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The Grand Canyon is America's butt crack, and the rest of Arizona is its pile of shit.

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I don't have any, but there's a few characters I'd really like figures for. I'm jealous of your Zero Suit Samus one. There's a Makise Kurisu figure that I've wanted for a while, but it's like 150-200 dollars so I'll never ever be able to afford it. The price is where it always breaks down for me, there's always something more practical I need to buy.

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I eat Totinos. Because if I wanted to spend more than 2 dollars on a pizza, I would get real pizza.

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I kind of do what you do, look for lists of the best stuff ever made, but I do it a little more specifically. Instead of the best books ever made I'd look for the best books in a specific genre I'm interested in. I'd read a lot of lists like these, see which novels are repeat offenders on these lists, do a little research on them, and decide which ones are most interesting to me. Then if I really like one I might look up which books are similar, this is helpful because people often speak in relation to other books, they might say stuff like "It's The Wheel of Time of Sci Fi" for example which means nothing if you've never read Wheel of Time. If you don't read a lot it's really about developing your tastes, figuring out which genres you're interested in, what you know you like, what you know you don't and so on. Once you know these tastes really well, it becomes a lot easier to find good stuff to read.

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Soda. To anyone who says Pop, prepare to be civil warred.

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This is the version I played, and this is pretty standard. It actually seems worse now than it was when it came out, I keep intending to try the game without patches to see if it runs better this way. I don't think this is so much a ps3 problem as a console problem though, my friend played it on 360 and had some super weird graphical issues.

Most of it's really minor stuff though, fixed by a soft reset. The only part where it really fucked up for me was the blind templar quest in the alienage. I recommend you just skip that one, because it consistently fucked up for me.

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I don't think there's supposed to be any deeper meaning.

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Aztec mythology would be cool too.

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I saw Capn 'Merica Winter Soldier. It was pretty good. I was hoping for a little more fish out of water stuff, they could've cut 10 minutes of explosions and intrigue to add a little pathos and human drama to the story. I certainly enjoyed the intrigue but the story had some faults. It relied a little heavily on elements of the past. It was very much a sequel to the first movie, and fuck if I remember shit about that. In the comic the winter soldier stuff was cool because Bucky was like this super important character with decades of history. It didn't have the same impact at all in the movie, because they didn't spend nearly enough time building him up in the first one, nor did he have anywhere near as long of an absence. Overall that part of the story just seemed a little silly in this context. I didn't buy it. Also I think there are outside factors working against these Marvel movies. How am I supposed to feel tension about a scene where a character is dying, if I know that this character has a contract with 6 more movies in it? Kind of hard to blame the movie for that, but it's a little frustrating. I suppose that's just something you have to live with because of the way they've decided to do these films. Still I enjoyed my time with it. The dissolution of shield makes for an interesting wrinkle, there was lots of good action, some good characters, and it's always nice to watch Scarlett Johansson. 7 Stars and Stripes out of a possible 10 Stars and Stripes.

I also saw The Knights of Badassdom because I don't know. That movie is just as stupid as it looks. The script kind of lets the premise do all of the work, the writing was just really bad, they relied too heavily on the talent of the actors to make the jokes work, and the leads weren't good enough to pull this off. Steve Zahn, Jimmi Simpson, and Peter Dinklage were kind of funny occasionally I suppose. The biggest problem I have with this movie is it's very much making fun of the role playing crowd, when really those are the only people who might enjoy a movie like this. A poor choice, they should've tried to laugh with the nerds instead of at them. 2 out of 10 foam swords.

Also Danny Pudi has bit roles in both of these films. I propose it is because both of these movies are set in the same universe.