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I'm a chunk of the way through Axiom Verge and I already think I'd be pretty surprised if this doesn't end up on my Game of The Year list.

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GBeast is awesome. I'll be very happy when that podcast comes out. And when they get whoever the third person is.

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I keep old consoles hooked up to a standard definition tv. Those are usually what I play when there's nothing new I want.

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2009 had Uncharted 2 and Dragon Age Origins which are two of my favorite games. Assassins Creed II, A Crack in Time and Arkham Asylum are also excellent, and New Super Mario Bros Wii is some of the most fun I've had with a video game (though my friends played a part in that). So that'd probably be the year I'd pick.

2011 is pretty amazing too now that I'm looking at it. I'd say there were more games I enjoyed that year than any of the others on this list, but the ones I loved from other years I loved a little more. Except Bastion, that's another one of my all time favorites.

2013 is in a comfortable 3rd place spot. Another year with great game after great game, the only problem is a lot of them were sequels, and aside from some standout indies that year, none of the games really showed me anything new, they just did stuff I'd already seen really really well.

2007 is overrated but it brought me Persona 3 and Portal so it's still pretty awesome. 2012 was kinda forgettable, when I look back at my list for that year I see a lot of almosts. 2014 has the honorable distinction of being the shittiest year on this list. 2015 and 2016 are looking pretty rad though! Looking back at all these is making me itch to do game of the year lists for the ones I missed. I ain't gonna chomp Brodehouse's flavor though.

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A lot of my favorite stuff in that game came from the monitors, so I would check them as often as possible.

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N64 camera control is generally pretty brutal. It also doesn't map very well to modern controllers so I find it hard to play those games on anything other than the original controller.

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@oldenglishc said:

I'm confused by the narrow definition of SMT that some people have. It's a great big series of games.

The big series of games is known as Megaten. SMT refers explicitly to the mainline titles, which include SMT if..., SMT III: Nocturne, SMTIV and Strange Journey.

Is this a Japanese thing? Because in America Shin Megami Tensei is written above the title on the box art of pretty much everything including the Persona series and Devil Survivor.

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Kiki's Delivery Service must be stopped.

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I can't stand when everyone is in love with a game that I dislike, so sometimes I'll force myself to play a game like that, hoping that I'll see why other people love it so much, and maybe come to appreciate it myself. It worked for Dark Souls. It did not work for Skyrim.

I also might replay a game I really disliked hoping to find some redeeming qualities in it. I did that with Dragon Age 2, Final Fantasy 12, Final Fantasy 13, and lately I've been thinking about doing it for 10-2 as well. This has never worked.

Also there was that time I played Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, hated every minute of it, but kept playing because I was holding out hope that maybe it would get better (it actually got worse). Also I played Lightning Returns even though fuck that game, cause I needed to see the trilogy through. Lightning Returns was like a gross thing I forced myself to swallow, because I knew it would make me vomit out all of the bad stuff the other games left inside me. Feel free to put that quote on the back of the box Square.

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They made a mistake announcing this so early with so little information. They gave fans the opportunity to decide what they think a SMT x Fire Emblem crossover should be, and whatever they imagined is almost definitely cooler to them than whatever the reality is. I didn't really let my imagination wander cause I think crossovers are dumb, but this is still pretty far from what I expected. My perception of SMT is that it's really dark, am I wrong about that? This has upbeat high pitched jpop, it's bright and colorful, it has happy anime people, and fanservicey outfits. Also I don't really see any Fire Emblem stuff in here except like weapons, and a pegasus.

I guess I wasn't really interested in the idea of bringing the characters from either series together, so I feel like whatever this is has more potential than what early reports suggested. But this trailer looks like an anime I don't want to watch. Hopefully the gameplay's good at least?