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"Stuff You Should Know" did recent podcasts on Charles Darwin and Natural Selection that were pretty good. They don't go into a lot of depth, but it will help you understand the fundamental stuff.

Also Richard Dawkins seems like a prick.

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In January I played Super Mario 3d World which I would probably give 5 stars. So far I haven't enjoyed any 2014 games enough to say they were 5 stars.

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I've been meaning to try this series for years, but haven't found a reasonable entry point, so this is good news.

Well Suikoden 1 is on PSN right now and it leads directly into Suikoden 2. You can even important your save for an awesome bonus!

Neat! I'm totally buying that.

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I think Dragon Age 2 is terrible, but you should still probably play it. You're basically guaranteed not to hate it as much as people like me do if you expect it to be bad going in. And even if I do think it's shitty, there's certainly some stuff to be enjoyed in that game. Also for as much as they are trying to distance themselves from the second game, this certainly seems like more a sequel to that then the original, at least all of the seeds they planted in 2 seem to be coming to fruition. That and there are 2 DA2 characters returning.

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I've been meaning to try this series for years, but haven't found a reasonable entry point, so this is good news.

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Yeah that Jaime scene was really weird. All I could think was "Whoa, sure don't remember this in the books." It really flies in the face of all the things they've done to make him more likable. I imagine they'll try and clean it up a little in the next episode somehow, because it really doesn't make any sense for the arc of his character. Other than that I thought it was a great episode. I'm concerned with how quickly they're burning through Arya plot though. All I remember after this was something with a boat, The Hound somehow sustaining a wound and dying, and then Arya heading to Braavos, and I'm not sure how they're going to stretch that across the next seven episodes.

Also if people are growing impatient with Dany's story right now, I can't wait to see their reactions over the next couple of seasons. I do think it would be better if instead of 6-7 minutes of Dany time every episode we got 20 minutes every 3 or so.

Also I love Davos (Captain Beard), and I feel like I'm the only person, because my friends all think he's boring as shit. Can someone tell me if I'm alone or not?

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It's better with nothing on it.

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They are fools if they expect to sell that many copies on a new system.

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I am pro peep.

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There are about ten more polite ways to call someone overweight. I don't think people usually mean "skinny" in a bad way, and even if they did, there are fewer negative connotations associated with it, so it still wouldn't be as bad.