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They made a mistake announcing this so early with so little information. They gave fans the opportunity to decide what they think a SMT x Fire Emblem crossover should be, and whatever they imagined is almost definitely cooler to them than whatever the reality is. I didn't really let my imagination wander cause I think crossovers are dumb, but this is still pretty far from what I expected. My perception of SMT is that it's really dark, am I wrong about that? This has upbeat high pitched jpop, it's bright and colorful, it has happy anime people, and fanservicey outfits. Also I don't really see any Fire Emblem stuff in here except like weapons, and a pegasus.

I guess I wasn't really interested in the idea of bringing the characters from either series together, so I feel like whatever this is has more potential than what early reports suggested. But this trailer looks like an anime I don't want to watch. Hopefully the gameplay's good at least?

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I would rank the 2015 games I've played in this order: Cities: Skyline > Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate > Huniepop > Evolve. Also Life is Strange is awesome so far. I really need to play some of the other games that have come out recently. They all hit at the same time!

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As long as we're stereotyping, if I had to choose between hanging out with a guy in a fedora, or a person who's into fashion, I'd probably take fedora dude.

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It certainly says something about how fucking stupid the titles of these movies are.

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I was a little worried about this one since they switched directors, and Paul Walkers death probably made production sort of crazy. Most people sound pretty into it though, and Alex's opinions about the franchise sound identical to my own, so his positive recommendation helps boost my excitement.

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1. If it's a really long game I might keep 2.

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I liked the Waluigi #1 sign personally.

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I can't believe you admitted that in public.

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I want more pictures so I can live vicariously through you guys.

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I hope the styles diverge into their own separate thing and both series manage to retain some of the shared DNA that brings people to these games in the first place.