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Yesterday I was scrounging up change to try and buy Banner Saga before the daily sale was over, and I failed. Today I found out that I got paid yesterday.

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Seems really rad. Hope you had some well deserved fun!

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Troy Baker will always be Kanji in my heart. Also I was the original voice of Naoto and now you all know my secret.

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Guys, Valve is featuring budget software in the steam sale. Cheeky.

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Multiplayer unlocks for those Titans needed to happen. I downloaded the game for the free 48 hours and I've found it basically impossible to finish the campaign, certainly not twice.

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Neat. I really liked Lost Odyssey, even if his other Mistwalker stuff wasn't as good as I'd hoped. He should do a 3DS game.

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Broken Age was up and it lost?? Daaamn. What are the chances of it being in a daily or flash sale for the same price?

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@turtlebird95: If that's true, then I feel like Agitha is a huge waste of potential. Admittedly I don't even know who she is, but we've already got Midna to represent Twilight Princess, and if there are only 9 characters, then I don't think there's room to hit the same game multiple times.

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I don't think I got far enough in Twilight Princess to see her. I wish I knew what size they're targeting for this roster. I know there are a few dozen in Dynasty Warriors, but I bet this will probably be smaller than that. I'd like to see them get some form of representation for each of the main games. It does seem like a lot of Twilight Princess at the moment.

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@truthtellah said:

I think everyone's opinion has value, as it's coming from someone that has value, but the quality of an opinion can certainly vary. I think someone disagreeing with me on their interpretation of female characters in videogames is usually far more understandable than someone telling me that all women are secretly plotting to destroy them. I know for a fact that isn't true. Or if someone is denying generally known facts of history or present day. Someone's opinion being of poor basis doesn't mean there isn't still value in it, as the person behind the opinion matters and their concern driving that opinion matters, but it does mean that there may be more making things difficult to reconcile than simply difference of opinion. A lot of misinformation does exist, and factors in the world can encourage the ignorance of some facts and acceptance of misinformation.

Another side of that is the general lack of quality information and abundance of misinformation about different viewpoints. So, if you're going into a conversation with someone and have used your personal experience or stories you've heard to judge a wider group of people which share opinions with those you have known or heard about, that may not always be accurate. Often times, people are quite wrong about one another. Unfortunately, that isn't really preventable. The best we can do is mutually acknowledge that we may not fully understand the other, and in discussing things, we might have a chance to better reach such understanding. Sometimes that leads to changing of opinions; sometimes it doesn't.

I don't disagree with you. I just don't think it's the best perspective to look at it from. I wouldn't say "That opinion is valuable, this one is not so much." I would say "I agree with that opinion, but this one I don't." Maybe that's just because I've been fortunate enough not to participate in threads where misinformation dominated the larger discussion. Of course you're free to look at it however you want.