GOTY 2012

I hate to be that guy but looking back on 2012, this was a pretty disappointing year for games. A lot of the titles I was looking forward to the most were delayed, a lot of the games I expected to be awesome were really disappointing, and the stagnation of the current consoles has led to a lot of boring reiteration. However because of these things, this year a lot of the smaller and less conventional titles were given a chance to take the spotlight, and I had time to play a lot of games that I'm not sure I would've given the attention they deserved had it been any other year. So rather than characterize 2012 as a disappointment, lets look at it from a different perspective and say that it was an interesting year that's nothing like we normally see. A year where story based games thrived, while blockbuster action titles grew stale, a year where indie games came out in force, and triple a franchises flopped. Here are the ten games that I enjoyed the most in this special year.

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