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I feel like there are some interesting games they miss. It's the sad downside to having so much coming out all the time. I don't trust the community to find games either though (no offense community). I think the idea has some potential however. Like maybe every so often the crew could post a poll with like 10 games they're considering a Quick Look for, and the community could vote on which ones they're most interested in.

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@sterling: If you're not a stalker then your love isn't real.

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There was an insight store? Fuck. I beat the game a couple days ago with 94 insight, because I had no idea what to do with it while playing offline.

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I saved Kate on my first try. I guess you guys just weren't very good friends to her. Oh well.

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@yummylee: Totally restricted to offline, it sucks.

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I definitely think Axiom Verge and Broken Age will make my list. I could also see Bloodborne, Mortal Kombat X, and Cities Skyline making their way on if I don't play anything better. I'd still like to play Black Hole, Grow Home, Invisible Inc, Ori and The Blind Forest, Pillars of Eternity, and Westerado. And there's tons of stuff coming out later this year.

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@yummylee: Yep! I'm pretty sporadic with my PS Plus subscription but I intend to get a month pretty soon specifically for bloodborne.

@pierre42: I wouldn't say I've stopped cause its hard, really the only times I've found the game particularly challenging are when you have to fight multiple proper boss monsters simultaneously (and the stupid Khezu cause I can't knock it off the damn ceiling). I think it's just overexposure to the gameplay loop. I know there's tons of monsters I haven't fought yet, but the structure just makes it feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over again. I think some multiplayer will make the game more fresh though. I should really go beat that guy soon cause its been like 3 weeks.

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I liked the trial scene, the sparrows are very well realized, they come across super threatening, Tommen also came across really weak. With Arya it still feels like they're just killing time but when she lied about The Hound it made me happy, and it seems like they're going to start moving things along now. A couple neat character moments with Tyrion and Mormont. Cock Merchants. Really aside from the Sand Snakes stuff, and the ending, I thought this episode was alright. But fuck. The Sand Snakes stuff and the ending are fucking terrible. Responses to this season seem pretty negative in this thread, which I definitely agree with. I really hoped that hindsight and planning would give them the ability to improve upon the material in books 4 and 5, but overall I think they've made it worse. I wonder if non book readers are as down on the show as everybody else this season.

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Monster Hunter absorbed my life for a solid 2-3 weeks. The sometimes obtuse systems scratch some pokemon style itches inside me. Also there's nothing better than smashing a pink bird thing right in its dumb beak with a giant hammer. I reached what feels like the last showdown with the blight dragon thing, and haven't been able to pick it up again since. I'm not really sure why, but I hope I get the urge again. It'd be a shame to give up near the end of the story missions without trying out some multiplayer.

You should finish Lightning Returns because I want you to feel the same pain I felt. Also I sent you a friend request. And you @yummylee cause I realized I don't have many friends on psn.

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24 on June 6th. I feel old now.