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I should probably go to there. I live in Arizona and I've never seen it.

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I appreciated that they decided to have a stealth segment for one of the final bosses because too frequently games like Mordor that invite you to play in the style you prefer, throw that style out the window in boss fights and force you to do some straight combat. However that just made it more disappointing that the boss fight was so easy. As for the fight after that, I'm not categorically opposed to QTE's in the same way that other people are, so I didn't really mind that part so much, it was just kind of a shitty QTE. It looked cool and everything but it was too short and simple. Just like the Batman games, I think Mordor struggles with having unique bosses, and maybe it's just smart not to focus too many resources on one specific segment. Still, it's something I'd like to see them improve in the inevitable sequel.

Story-wise it was no worse than any other part of the game. I find the sanctification of Tolkien's work pretty tiresome, and I don't mind seeing people explore the universe in their own way. I just wish they had done it a little better. If anything I wish they had taken their own vision a little further, instead of relying so much on what came before to make it interesting. So the idea of Talion taking the fight to Sauron and forging his own ring sounds fine to me, if only because its more interesting than the non-story this first game has. Though ultimately I think this series would be better if it was set in an original fantasy world, but I'm sure that's a tougher proposition for the publisher to get behind.

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I think that'd be a really cool service, but they'd have to do a couple things before I'd consider getting it. If they had more interaction between the 3DS, and Wii U, and they got some more interesting titles on Virtual Console then I'd be all over it.

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I don't understand why the lead writer isn't someone who already wrote for Mass Effect. A lot of those people exist. I don't want someone with a movie and tv background.

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I like Always Sometimes Monsters a lot, and I think I'm the only regular user on this site who played that game. Its really small and really weird though, so I totally get why.

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Sounds nice and mystical.

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Skype sucks but it's better than missing people. To me it won't feel like a proper list unless all the editors are on there. So in my mind Patrick and Alex are a must, and obviously I'd prefer having Vinny too, but I doubt that he's beat many games this year considering what he's had going on.

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Advanced Warfare takes place on Earth 616, and Ghosts is in The Ultimate Universe. Don't worry though, they'll do a crossover when they run out of ideas.

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Man that's sure a bummer. I had no idea this was going on, and I have no money to back it right now. Maybe this is one of those things they could give a second crack in a few months.

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It should be Zombie Cyborgs.