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I thought back and realized that I must have had this glitch, cause I'd only get dialogue every 30 to 60 minutes. Then I played tonight and they wouldn't shut the fuck up. So I guess its fixed? Weird.

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Well god damn it. I'm gonna have to make time for this somehow.

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Saw Mockingjay Part 1. It's not a movie, it's a 2 hour trailer for next years film that costs 10 dollars to watch. I believe there is only one arrow fired in this entire movie, and you already saw that in the trailer. One of the movies biggest action scenes is Katniss running down some stairs, then partway back up again, then back down. But there's an audible countdown so... tension. The other action scene is some dudes in cool infiltration suits throwing gas grenades into rooms then slowly walking in and finding them empty. Literally the only opposition they face is the lights coming on. This is the climax of the film. Lights are the last boss.

Personally I come to these movies to watch teenagers murder each other, cause that shit is cool. And I didn't mind when they threw sulky teenager stuff into the last couple of movies, cause that only makes it cooler when they murder each other. Sulky teenager shit is like 90 percent of this movie though. There's a lot of shots of Katniss just sitting around the bunker looking wistful. Every once in a while she'll cry about Peeta. That dude whose name I can't remember shadows her in like every scene, because he doesn't have anything better to do. I get that Twilight's popular, and we should probably have a love triangle so people can be Team Peeta and Team Whatshisface, but does anybody give a shit about Whats His Face? He's not even really a person, he's just a statue made of hunk that was taught to occasionally speak. Also holy shit that twist at the end is stupid, what a dumb way to artificially lengthen this love triangle.

The only good parts in this movie are when they show the individual districts rising up against the capitol. Watching hordes of people running directly into gunfire cause fuck the man, is almost as good as watching sulky teenagers kill each other. If I were to direct the next movie it would have a lot of that. Also if I were to direct the next movie it would start off with Peeta giving Katniss a big wink and saying "just kidding" then they would single handedly storm the capitol with Trident, Angry Naked Girl, and Whats His Face (who would die right away). Also my version would have 500 percent more Haymidge Haymitch Woody Harrelson. He would become the new president in fact. Book readers feel free to tell me that I'm 100 percent correct.

I don't know how the fuck this became 3 paragraphs long. 4 out of 10 arrows that Katniss briefly considered firing and then didn't.

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My Iron Bull doesn't get to have a neck. Just a floating head.

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@lestephan said:

Pikmin 3 is really really cool

Sure is.

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@corevi: Those tavern songs are all really cool. Even if they aren't all great songs, the fact that it's all in universe goes a pretty long way.

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@encephalon: I don't know that we can chalk it up to fan response. Varric and Cass were implied to have a larger role in the story when they were introduced because of DA2's framing device. Morrigan and Alistair were certainly popular characters, but they were also the most important party members in Origins, Morrigan specifically was the biggest loose end from the first game, so it just makes sense for both of them to show up again. Given that, I wouldn't consider them anomalies, I expect the series will continue to revisit characters from previous games.

However you're right, it is a fundamental philosophical difference and it's a fair criticism. Though personally I like that Dragon Age does things a little differently from Mass Effect.

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I think the gameplay was great, I loved the combat, the platforming felt very free, all sorts of cool upgrades, and the nemesis system is a great idea. The content they give you for that gameplay could use some work though, I definitely wasn't in love with the main missions, and the story could've been a lot better. Overall I think it's a great game, and a wonderful debut for a new series. If they listen to feedback, and expand on some of the good ideas this game had, then the sequel could be pretty incredible.

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Though it's clearly not Bioware's intention with Dragon Age, part of me is sad that it isn't more like Mass Effect where the cast of characters is carried forward from one game to the next. Not just as cameos, but substantial supporting roles, and often as permanent squaddies. It allowed the writers to build on previous characterization - or, put less kindly, it let them clean up their messes. Garrus and Tali, I thought, were largely squandered potential in ME1, but during ME2 both really came into their own.

Mass Effect wasn't just a place you could visit periodically, but a group of pals who were waiting for you. That constancy anchored the fans' investment in the universe which... I guess blew up in some of their faces, but I think that's a testament to how much people love ME characters. I don't think Dragon Age will ever replicate that phenomenon to nearly that degree.

I feel like they carried forward kind of a lot. Varric, Leliana, Cullen, Cassandra, Hawke, Morrigan, and potentially Alistair all have big roles in this game. Two of those are party members, and 2 of them might as well be. I don't think that's anything to scoff at considering almost every party member in Origins could die. It's not like Mass Effect 3 where every previous character showed up again, but it's pretty close to Mass Effect 2 in terms of returning cast.

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@turtlebird95: Yeah I'm glad I made it. Hopefully it's all good from here.