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The first half of the series is weird but you'll feel better about the first half when you get to the second half.

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Sony is content in their place, and their conference will reflect that with very few announcements, and a lot of bragging.

  • The conference will be an hour too long.
  • No Man's Sky get's a release date, in early 2016.
  • Media Molecule and Killzone guys are probably up to something.

Microsoft will come out swinging with a lot of safe bets, and some weird shit to garner good will.

  • Yo Dawg I heard you like Halo.
  • Battletoads trailer, actually looks surprisingly cool.
  • Gears teaser.

Nintendo is full of crazy people. They have 3 big announced games, and one of them is confirmed not to be at the show. I have no idea.

EA did nothing last year, unless their new leadership doesn't believe in E3, then I expect them to have a strong showing this year.

  • New Mass Effect trailer.
  • Mirror's Edge trailer and release date. 2015.
  • Star Wars shit.
  • They will remind everybody that Bioware is working on a new ip.
  • Sports sports sports.


  • An hour of fart noises.

Bethesda will have everything everyone wants them to have. They're not going to have a press conference unless they feel they have stuff to show for it.

  • Doom 4 trailer/demo, releasing this holiday.
  • Dishonored 2 trailer, releasing early next year.
  • Fallout 4 trailer, will not elaborate on release date.

Square Enix actually has a solid lineup of announced but unreleased games, so I expect them to keep the announcements to a minimum and give a lot of info about what they have coming.

  • Tomb Raider trailer/demo.
  • Deus Ex trailer/demo.
  • Final Fantasy XV trailer/demo. No release date.
  • Kingdom Hearts teaser. It's very vague and has no information.
  • It would be hilarious if they continued their idiotic tradition of announcing the next Final Fantasy game before the current one is released, but that won't happen because the next Final Fantasy game will be XV-2.

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Typically I prefer to play on consoles, but this feels like a PC game so I'll have to play it there.

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A recent memorable one is the house in Wolfenstein. You could throw some knives, play Wolf 3d, and hang out with Jimi Hendrix.

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Should we expect standards and definitions to remain the same if the rest of the world changes around them?

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According to my game list for last year I spent roughly $430 buying games, I also had probably 2 months of gamefly for $50, and bought a PS4 for $400. There wasn't much I wanted to play last year, so I think it was probably below average (not including the console).

So far this year I've spent $200 buying games, and I've had Gamefly for 3 months for $75. Based on what I still want to buy, and what hasn't come out yet, I think I'll probably get to like $600 this year.

I probably spend less than $15 on DLC per year if I spend anything.

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I'd pick Dragon Age: Origins, but I haven't played any of their older stuff yet.

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Based on their past work I think they have an attraction to the fantastical, so I don't see them doing anything grounded in reality. I like the school idea though. But only if it's as weird as Brick.

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No the gameplay doesn't evolve enough between entries to hold my interest, and they ditched whatever story ambitions they had years ago. If there were an interesting historical setting I could see myself playing just to experience it, but Victorian England is really played out, especially this year. It's a damn shame, I felt really good about this series at one point.

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@finaldasa said:

I also like to talk out each card answer, sometimes just riffing with people will cause me to look at a card differently.

I definitely recommend doing this.