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@hailinel: Your low opinion of game critics is changing the conversation into something else. I don't have any comments to make about their quality or whether they should have an education or not. My sticking point is that you believe critics in other mediums have more valuable opinions than those of their fans. At what point does a film critics opinion become more worthwhile than the layman's, or a literature critic? What is it about their schooling that assures their opinion (something subjective by definition), is of more worth than someone whose devoured just as much media but didn't take quizzes on it?

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@video_game_king: It didn't work.

@hailinel So if you believe that game critics don't have a more worthwhile opinion than you, then at what point does a critics opinion become more meaningful than a layman's? Or would you not consider yourself a layman like them?

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@video_game_king: It only seems that way because the subject changed slightly. If all goes according to plan then my point will circle back around. At least I think.

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@hailinel: So you think a couple years of schooling is more valuable than a decade of experience?

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@hunter5024: I think an educated critic has a stronger base from which to form an opinion than a layman. I'm not saying a layman's opinion is worthless, only not worth as much.

Really? The majority of game critics think Dynasty Warriors is terrible (with a couple of exceptions). You're not a reviewer, but you think it's awesome. Is your opinion worth less than theirs is in this scenario? I certainly don't think so.

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@hunter5024: I'd argue that someone that has more of an educated background in narratives, literary or cinematic, is more adept at judging narratives in games than a layman like Jeff. That doesn't negate Jeff's opinion, but it's an opinion that's difficult to take seriously.

So you think a critics opinion is worth more than a layman's? That's where I'm disagreeing with you.

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I remember earlier in the year Patrick talked around Zeno Clash IIs twist so poorly that I was pretty sure I was able to guess what it was based on the hints he gave, and now that he's legit spoiled it I can confirm that this was the case.

I believe The Swapper is spoiled between 27:00 and 29:00 for anyone else who cares.

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I wouldn't consider Jeff's ability to analyze a narrative as strong as he can gameplay, and I'll leave it at that.

I strongly disagree with Jeff about this, but I don't think it's a matter of ability. I don't feel like a talented critics analysis of a story is necessarily a better perspective then that of a laymen, it's just a different perspective, only treated with more value because it's more applicable to like minded folk who are more likely to engage in such analyses.

Unless you simply meant you wouldn't trust his analysis to be of use to you personally. That's fair.

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@theblue: I'm not necessarily saying we should, just checking how everybody feels about it. I should've phrased that better. Personally I'd only even consider Mega Kangaskhan, and maybe Mega Gengar, everyone else I'd be pretty opposed to banning as well.

And yeah people have been pretty good about sleep. We've definitely seen some evasion, but I haven't faced it, so I'd be interested to hear the opinions of people who have.

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