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I only voluntarily go to taco bell for their breakfast. I get a Sausage Crunchwrap without the gross sauce, and some of those cinnabon things. If it's not breakfast and for whatever reason I have to get Taco Bell anyways I just get a bunch of Crunchy Tacos and a regular Nacho (which I dip the tacos into).

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I just want to play some 3d platformers so make some good 3d platformers video game people.

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I saw that Birdman. Everyone who made that movie is super good at their job. It's worth watching just to see the crazy camera work, and to see the performances by Keaton, Stone, and Norton. I can't say I cared much about the overall story though, it was more just a series of really interesting scenes (which is a criticism I seem to have about a lot of oscar worthy movies). 8 Jazz out of 10 possible Jazz.

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@amyggen said:

@hunter5024: Nothing is really known about the price.

I was just speculating, but since its one of the most anticipated titles of the new generation, it's had primo billing in some of the most important industry shows several times, and it's an incredibly large scale game I don't understand why anyone expects budget prices.

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I was under the impression that this was a full priced game.

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I actually like that Marvel doesn't control every character, but I can get behind this news because Sony doesn't seem to know what the fuck they're doing with Spiderman. Even though I liked the Amazing Spiderman movies more than most people, I can't say that the future of that series looked promising after 2.

I hope they don't tell the origin story again. Recast the movie, and just do a cool adventure where he fights Dr. Octopus or some shit. Also they should just get J.K. Simmons to play J Jonah Jameson again cause fuck it.

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III is just V but not as good.

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@n7: Well the first half of Sword Art Online is adapting the first Sword Art novel, which was supposedly a very good standalone story. The second half of the series adapts the sequel novels which he only wrote because of how popular the first one was. So he introduced new complications to conflicts that had already been resolved (Asuna never woke up, Kirito's cousin wants to boogie with him), and that's why it all felt kind of unnecessary and bad.

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Some might say it was the third best game last year.

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I was all ready to write a whole thing about this and then I saw that I already did and I was like good job 2014 Hunter5024.