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I might consider them a friend of mine, but I wouldn't consider myself their friend. If that makes sense.

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@egg Diablo learns an ability called "Enc None" that you can equip which will disable all random encounters. I bet you could totally beat the game with that on too, just get really good at triple triad, have your GF learn the ability that converts cards into items, have your GF learn the ability that converts items into magic, and then use that magic with the Junction system to compensate for your lower level.

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Yeah I was really excited about Diddy last time around, but never had fun with him after trying him out.

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I would totally play a new Tony Hawk game.

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I think trying to play Final Fantasy in any sort of order is a flawed plan, but playing the worst ones first just sounds like a disaster. You should just pick the ones that you personally think are the most interesting.

@egg: You can disable random encounters in Final Fantasy 8.

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Promise her Get Well Pizza, and then dont do it. Or even better, do it, eat it by yourself, and then tell her about it when you're done.

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I think it is right now, but it makes more sense as time goes on, because exclusives on the opposite system keep building up, but the price keeps going down.

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So which legendaries do they consider legal? I'm having trouble finding a list.

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@jadegl: She certainly has the right to express her opinion. Just as we have the right to believe her opinion totally sucks.

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I still support the blanket legendary ban. Particularly the genies. I feel like if we allowed legendaries, then just about every team would have legendaries. That's boring to me. In the future I'd like to do a tournament where we can use them all though.