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I have just discovered that there is no Chamber. That's one out of the 5 good shows they do all year so I like the WWE exactly 20% less now.

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It takes me a while to realize how I feel about some games. Chrono Trigger is my favorite game, and I played that for the first time in like 2000, but I didn't decide for sure it was my favorite game until like 5 years ago. Still there seems to be a new game I would count among my all time favorites every 2 or 3 years, the last was Bastion I think.

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I think I need this.

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I've never enjoyed Unprofessional Fridays. Idk why it's just always been kinda boring to me. I only watch it when there's something special like a cool guest or a game I really want to see played. Even then I do a lot of skipping around.

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The only GTA's I've played were 4 and 5, and even though the world's were well realized, it was difficult to make myself care about modern L.A. and New York. I really hope the next game they do has a more interesting setting like Vice City's.

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I think the PS1 is probably the system I have the most nostalgia for. It was the first system I ever owned that didn't also belong to my brothers, and I have some good memories on that thing. Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, and Tactics, Breath of Fire III, Crash 2, and Tekken 2 and 3 are all games that shaped my taste as a kid. Even stuff I've gone back to as an adult has been really effective, like Symphony of The Night, and Metal Gear Solid.

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\@daveyo520 said:

I don't think two anime characters have ever kissed. Not once. Every single damn time any of them ever get close or try to get close to kissing they will get interrupted somehow. If it has happened it was on accident because one of them fell on the other's lips and became super embarrassed afterwords.

I know your point has already been refuted but I just wanted to point out that Haruhi Suzumiya has a kiss that literally saves existence.

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Sunny is the best show on tv. I like watching horrible people do terrible things that blow up in their stupid faces. I think my favorite moment is when Dee and Charlie go to the morgue to see if they're cannibals, and suddenly get concerned about being racists because they don't want to eat the black guy. I can count the number of times I've laughed that hard on one hand.

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I think some games cater to the pro scene a little too much considering they represent a fraction of the player base. I really love fighting games, but I don't think Street Fighter is very fun until you master all of the systems, and since there aren't very many modes in that game, and the story is paper thin, it doesn't feel like there's enough there for a casual player. Sure Street Fighter is super successful competitively, but I think they'd probably get more sales and please more people if they didn't spend 90% of their attention on high level play.

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There are some interesting encounters in the main story missions, and the dragons are fun too, but normal encounters around the map are sorta dull. The system itself is pretty similar to the last 2.