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@neonie: It sounds like your problem with this game has little to do with the game itself, and more to do with your expectations for what the game should have been. And hey if the advertising made it seem like something different to you, and it ended up not being your cup of tea then that's a perfectly reasonable explanation for not liking it. But I don't think this was ever supposed to be a life simulation game, it's an adventure game that happens to be set in something close to real life. A lot of your problems would have been fixed by not including a main narrative at all, but at that point, it's just a completely different kind of game.

They gave you just about every option when it comes to who you pick as a lover, I don't think it's fair to call it limited at all (there are 12 options), though it's true that "nobody' is not an option, because the lover is one of the few things that the narrative hinges on. And if they weren't involved in the narrative, then what's the point of even letting you pick someone at all? To be fair they actually give you plenty of opportunities to make it clear you are no longer interested in the lover, and then let the player puzzle out the point of this trip on their own. The story is just as much about the MC's career as his past relationship, he could just be a writer using the wedding as an excuse to live a story worth telling. That's largely how my game turned out at least.

As for the portraits, I agree that some of them are ugly, but I like a lot of them too. Personally I'd just prefer if they were a little more consistent, I wouldn't want them to do away with them entirely.

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@yi_orange: I think in Always Sometimes Monsters you might have less trouble with this, because it's not really designed in the same way games like this typically are. In games with moral choices there are often consequences for doing the wrong thing, and long term rewards for doing what's right, but in this, things could just as easily go the other way (and that's when the morality of the situation is clear, which it often is not.) So you really won't get anything out of trying to game the system. It's more about trying to get through the story without feeling like a total asshole along the way. For example, I gave that guy a sandwich and got nothing for it. When I talked to him again he asked for another one. I probably gave that guy like 4 sandwiches while I was in the first area and nothing ever came of it.

Also thanks for mentioning that it was on UPF, I didn't think they'd done anything with this game.

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@theht: I believe the story is the same, but depending on which character you choose you may be treated differently by certain people for your gender, ethnicity, or the person you're with (whether because you are an interracial couple, a gay couple or what have you). Basically like Dragon Age Origins. The choices you have are varied enough that you could get some pretty different stories out of any given playthrough though.

Honestly the trailer made me worry that it was going to be super grimdark, and it's really not so much. It can be occasionally dark, but it's just as often kind of goofy.

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I beat this last night, and noticed there weren't any threads about it. It's a pretty neat rpg-style adventure game set in modern times. Choice is a big part of the game and I was honestly really impressed with the breadth of these choices, particularly in the first area. The game really tickles my nostalgia for the story telling in old 16 bit games, even if the setting and story are completely different. It's pretty refreshing to play a game about a struggling author and his failed relationship.

So is anyone else checking this out? Which characters did you pick? How's your story unfolding?

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Does anybody know how long this game takes to beat? I'd love to play it but I'm pretty burnt out on long games for the moment. I suppose the answer to this question might be kind of complicated if this game is anything like Nier.

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I've been doing some writing the past few days, which means soundtracks. I've been using Bravely Default, and Transistor mostly, along with some mood and environmental flavored playlists.

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In the past I've found reviews without scores really unhelpful. They set the tone for the review. When I read something without a score I feel like they're just leaving that extra step up to you. "You figure out what I'm trying to say, instead of me telling it to you. Then you can't argue with what I said, the problem was with your incorrect interpretation stupid." At that point you can't even really call it a review. It's more like a Game Musing. Those certainly have their place, but they aren't the same thing. My feelings about this seem to line up pretty closely with Jeff's, it just feels like they're being precious about what they wrote. Or maybe it just stems from a desire to cut down on all the 8.8 style bitching that goes around. Either way, despite all my pondering, I don't see how taking out a score helps the reader at all, while I see a lot of ways it makes the writers life easier.

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Does anybody have details about this games exclusivity? I'd love to play this, but I sold my 360, because I hadn't played anything on it in a year, and it will probably be another year before I get an Xbox One.

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Vinny should turn heel.

Would be easy to book him that way. He could just come out straight-faced and cynical and never try to break games.

"You people here in New York are no better than those jabronies down in Frisco. At least they could tell the difference between a ham radio and a numbers station!"

Unfortunately CBS is probably more concerned with the reaction their younger fans would have to that.

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I'm interested in The Evil Within, The Sims 4, Dragon Age 3, and The Witness. Though I don't think any of them are really safe bets.