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1. Bioshock Infinite. Booker felt too fragile during the fire fights. I feel that way about most first person shooters though, and most of them are even worse about it.

2. Last of Us. The combat in Winter sucks, because it funnels you into a specific gameplay style that was exactly the opposite of the way I wanted to play. Also it takes a couple hours before the combat gets good to start with.

3. Pokemon Y. The main campaign is waaayyyyy too easy, I actively tried to make it hard on myself and still breezed through it. Also there wasn't any significant end game content, and the low number of new Pokemon is a bummer.

4. Fire Emblem Awakening. Big difficulty curve problems. The story wasn't as good as I've seen the series do before.

5. Gone Home. They wouldn't let me read the sex note. What's up with that man? I paid my twenty dollars. ALSO! That game cost 20 dollars. What the fuck?

6. A Link Between Worlds. I don't have any nostalgia for LTTP, so recycling so much stuff from that came across more lazy than awesome to me.

7. Grand Theft Auto 5. Car glitch was a total bummer, Franklin didn't get the props he deserved, that dockworking mission is boring, the game felt like it could've used a couple more heists, and the online is dumb.

8. The Swapper. Puzzle games are haaardddd.

9. Pikmin 3. Should have had a couple more maps, could have shaken up the mechanics a little more often like in the arctic area.

10. Papers, Please. The endings were kind of unsatisfying because they were only a couple pictures and a few lines of text.

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Of the twenty or so new games I played this year, Tomb Raider was probably somewhere around 15th best. Obviously because I'm a filthy misogynist.

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It's certainly a factor in the quality of the game, though bigger isn't necessarily better. I've played just as many games with too large of a scope as too small of one.

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I've never heard those before.

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Me and my friends were playing Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

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@goranp: The date is still currently listed as TBD. Their eshop troubles are mostly behind them though, so I can't imagine they'll be waiting too much longer.

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I really like my Wii U too, but I never expected to be playing it more than once every couple months. The only real complaint I have is that some of their digital stuff isn't where it needs to be. The whole graphics thing is a really dumb complaint though, most of the Wii U games I've played look beautiful, and they didn't need more power than the competition to do it. I'll take Graphics - Artistic over Graphics - Technical any day, thank you very much.

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I played it for like an hour which was long enough for me to realize that whatever blew everybody else's skirt up wasn't gettin' me. Which is not to say it was bad, but I feel like some people are really connecting with the mechanics in that game in a way that I totally wasn't.

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@sharpless said:

It says a lot about this community that being indirectly compared to a woman is interpreted as a "sick burn."

And what it says is nothing good. To be clear.

Sorry Patrick.

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@ch3burashka said:

@gladiator_games said:

I got fired from a nice cushy insurance job. My girlfriend of six years broke up with me the day after when her parents offered her a car to do it.

Just time duder, just time.

Bittersweet comfort, but if she was willing to give your relationship of 6 years up for a car, probably not the one.

Yeah. Just try to be happy that you're not dating an apparently horrible person with an apparently horrible family anymore.