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You know that saying? It's like riding a bike? Riding a bike is NOT like riding a bike. Take it easy at first if it's been that many years.

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I was hoping they would do this ever since I saw the first design. Still doesn't seem ideal though. I just don't know how I feel about having the directional inputs above the buttons, plus a proper dpad will always be better for certain games, and that weird empty space in the middle seems like kind of a waste. I'm curious what they will call the buttons, I hope it's not A, B, X, Y. It should be fantasy creatures. Hold Centaur to run, Tap Kraken to attack.

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Nawh son. Wasting money on a backlog is a self made problem. People don't have to buy stuff they don't intend to play. Personally I buy every Humble Bundle just to support the service, and usually I've already played all the included games that I ever will.

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Sounds to me like you're sweating. All according to plan.

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@truthtellah said:

I uh... honestly thought @mento was already a mod, but sure!

Whoa! Me too!

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Awesome! Hope it does well.

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I don't think it's an excuse. I agree with him.

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I doubt we'll ever get it. It tanked in Japan and would probably do about the same here, if not worse.

Well part of the appeal of the Vita TV is supposed to be its ability to stream the PS4 between multiple screens. Since they don't even have the PS4 yet, that could have played a factor in its sales. Also their regular Vita sales have been way better than ours, and as you stated later in the thread, there's not much of a point in having one if you've already got a Vita. So there are definitely other factors to consider.

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Introductory science courses are incredibly easy if you take them online. Generally your grade will depend on how well you do on quizzes, and the answers to all of those quizzes are easily available online in a second window.

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I'm getting Bravely Default, I'm probably getting Lightning Returns though I may just borrow it, Donkey Kong, and maybe South Park and Broken Age. If I can get a PS4 in time I will be picking up Infamous as well.