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When I talk to people about FMA I definitely feel like there's some revisionist history going on with that old series. People loved that show until Brotherhood came along, and ever since Brotherhood that first series has kinda been getting the shaft. Which is a shame because when I look at the content that both series covered, I generally think the original FMA handled that material better. That original series certainly has its flaws though too. That franchise is weird. I think somewhere between the two series there is a middle ground that would have been a damn near perfect anime. They should just do it a third time. That'd be the best.

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The dungeons reset when you play the Song of Time. You keep songs and items when you reset time though, so you can just go straight to the dungeon and play The Sonata of Awakening, and if you already got the Bow while you were in the dungeon then you don't need to worry about getting that again, so there are portions of the dungeon you can bypass.

Luckily this isn't something that should happen to you if you prepare. Whenever you reset time the first thing you should do is play The Inverted Song of Time which will slow everything down significantly so you're on a less harsh timer. If you first get to a dungeon and you're most of the way through your three days then you should probably reset time before you begin it. But yeah if you go into the dungeon on the first day with time slowed, then you will have way more than enough time to finish any of the dungeons.

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There's nothing fun about playing that game so you might as well just watch it on youtube.

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He's the only DLC boss I fought and I thought it was a really fun and difficult fight.

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@golguin said:

Given that the movies are dealing with world altering events you would think some thought would go into establishing a world that makes sense. Is it really that much harder to think about the logistics of supporting the world you are building or at least omitting details to prevent such glaring holes?

Here is another thought. How is the capital going to bomb districts that they need to simply support their day to day infrastructure? That dam district seemed pretty important. That's 1 of the 13. District 13 was leveled so I guess whatever it did didn't really matter. That's 2 of 13. Where do they get water? Raw materials? Other power sources? Which districts are they allowed to go into and kill the population without any real negative effect on the capital?

Well I'm not saying the world of Panem is plausible, but these issues definitely come up in the books. The president is aware of how precarious the system is and how disastrous the uprisings could be, which is part of why they're so harsh about quelling the rebellion, not because they want to kill them, because they want it dealt with before everything topples to the ground. They could only get away with destroying District 12 because it's always been portrayed as a trivial backwater district.

Also they totally show the uprisings having a negative effect on The Capitol. That's what the whole dam thing is all about, and in the book they mention all sorts of things that the Capitol is going without because of the rebellion.

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My understanding is that The Hunger Games takes place in North America a couple hundred years from now, and that the population has been significantly reduced because we didn't take care of the planet. In fact the population is so low there's a legitimate concern that the human species will not be able to recover if the rebellion continues. So the idea that one dam powers all of Panem might be because there's far fewer people who need energy, it is portrayed as a very limited resource outside of the capitol. I assume that they were using the coal in district 12 for power too, so maybe destroying that was part of it. Or maybe it was just convenient for the plot idk.

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I would buy one of these.

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Good stuff, though I doubt I'll use any of it.

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I think they did a good job keeping the content flowing while they were at PAX this time. I'd prefer GDC content but it sounds like that would be difficult to make happen since both conventions are happening simultaneously.

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Unless you run out of time I don't believe you can ever lock yourself out of finishing a social link. It goes faster if you answer correctly though.