GOTY 2013

It was a lovely year for games, wasn’t it? I would categorize 2013 as the year in gaming that exceeded my conservative expectations across the board. Favorite series of mine released some of the best games in their respective franchises, sequels and reboots managed to sell me on series I never liked before, smaller and independent games were as good as ever, and the disappointments were few and far between. Not only that, but the release of the new consoles has finally begun the jumpstart that we’ve all desperately been waiting for. The future of video games looks promising, and while there are a lot of reasons to want to leave 2013 in the dust, it’s always important to take a moment to look back on the parts that brought us joy, and for me, that includes the ten games on this list.

Before we begin, here are the usual disclaimers: As always I wasn’t able to finish absolutely everything, though I certainly tried. Whether for financial or time related reasons, the ones I’m most sorry to have missed are: Super Mario 3d World, Assassins Creed IV, Saints Row IV, Pandora’s Tower, Dragon’s Crown, Guacamelee, Ni No Kuni, and Shin Megami Tensei IV.

And of course, there are always more games I’d like to praise then the ten listed, whether because there wasn’t enough room or because they didn’t qualify for other reasons. For these I intend to do a follow up blog, so stay on the edge of your seat until I decide that I don’t have enough time to write that.

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