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That would be interesting because Dan's a living embodiment of America and Drew's pretty much a communist by now.

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I like Starship Troopers for the B-Grade action and some of the stupid dialogue, but I refuse to acknowledge it as the work of political satire that some people try to claim that it is. If it's a satire, it's a satire of things that don't exist (aside from the media bits).

As a story/IP, there's definitely far different approaches that could be taken to the subject matter that would be entertaining. That said, I thought the book was a dry political manifesto.

Sometimes I wonder if people label things satire so they have an excuse to enjoy material that they feel they're above. If it's satire then it gets an extra special layer of irony that makes them feel intelligent for enjoying it.

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Unity looks pretty good but I don't know that I can play a new Assassins Creed game even if it's good. I'm totally sick of them, and I don't feel good about supporting annual franchises. The fact that there's two of them just makes it worse.

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I could see myself using any of these. Aerilate and Pixilate are both ridiculous abilities. Which is probably good because if they're going to take up your Mega slot they need to be strong. The designs themselves are weird looking though.

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@arbitrarywater: At this point, your guess is as good as mine. I have to think that selling a brand like Sierra, as niche as it would be in this day and age, would have gotten some coverage somewhere, so I assume it's still owned by Activision?

Their teaser website has an Activision copyright at the bottom.

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Bummer dude. People really shouldn't be punished for circumstances they have no control over. That's asinine. Although I imagine there's some reason for the rule we don't know about.

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Weird! Reviving an old brand like that doesn't seem like a very Activisiony thing to do.

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BioWare, or EA BioWare at least, is probably at the point where it's happy to do The BioWare Thing for the next however many years. People who are getting new jobs at BioWare are people who want to do The BioWare Thing and make BioWare games. I typically like your bogstandard BioWare game so more of that doesn't sound too bad.

At the same time, this lets Casey Hudson, who is pretty good at the BioWare Thing, do his own Casey Hudson thing. At the same time, I can still get my usual BioWare games on top of this fancy new Casey Hudson game. Maybe it's a win win.

I couldn't have said it better. A lot of people have been unsatisfied with Bioware lately, and maybe getting some new blood at the top will invigorate their stuff. And in addition to that, we get one of the masterminds to go make his own potentially rad game.

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Yeah if only so I can keep better track of my GOG games.

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There's this 80 year old cowboy that works with me and occasionally he drops N bombs. I deal with it by getting very uncomfortable.