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Lately I've been playing Harvest Moon 64 cause I'm sick and its too hard to focus on anything else. Karen hates her dad and drinks a lot. It was meant to be.

This game is kind of bullshit though. Farm work is extremely tedious, especially since I have a full green house now and it takes like 10 minutes of watering every in game day (I've been sick for like 2 weeks). Then when I'm done with that I spend another 10 minutes brushing, milking, feeding, and selling stuff, then I spend 5 minutes running around town giving the same gifts to the same people and hearing the same thing they said yesterday. Every once in a while you get 30 second scenes between characters which are probably only exciting because they break up the monotony. Its worse on year 2 because I've already seen all the festivals now. I'm looking forward to the sea festival though because I stole Kai's girl and now I'm going to steal his trophy.

There's something kind of relaxing about it though. I like the idea of being a farmer. It could be a pretty neat game with some tweaking. Maybe if it played out like Persona where you choose how to spend each portion of your day, whether with certain people, your farm, or your animals. And maybe the farming could be more strategic, instead of just 10 minutes of the same watering animation. It should at least focus more on the character interactions. There have been approximately one billion Harvest Moons since this one, so for all I know they've gone in this direction, but from what I've seen they've leaned even further into the tedious farm work.

I had no idea that I had so many opinions about Harvest Moon.

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I only went there once, but I literally had no complaints. Decent Honey BBQ wings, good mozarella sticks, awesome chocolate cake thingy. There was some sort of happy hour thing going on so it was a good price for what we got, and the place was basically empty aside from like 2 other groups. Maybe I just had a lucky experience but the idea of someone hating that place sounds silly to me. If we want to get up in arms about a shitty restaurant lets talk Hooters.

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Have any stories ever come out about people getting fired over stuff like this? I bet its really rare to get caught.

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I want to whine about hd collections but I can't cause I'm probably gonna buy this.

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@jadegl: I think the problem is that he wasn't talking about gaming in general. He wasn't saying "I wish there were more people of color, homosexuals, and women in gaming" he was saying "This game has only white people, and that's a problem." He's targeting a specific game that has a specific vision that he doesn't agree with. That's what I take issue with. Not the broader point that games should have more diversity, I think the author, you, and I can all agree with that.

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When you condemn a game for having white characters the point starts to sound less like "It's cool when people of color are in games" and more like "I wish there weren't so many white people in games." That's an important distinction to make I think.

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I am also a person who has no desire to ever play Rock Band or Guitar Hero, and if you asked me to write a preview for it, it would be incredibly uninformed, it would likely regurgitate a lot of the bullet points that their marketing department is trying to get across, and I wouldn't have anything interesting to say about it. I guarantee that everybody in this thread has a genre they could say the same thing about. Obviously he was trying to avoid this, which was probably a mistake, because instead of sounding uninformed he sounded pretentious. Really you just shouldn't send someone who has no interest in rhythm games to preview a rhythm game because it serves no one.

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Chrono Trigger. And yes, but shut up.

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You've confirmed my suspicions about Invisible Inc. I haven't found much coverage that's useful for a strategy fan like me, so I've been on the fence, but a lot of what you said is exactly what I was worried about. Still I'll probably pick it up on sale or something. I loved Mark of The Ninja (and don't like stealth, which supports your theory) so maybe our opinions will differ.

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Unless I'm crazy I remember a few months ago Square mentioned that they were working on an unannounced console RPG. JRPG's really were a shame last generation, so it'd be nice if that changed this time around, but it seems unlikely based on developer track records and the realities of modern asset generation.