up as some amazing figure, the reason I mentioned him was because he has a degree in the field of biology (and I'm not very familiar with other famous atheists with a background in biology). I'd be interested to hear why you think he seems like a prick.

I don't mind it so much when people are really opinionated about what they believe in, it's annoying, but tolerable. However when people are preachy and opinionated about what other people believe in, it starts to bother me. I don't think that accomplishes anything productive, it just makes the opposite side feel bad. So personally if someone does that, I feel like they're kind of a prick.

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"Stuff You Should Know" did recent podcasts on Charles Darwin and Natural Selection that were pretty good. They don't go into a lot of depth, but it will help you understand the fundamental stuff.

Also Richard Dawkins seems like a prick.

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In January I played Super Mario 3d World which I would probably give 5 stars. So far I haven't enjoyed any 2014 games enough to say they were 5 stars.

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I've been meaning to try this series for years, but haven't found a reasonable entry point, so this is good news.

Well Suikoden 1 is on PSN right now and it leads directly into Suikoden 2. You can even important your save for an awesome bonus!

Neat! I'm totally buying that.