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Seriously though, if Capcom is putting more effort into their voice acting, that sounds good to me. They could really use it.

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We have professionals doing the voice acting now. We're not just using the cleaning staff anymore, promise!

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pear!

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Summer Lesson, Game of The Year every year from now on.

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It's like Google Translate is a person.

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@TechnoSyndrome: Twin Snakes. I figure since I'm watching Drew on the original, I can get the experience of that version, with the updated controls for my own playthrough.

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I'm just bummed there's no Majora's Mask representation. Twilight Princess got 3 characters.

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I'm doing this too! Except its my first time ever playing, just like Drew.

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I've said it a bunch of times on here already but I really wish there were another Chrono game. Sadly that will never happen because it's not a franchise Square really seems to value. Even if they did make it, a lot of the talent responsible for that first game is long gone, and Chrono Cross was such a different thing that I can't imagine what kind of game this new one would be. Whatever I imagine isn't particularly good at least. Still, if they brought back the old designers and put some spirit and effort into that game it'd be something pretty special to me.

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There should've been one less fight.