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I think they hold up great gameplay wise. The issues those games have aren't a result of their age at least, they were there at launch.

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It would be funny if they got Ninja Theory to do it. Seriously though, some better writers would be really cool. This criticism applies to most Capcom games. Atmosphere is also really important, and they didn't give it enough attention after 4. I would prefer if they dropped the co-op as well. The feeling of isolation was something I enjoyed before they introduced that, at least with Ashley you didn't have her around 100% of the time. Plus when she died it sucked, but it at least sucked because it was your fault, if your co op buddy dies you just get mad at them, and if your AI partner dies it just feels like you're being punished for not getting a real person to play with you. As far as the puzzles and stuff go, I'm not really sure, all I know is RE5 did a bad job of breaking up the shooting segments.

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I like the GTA one, and the one where Egoraptor can't handle it at all.

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They haven't had an interesting announcement since Wii Fit Girl, and I'm starting to think that might be the last one.

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Ecco The Dolphin.

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Neat. I hope, but also doubt, that it is true. I can't see them getting away with another "3d Pokemon Battler" now that the handheld games are 3d and they'll certainly want to release something Pokemon related on the Wii U in order to fill that void, but this seems too ambitious and cool to be true.

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So Wrestlemania won't always be included? Bummer. Great deal for people who watch more than 2-3 ppvs a year though.

Edit: Psst. Do you guys think it will be as easy to share accounts on this as it is for Netflix? Any word on how many devices can be activated at any given time?

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I have seen people pissed off about it. I've seen quite a few rants by furious fans about how they're pursuing "free to play bullshit" instead of "giving back to the fans that made them who they are." It's kind of an irrational mentality, though I think people do have a right to be upset that they didn't deliver on their promises. You don't announce a 3 part episodic series then only release 2 episodes, years apart, and leave everything on a cliffhanger. That's just not a nice way to treat fans. If they'd been communicative about it then it would be a completely different story, but they've never been frank about the state of Half Life as far as I know.

That being said I don't like Half Life, so I'm just a passive observer.

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I want it so bad.

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I think the blanket legendary ban is the best solution currently. Once the bank launches it's worth discussing, but availability makes it unfair to allow people to use them during this tournament because it will give them a pretty distinct advantage if they're fighting people who couldn't get ahold of any. Breedable bank pokemon are a different story though.

Personally I think the number of viable but not too viable legendaries is so small that its worth banning them rather than dealing with the hassle of figuring it out on our own or accidentally letting through a pokemon whose too powerful. I'm certainly not opposed to doing an "anything goes" tournament at some point though for those of us who want to show off our awesome legendary pokemon.