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@bananasfoster: It's pretty weird that you somehow believe Nintendo aren't in it for the bottom line.

They are companies, all of them are in it for the profits. But MS has been public about wanting to own the living room for decades now, and seems to have gotten into the business when Sony proved how mass market gaming systems could be, especially tied to media consumption, and how much of a threat to MS's plan they were. Meaning, the gaming is just a means to an end, and not necessarily a core interest.

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Think about it, if Nintendo would make a Third-party supported hardware like the PS4 or Xboxone + a Nintendo gimmick and Nintendo games. Then they could sell a lot of consoles. To bad There Console Rotation is way off .

Not necessarily.

One of the reasons the PS2 killed the Dreamcast and why the Xbox managed to gain any ground at all is by launching their consoles after their competition. It's shortcut to making sure that every port looks better on your console than everyone elses. YOu know how everyone is complaining about how much better PC games look than PS4 games? They are going to be doing that for the next 8 years. If NItnendo jumped in now with a better console..

This is an interesting statement. I don't disagree necessarily, but the biggest argument I've heard for the last decade and a half is to sell FIRST. MS got off the ground with the Xbox, but the PS2 sold 150 million units that gen. And at least with the Bombcrew, (who are clearly not always right, but were covering games during the time) they posit much of MS's initial success was cast off Sega fanboys jumping to their platform. The next gen, MS got out first and pretty much closed the gap with the Playstation. This gen the Wii U has been a sales tire fire, but there's all kinds of problems associated with that launch.

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Hmm...I wonder if EXALT will be in the game. I'm expecting some fallout and tough choices in regards to "enemy of my enemy" type things where you might sacrifice innocent civilians to help EXALT to in turn get EXALT help.

Of course given how this story is going, I'd think a twist would be that our XCOM is pretty much dead, and this XCOM is secretly being run by EXALT. Alien tech in shining cities where the citizens (and the foot soldiers) are being gene modded with an infrastructure to keep them all in line. That is pretty much exactly what EXALT wanted. Just need to get rid of the pesky aliens that are currently in charge.

Would set up another even more desperate game that is pretty much in line with how XCOM goes.

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Drobot is coming for ya!

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Just rechecked the footage, apparently there is sprinting in the game like one of the functions of the Project Nevada mod for Fallout New Vegas.

Edit: Its under endurance under the SPECIAL menu

Seems they got a lot of ideas from various FO mods. (Buildable settlements/player homes/caravans, modding weapons and gear, Vertibirds, etc) Which is great. I'm hoping more organic incorporation of mods is our future.

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Are skills really neccesary though? We still have perks and those are what really change the game. Do we need oblivion/morrowind style shooting where I aim with my scope at someones head and fire but then the game decides that I missed anyway? Are skills just something they have to put in just because they have always been there? Things like sneak and repair could easily be boiled directly into your normal stats or just straight into perks imo.

Well, to be fair to that, putting something in your scope doesn't necessarily mean you hit it. Especially if either of you are moving and you aren't taking into account wind, elevation, distance, thermal effects...whatever. Which is all what I assumed was accounted for with a skill score.

I get video games have taught us otherwise, at some point convention is convention even if its not true, and to be ultra fair, most video game shooting is done at practically knife fighting range, but I think there is a place for it, even if it bothers some.

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Crash N' the Boys or get out.

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I'd maybe play a remix that was just all boss fights from all the games.

I'd like that. I might also go for having to fight multiple, related bosses at the same time.

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Aside from it only being the first 6 games, I'm pretty pumped for this. I wish it was all 10 of the Mega Man games in one collection though. I hope they don't "gameify" the package by locking things behind play walls and not just giving me access to everything immediately. I have played these games many times in many forms over the years. If this is being billed as a preservation, I do not want to be forced to play something to gain access to content.

I'm wondering if its a rights issue (I believe this covers only the NES games) or if we will get them as DLC/sequel.

I just want to be able to fight Heat Man with the Ice Slasher. IE I want the game where I fight ALL of the Robot Masters.

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My only worry is that I probably take longer than 2 hours to troubleshoot games that aren't working. I guess I'd have to drop them a lot earlier when it occasionally happens.