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I really wonder how well longer written features do on Giant Bomb.

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I only have experience with a melee build but I'd say it's the Capra Demon. There's really no strategy to the demon fight, just gotta hope you can kill those dogs quickly without getting screwed. Ornstein and Smough were pretty tough too, just cause you can get into some annoying situations when you're fighting two enemies simultaneously. That's also why I found the Gargoyles tough, but part of that was also inexperience. I remember thinking Four Kings was a bitch on New Game Plus, which is weird because I thought they were really easy on my first play through.

Easiest was Pinwheel. I actually killed him after the Gargoyles because I went the wrong way, and I still didn't find him particularly difficult.

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I look at the consoles I buy as an investment in future games I want to play. I think they've done a bad job getting exclusives out quick enough, but it doesn't bother me too much, because I know that whenever one does come out, I don't have to worry about being able to play it.

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Wolfenstein is one I can think of, though the story can get pretty grim. Most of the characters are not despicable assholes nor are completely depressive, but there is still some heavy stuff (I'll avoid spoilers for now).

I rented that at one point when it came out. I got to a point where you were smuggling (yourself?) in the back of a pickup truck, and had to fight through some base/checkpoint. Do you remember roughly how far into the game that might have been? Not time-wise, since I tend to play pretty slowly, but as far as the story progression. Just thinking if that's half way through or something, I'm not sure I'd want to buy it now, just to play the back half of the game.

That's very early. Maybe a quarter of the game at most. It's got a pretty lengthy single player campaign.

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I didn't know there was one either but I had the Bloodborne menu idling in the background while I browsed the forum. And as I read your post the cinematic started.

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Demon is a pretty good genre name.

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This show's supa good. Definitely one of my favorite things that's been produced in the MCU. It gives me a ton of faith in the format. I wish some of the bigger franchises had shows like this, the movies don't give them nearly as much time to develop the characters.

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I think it looks pretty rad. Seems different from the other super hero movies coming out right now and that's good. Zack Snyder's style lends itself well to trailers though. We'll see how it works in a 2 hour movie.

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I grew up with Star Wars. In the 90s I saw all the theater re-releases of the original trilogy, and liked them. I had a bunch of Star Wars toys. I was young enough when the prequel trilogy was coming out that I could really enjoy those too. When I grew up and my tastes developed a little I realized that the prequels were very below average stories with occasionally cool moments, and that's still how I see them after rewatching them a few months ago. I meant to rewatch the original trilogy after the prequels but never got around to it. The last time I watched them I remember being impressed at how much I still liked them. I'm very excited for the new one.

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@brackstone: @artisanbreads: Glad to see I'm not the only one. My enthusiasm totally deflates whenever I realize it's one of her scenes. I feel like the show would benefit from adding a few scenes that give us more of a reason to like her. I get that this world is full of rotten people, but theoretical monsters like The Hound, Jaime, and Tywin are likable in their own way. Dany should be one of the most sympathetic characters on the show and she's just not.