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@hunter5024: the majority of the truly offensive tweets were from the one side. to be fair i don't think it was many people from here and seemed to be from r/mensrights

Personally I was pretty offended by some of the things Leigh said, and that was before the harassment even really started. She deleted those tweets and took a much more positive approach later on though (whether this was genuinely because she felt bad about them or because she wanted to stem the backlash is anybody's guess I suppose). I don't deny that one side escalated things much further than the other. However some people seem to be portraying this as a peaceful group of feminists quietly voicing their disappointment, who were suddenly threatened and insulted without provocation. When really the people voicing their disappointment were far more negative and insulting than the situation called for right off the bat.

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What the hell?

Usually I'd say that I see "some mistakes on all sides", but really, all of this so far seems relatively one-sided. I mean, Twitter is Twitter. It's sad to see some of what's going on there, but what matters most to me is how we actually interact here on Giant Bomb. And it's absurdly one-sided. A few people have said they are kind of disappointed or may have concerns about diversity, and dozens of dozens of folks are flipping out about it. That is -insane-.

You might have missed some of the deleted tweets.

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@tom_scherschel said:

Locking a thread where people were actively discussing, criticizing and dialoguing about the direction of the site does not send the message that such conversations are welcome.

Opening another thread specifically for that discussion does.

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All these outraged twitter people need to listen to what Mewtwo said "The circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are".

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It's never cool for somebody to be insulted. Even if they started throwing classless insults in the first place. That being said I find it very difficult to muster up sympathy for people like Leigh Alexander, when she had to have known that the inflammatory things she was saying would lead to such insults. Those insults are not an example of a shitty community, I don't care which corner of the internet you dwell on, saying rude things about an entire community and its staff is going to have some consequences. That certainly doesn't make those consequences justified, but I don't have to feel bad about somebody reaping the negativity that they sowed.

Anyways I hate that this thread has been hijacked. It has nothing to do with the initial topic. @danryckert I think you were just about the best choice they could've made! Jason I don't know your username! But I'm looking forward to having you here. You're both a much needed breath of fresh air on this site, and I'm excited for what's to come.

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I enjoyed this rant a lot.

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I have to admit that her design didn't initially seem very "Zelda" to me. However the more I look at it, the more it reminds me of the goddesses from the Capcom Zelda games (speaking of which they'd be neat characters). When I played Dynasty Warriors I always liked the more magical weapons, like the card guy, so I approve of this character.

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I don't like the modern series so much, but for me it's really hard to pit anything against Final Fantasy 5-10. There are individual games I like more, but I don't think there's any series I enjoyed as much for as long as Final Fantasy.

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I had no idea Breath of Fire 2 came out on GBA! That seems like the best way to finally play that game. And I want that Fire Emblem reproduction cart so bad. I wonder if he has an online store.

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@nals said:

Add in that their last two games have featured moments in player agency driven games where they removed player agency to tell a story, and I'm not sure they can pull off an RPG I want anymore. It doesn't help that the plot of Inquisition is that you are a literal angel sent by the fade/maker to fix the problems. Or that the core enemy is "demons from the sky bro!", rather then anything complex, like fixing the Demon Baby/Red Lyrium/Darkspawn/Political instability plotlines.

Ultimately though, my biggest issue is the gameplay just doesn't look fun. They've almost entirely removed isometric even on PC, in favor of the over the shoulder angle of DA2. From the E3 video, playing an Archer makes it a ME2/3 style TPS. And considering an open world is an ambitious task, I'm not sure they can pull it off with what, 2 years? What they are showing is not something I feel Bioware can actually pull off well with the resources they have/EA.

While I think you're right to be cautious, I think you've been misinformed about Dragon Age 3. The isometric camera angle is totally back, though its optional, as it was in the original. Also the development of this game took about 3 and a half years (which is about the same as Witcher 3 will have.) As for being an angel sent by The Maker, I could totally see why this theory would exist, but it is just a theory. And saying we won't be dealing with any of the other plotlines you listed is just speculation at this point.