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I bought my PC one part every payday, and that made it a lot easier to stomach the cost for me, and even allowed me to get a few of the parts on sale, so I would definitely recommend that.

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I can't decide whether I should donate my money to cancer research or this.

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There are clearly steps being made to increase the content output.

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I haven't really had enough time to process Days of Future Past, but it's either number one or number two along with X-2. After that it's First Class, X-men, The Wolverine, X3, and finally Origins.

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It was really hard not to buy figures at Anime Expo this weekend.

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I use Wells Fargo because nobody else will take me.

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@clonedzero: That may be so, but even if she's an intolerant person who I don't like, Id like to show that the community isn't the dickheads that people claimed we were today.

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@turboman said:


I don't want to start a new thread over this, but can we (as a community) get together and try to send some sort of nice gesture to Samantha Allen for the shit she went through today? Like some kind of thing to show our apology for a couple of dickheads that exist (from the forums and from 4chan)?

I hate how the people that are being blamed are the "Giant Bomb community" when I know that our community is filled with amazing generous people.

I completely disagree with her just about 100% of the time, but I feel truly sorry for what she had to go through today and I think the community can come up with something to show our condolences.

Fuck yeah, this. +1

Maybe this? Everyone could send her like a dollar to the same place? We'd only need like 20 people to do it. It's not much, but I would be pretty stoked if the internet bought me dinner. Although maybe 20 1 dollar certificates would be kind of a pain in the ass to use.

Edit: Ehh looks like its just a New York thing. Oh well.

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@rorie: Maybe I was misled, but I was told that it was a combination of the word cis and het(ero sexual) used as a pejorative and pronounced sis-shit.

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@sarisa said:

@fluttercry: I can't tell if you're trolling or legitimately asking this but here we go!

Saying that diversity of experiences, interests, socioeconomic status, whatever among a bunch of (very very likely cishet) white dudes is not the same as diversity among a group of different-gender/orientation/race/etc. folx is not the same as saying "oh yeah all white people are the same."

Also, re: RACISM AGAINST WHITE PPL generally:

When someone told me what cishet meant I was led to believe it was a slur. That paired with your articles about why racism doesn't exist against a specific race leads me to believe that you are being kind of a bigot exhibiting prejudiced behavior.

Edited in accordance with Rorie's above wishes. (Though I disagree with the fact that he called out a response to this post rather than this post itself (although thank you for all of your hard work tonight @rorie))