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Psst. It's the Female Protagonist from p3p.

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There were these old ladies at my work today talking about how gross this movie was. So that was pretty funny.

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I don't like Mitsuru. She's the worst. There. I said it.

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@jinx1: Clauses like these have appeared in official pokemon tournaments. And I think as an option in Pokemon Battle Revolution as well if I'm not mistaken. So it's not just a Smogon thing. Though you're right, some of their rules are kinda dumb. Also were you voting against both or just Evasion? You didn't specify about sleep.

@darthorange Do it do it do it.

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I support the Evasion Clause (outlined here).

Sleep Clause I'm kind of indifferent to. I think abusing sleep is as lame as everyone else does, but I also like Breloom, and I think the sleep clause as its written now kind of discourages using sleep at all. So i'm not going to vote to pass it, but I won't vote against it either.

That leaves the tally 2-1 in favor of Evasion Clause and 1-0 in favor of Sleep Clause.

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I get a Double Double with only cheese, an order of fries I never finish, and a diet coke. I think In n Out is hella overrated. For all the hype, it's still just a slightly above average fast food burger. I also think their fries suck, and the complete lack of variety on their menu makes it kind of uninteresting. Just listen to how similar everyone's order is.

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Man bummer I've spent like 3 days doing legendary clean up in all of my gen 4 and gen 5 games, then transferring them to White and White 2 for the bank launch. I hope they feel the need to give us another free pokemon to apologize for the delay. Not that I feel they need to, but I'm not one to turn down a free pokemon.

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I think cheesy romance suits their brand of storytelling well, and since they didn't do it in 12, 13, or 13-2 (and I doubt they'll do it in Lightning Returns), then I'd say they're due.

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I saw The Great and Powerful Oz because. What the fuck are you doing Sam Raimi? 4 artists I lost respect for out of a possible 4 artists I could have lost respect for.

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@klei said:

You know what, guys? It never occurred to me that any of those characters were gay. Why? Because I simply don't care. They can be bi, straight or gay, I don't care at all. It's not even something I notice since, to me, it is just so normal. I have many gay, lesbian and bi friends, to the point that to me, it's perfectly normal.

Yeah man. I have so many black friends that I can't even tell they're black, because it's just so normal to me that I don't even notice unless someone points it out.