GOTY 2011

We are 6 full months into 2012, and this list is only getting less and less relevant as time goes on! In the year of 2011, I was broke as hell. So broke I couldn't even afford gamefly, let alone actual games. So I've spent much of the first half of 2012 catching up on last years releases now that I have a job. There's still some games that I haven't played that I would like to, but it's time to finally bite the bullet. Here's a list of the games I would've liked to get to but couldn't and below that a list of the finalists in order (!)

Didn't play- Sonic: Generations; wanted to get to this, but c'mon. C'mon. This wasn't making the list. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together; As it's a remake I don't feel too bad about not waiting. Radiant Historia; I'm about 5 hours into this game and totally not digging the combat, I will finish it sometime but it's put me off too much so far to consider waiting.

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