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Like you said, I would really like it to be in Texas because that gives them the widest geographical distribution for the country. It would only be a 1 day drive for me! I kind of doubt it though, probably going to be stupid Chicago.

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Intelligent Systems.

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I wouldn't flee the country, I would just change my identity in this one.

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I wish I was interested in pretty much every game I'm not interested in.

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I just made the same mistake that I made 4 months ago!

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I thought this was a great Wrestlemania. All the stuff with Bryan and the authority was great. Batista and Orton were much better than I expected. The Diva and Andre matches were stupid good fun. I even thought the Cena match was okay. That streak match though... I rooted against Undertaker in both HBK matches, CM Punks, and a few others, I think it's more interesting for it to end. But man, not like this. The destruction of the streak is something that they could've used to get a lot of momentum for anybody, or even just cause an incredible moment, and it just seems like they wasted something they'll never have the chance to get back. It feels like the only reason they did it this way was because absolutely nobody expected it to happen like that, and that would get people talking (and it totally worked). In a way I suppose that's kind of interesting, creating a moment that feels like total bullshit, but it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. If it were a good match at least that would be something. Maybe it was the fake Undertaker.

Still, awesome PPV, really fun night.

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I would've said both until Taker's match tonight! But I'm willing to say both again after the main event.

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I agree with these rules. Did we want to consider limiting the number of legendaries?

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If it's my first time hanging out with someone I actually try not to put myself in a situation where their company is the only thing to keep me occupied, it's just a lot of pressure for both parties involved. So I recommend against just getting coffee. I suggest you come up with some sort of activity that you guys can talk about afterwards. Movies are the obvious answer, but there's other options. Like fucking laser tag! You could play air hockey afterwards (which is a double great idea if she's wearing a low cut shirt). I don't know if she's into that kind of stuff, but if she isn't, then she is an enemy of fun, and you don't want to know her anyways.

Don't listen to me though, I've been single for 5 years.