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When I used to ride the bus I saw it all the time.

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Axiom Verge seems like it's more likely to scratch my 2d Metroid itch than any other game that's tried in the last few years. Titan Souls might be really neat. Mortal Kombat's a definite buy for me. Batman I'll play after my trip in July.

Seem's like a pretty solid second quarter considering I'm still busy with Monster Hunter 4, and Cities Skylines, and I haven't even got Ori, Codename Steam, Bloodborne, or Pillars of Eternity yet.

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Blitzball is a poorly explained, poorly balanced sports game from the early 2000's, and he's playing it for the first time in 2015. Of course he hates it. Why wouldn't he?

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Fortunately no. I don't think that's a big problem in Tucson, at least not on the East Side. I have a 30 dollar phone and almost never have cash anyways, so they wouldn't get much out of it.

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When my dad tells me to fuck off or calls me an asshole I say "Love you too Dad." Other than that I think the only context I'd feel the need to say it would be before a trip or something like that. He's not really the type to say it back.

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I've never had any problem using Origin, and I'm glad it exists because competition is good for consumers.

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I just played this at my friends house.


  • Combat felt better than I expected out of a Square Enix action game.
  • It only took a couple minute tutorial to explain everything and then we were in the game. Hopefully main game doesn't draw it out longer.
  • I love that there isn't a minimap. It made me appreciate the graphics a lot more.
  • Graphics are pretty. I hope there's variety to the environments, because this one was a little plain, but well realized.
  • I really dig the music, Yoko Shimomura's awesome.


  • Combat definitely feels like it's missing something. Fighting those blue guys who just run all around was no fun. Maybe magic will fix that.
  • Armiger is cool but it seems like it could easily break balance, and if the combat becomes a matter of using armiger, recharging mp, then using it again then I think they fucked up.
  • Characters seem kinda lame. Ignis is just Balthier. I hope there's more characters, preferably not dressed in black, maybe some girls. I hope they have interesting stories and aren't all style.
  • Forced me to walk sometimes. Fuck that forever.

So I guess the demo didn't really sell me on XV, but it definitely made me see how this game could be fun once all of the systems are in place. If the systems end up fitting well together, they come up with some interesting environments to explore, and the story/characters turn out cool, then this game could be pretty awesome. We'll see.

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I'm fine with not shackling Valve to its old IPs so long as it means they're coming up with some fun stuff. Hats and ponies for a MOBA? Not so exciting.

Yeah. There's a lot of super talented people at Valve and it feels like they're being wasted.

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@sethphotopoulos said:

Don't a lot of people dislike/hate this game? A recent tweet of his made it sound like people liked it when it came out. I don't remember it that way.

When I was a young dramatic teenager, and Final Fantasy was one of the only things I cared about, Final Fantasy X-2 was the first time I ever felt betrayed. I'm glad I can laugh about that now.

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So I guess I start to wonder if people just like Vol. 1 more because of the big, grand action sequences? Is it a preference of style (Japanese vs Western) or character (Vernita/Gogo/O-Ren vs Bud/Elle/Bill)?

I think I'd say say yes to all of the above. Also I think Vol 2 was just a little too different in terms of pacing, so if you go in expecting it to be like the first, you're going to be kinda let down. Still a great movie though.