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Yesterday I saw Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods at my friends house. I haven't seen any DBZ movies except the first Broly one, but because they're building to a new series I figured I should give this movie a shot. It was okay. I appreciated a lot of the humor early on, especially with Emperor Pilaf, I didn't realize I needed him in DBZ. I think they took too long getting to the action though, and when they did it was pretty anti-climactic. They seemed to go entirely for spectacle, but I don't even think they matched some of the crazier stuff from the series in that respect. The 3d elements were not really appreciated either. Then it just sort of ended. Still I enjoyed it more than I expected to, which makes me think I'm probably in for this new series.

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I think there are at least one or two games I would consider 10/10 every year.

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Being 80 hours long is a surefire way to make it into my pile of shame, hopefully this will encourage me to do it. I've got Wasteland 2, and Pillars of Eternity to worry about as well.

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I enjoyed Inquisition so much that I almost made it my Game of The Year in 2014. There were too many obvious problems with the experience for me to go through with it though, and I don't have a bad word to say about Luftrausers, so it became the runner up instead. Still Inquisition returned a series I wasn't sure they could salvage to a place I felt pretty damn good about. If they listen to the criticisms from Inquisition I think the next game could be pretty amazing.

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@mashzapotato said:

I know this hurts my anime cred but the English voice actor doing the main guy, well, he's somethin' special :)

Fuck yesssss. I always recommend the dub specifically for him.

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In chronological order I've beaten:

  • Kingdom Rush: Origins
  • The Talos Principle
  • Huniepop
  • Evolve
  • Cities: Skyline
  • Axiom Verge
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Broken Age

I'm also getting pretty close on Bloodborne, and Monster Hunter 4 (as much as you can beat that game), and I'm current on Life is Strange. Pretty good year so far! Still plenty I'm looking forward to as well. If I'd played Talos Principle last year it definitely would've made my GOTY list.

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People tell me I'd like Adventure Time. Whenever people talk about the crazy dark shit that's just beyond the edge of the show I feel like I should watch it. The few times I have seen an episode though it was just dumb random bullshit that made like no sense. I watched this one episode where they went to space (I think?) and became "Lumpy" and my friends seemed to find it really funny but I didn't laugh at any of the jokes they liked.

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I have a few songs from the first two Donkey Kong Countrys on my mp3 player that are pretty good, which one did those? Of the songs I listened to on the front page I usually found I preferred the Wise songs, but Kirkhope's definitely had their own appeal.

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I realized that I was following games about as much as I played them (especially if you count forum use), and decided that was dumb. So lately I've been trying to spend less time watching Quick Looks for obviously bad games (unless it's very entertaining.)

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I prefer Metroid to Castlevania and Super Metroid is my favorite, so it'd have to be that. Symphony of the Night is damn good though, probably second. I'd have to put Axiom Verge directly after that. I still need to play the 3d Metroids, Shadow Complex, and the handheld Castlevania stuff.