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As long as you're not spoiling puzzles for yourself, I don't really see the problem with looking up a walkthrough to point you in which direction you're supposed to be going.

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Are the Dreamcast and original Xbox literally the only platforms the first 2 games are available on? They should re-release the originals on steam or something. I've always been interested in Shenmue, but there's never been an easy way to play it, and I'm not going to jump in on the third one, especially if its a story focused game. I'm not even sure if you can emulate those platforms very well or not.

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I'm glad this is getting a remake. Because 3d was new, a lot of the first games to embrace it look terrible, I think most people now would agree that 7 is an uglier game than 6. The prerendered backgrounds look good, but the character models are atrocious, their hands are literally just cubes. Since other classics from that time like Tomb Raider, and Ocarina of Time have already had remakes, I think its overdue for 7 to get one too. I get the sentiment that it would be better for them to do something new, but I would rather play this than the last several big budget Final Fantasy games they've put out.

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I don't really get the hate for the Heavy Rain twist. Sure the red herrings were pretty shitty. But Scott being the killer is SO MUCH less stupid than Ethan blacking out, kidnapping a kid, and setting up 5 elaborate tests to put himself and several other fathers through without remembering a thing. That shit is dumb.

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In Final Fantasy 8 you discover that when they were children almost the entire cast lived together in an orphanage under the care of the antagonist. This makes no sense, because you see plenty of these characters meet each other for the "first" time, several of them grew up in completely different parts of the world, and one of them has parents. During the reveal scene they come up with excuses for all of these points. For example, the reason no one acknowledged that they all knew each other before is because they all completely forgot about this entire chapter of their lives. Except one character remembered, and pretended like he didn't, until 2/3rds of the way through the game when he decides to bring it up for no reason.

Scenes like that make it very difficult to be a fan of that game.

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Roy was my boy in Melee, and it's going to be really weird to go back to him now. It's so weird that he's in this game. He's more of a Smash Bros character than a Fire Emblem character.

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You are me 4 years ago. Marvel's main universe is very difficult to penetrate as a new reader, despite what some people might tell you. Ultimate Marvel was made for people like us. It's an alternate Marvel universe they started in 2000, which started from scratch, retelling a lot of the most famous stories from the main universe, and doing a really good job. Eventually they tried some new things with the Ultimate universe to differentiate it, and they kind of ruined it, but the earlier stuff is fantastic.

You need Ultimate Spiderman in your life, it's probably the best Spiderman run there's ever been. Start from issue 1, it stays pretty consistent for the whole run but the first 100 or so issues are the good shit.

Ultimate X-men is a good place for Wolverine stuff, provided you like the other X-men too. The quality is way less consistent because they change writers like 3 times, but I'd say its probably worth reading everything up through Apocalypse. Definitely stop after that though.

You also might want to check out The Ultimates, and The Ultimates 2. It's the Ultimate equivalent of the Avengers, and they'll clue you into the universe a bit better. Avoid 3 and anything after like the plague though.

For Batman stuff it's always good to just read the classics. Year One, The Long Halloween, The Killing Joke, and The Dark Knight Returns are sort of the defining books. If you like The Long Halloween check out Dark Victory and Hush as well. Scott Snyder's been writing Batman for the last few years and he's pretty good so it's probably a good idea to read all the stuff he's made since the launch of the New 52 (Starting with Court of Owls).

Actually most of the DC stuff is pretty easy to get into after the New 52, but quality varies. Maybe give The Flash a shot, I don't remember much about it other than thinking it had beautiful art. Start with Move Forward.

And yeah, most of the books other people are recommending are good too. I just wanted to give you some recommendations for the characters you like.

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News can't be spoiled.

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@crembaw: I don't think Karkarov agrees with us, he said that Americans do not (and should not) have Japanese audiences in mind for the tv they produce, and therefore we shouldn't expect them to have us in mind either. Those are the points I was arguing with. It's good to hear that things might be changing. I know Funimation is experimenting with getting dubs out basically simultaneously, so that's pretty awesome.

@bocam: Yesss. I'm going to start watching subbed South Park.