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Sorta like The Evil Within and Resident Evil, I guess.

I sure feel stupid for never noticing that.

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I'd totally play Bridge Project.

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I have a 770 and my PC still runs new stuff well. Personally I think a PS4 is the obvious choice, because that gives you access to more games, while a better graphics card would just let you run the same games you can already run but slightly better.

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They were really comprehensive with the choices in this thing, it even has totally irrelevant shit. Which makes the one omission I can think of all the stranger. For some reason there's no choice for how you handled Brother Genitivi after the Urn's discovery, and that was a choice that actually got a paragraph in the epilogue. Not complaining, but I can't imagine they just forgot it.

Also going through all the choices for both of these games in sequence really highlights how dumb the choices were in DA2. 80% of them are "Did you kill this dude you don't remember, or let him live?" I'm just killing them all, because I don't want to be reminded of any characters from DA2 while I'm playing Inquisition (unless they're smooth talking dwarfs).

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I hate to steal another person's joke, but I had to since it perfectly fit and I literally had the same reaction for multiple people

"Ginnis is alive and well or Ginnis is dead?"

Cullen I know, but Ginnis doesn't even sound familiar, and I've played through both games multiple times. Personally I consider this a good sign though. They're going into a lot of detail.

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Nice to see that we're back to basement dwelling virgin jokes.

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The MCU been going on for 6 years now. If people have stayed with it this long, why wouldn't they stay through until the end?

That's the thing, there is no end.

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So if these end up being the only movies Marvel releases in this time period (which honestly I doubt), that will put them at 3 movies per year. Warner Bros has 2 movies planned every year (and intends to sneak in some sequels as well). Fox is planning 2 superhero movies per year. And Sony's releasing stuff every couple years, with plans to increase to about one a year.

So all told we should be getting 7-8+ super hero movies every single year starting 2016, and that's only the really big Marvel and DC stuff. As someone who loves comic book movies, I didn't think it was possible for me to get tired of them, but if we really do get to that number and it sustains for a couple years, I can't imagine my excitement maintaining. Hopefully all this stuff pays off before the market gets saturated and everyone's sick of this stuff.

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Slowly but surely the pendulum of our society is swinging towards a repeat of the prudish 1950s. And that's bullshit, because by the time we get to the 60s again, I'll probably be too old to fucking appreciate it.

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Transistor is the first word for half of the posts in this thread. It is pretty great, even if I didn't like it as much as Bastion. Bravely Default had quite a few excellent pieces as well. I'm also partial to Luftrausers, Always Sometimes Monsters, and Wolfenstein.

I should probably just listen to the soundtrack for Drakengard 3, but I want to hear it in the game first, and I keep deluding myself into believing I'm going to play that.