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@PulledaBrad: The lamest reasoning ever is the one that pulls on "first world problems". Things can get better, even if the status quo is better than it is somewhere else in the world. And things being worse somewhere else doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to get things better where you are.

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I think the reason why he can't admit it's their fault is because then "the people" would have an admission of guilt and grounds for refunds or even fraudulent advertising on Steam, which would probably mean getting ejected from Steam.

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Naturally, it feels like Friday today, because tomorrow is a national holiday (in Finland)! Patrick is already getting ready to celebrate the Finnish Independence Day on the 6th of December! Yay for Patrick! :)

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And they released Witcher 2 as a mac native as well! Red is so cool :D

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Sure, make a comparison. Find me a laptop with a resolution like that and the same processing power in the same form factor. Challenge accepted?

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@Pinworm45: Is it completely unfathomable to you that some people actually enjoy being offensive?

Dude, stop digging. Your hole is already deep enough. I'm SURE that assholes love being assholes.