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0. The lame thing about living in a huge country like the U.S. is that it's really pricey to go to another country because they're all so far. Since I'm on the border I plan on taking a vacation in Mexico sometime, but the country doesn't really appeal to me very much. I'd love to visit Japan, Italy, and the U.K. someday. A friend of mine really wants to go to Germany, so I may go to that.

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There was one coworker who showed interest in me. I asked her out and did not enjoy the date at all. Work was very awkward after that.

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Comics will do anything for 6 issues.

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Every Final Fantasy after 10 has been kind of a disappointment for me. 13 most of all I think. However the faults of X-2, and 12 softened me up for that one. Dragon Age 2 was a memorable disappointment. I saw many of the signs for that game beforehand though. The first Assassins Creed, L.A. Noire, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Fable 3, and Mirrors Edge all come to mind as well.

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I consider friends a key resource. Especially early mid game.

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I've been pronouncing her name wrong this whole time.

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Dont mind me. Just chillin with this goddess over here. It's whatever.

The best picture of Lucina.

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I am shocked and pleased at this announcement.

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The list of core principles seems like a strange collection to me.

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I read The Stolen Throne and thought it was pretty bad. The writing was just weak. Not that I think that's necessarily the authors fault, considering all of the time skips and uncovered material I imagine he wasn't given very much time to write the book.

From what I've heard the time skips are the result of a 250 page hard limit on the book or something like that, I liked the plot for it but the time skips definitely turned me off on it to some degree.

Wow that's a pretty harsh limit for a fantasy book. Perhaps they were just trying to accomplish too much with such a limited page count.