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Seems to me like everyone is complaining about the poor boss design of multiple enemies in a battle. It's even worse in NG+ with added enemies to a couple of bosses. The other complaint is that all the bosses are easy except for the one hit kill bosses that are cheap. Gotcha deaths are all about paying attention to your surroundings and reading the messages on the ground. The tension of death around every corner is what makes the atmosphere. Variety to the deaths helps a lot.

I also started deprived and that dagger is so terrible, but you know what you're getting into starting with no gear. I tried killing that first ogre with no equipment and my fists, just because I knew it was possible.

That came up in an old Bombcast as Vinny was describing Dark Souls (Oct 2011 I think). He was on beams and then was killed by a hidden enemy. Conclusion? Stupidly frustrating. Still there were probably messages warning about that threat. I think a lot of reviewers (and by extension the average game playing audience) just had to unlearn a lot of their habits of rushing into gameplay, clicking through text.

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I skipped the last panel. I will leave that for the last day of my life, otherwise there will be nothing to live for.

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@giantstalker said:
Enterprise D

I'm just kinda surprised it's taken so long

I think there are better angles, though in motion not much beats that 180 degree turn from below. This is my fave....though the cheeky starship Earth one was going to be my choice here. I really would have preferred the original concept and a science adviser getting to Gene though. A generation ship going to another galaxy makes a whole LOTTA more sense for what we already had in TOS, what we saw in early TNG, on a ship of the Galaxy class on a continuing mission.

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@huser: Correct only the platform they were released on.

Thanks a lot!

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I think the differences you mention in industry are very much at the heart for why it's different. Few industries demand several hundred dollar purchases up front just to engage in a partial selection of the potential $50-60 purchases of the actual media later on. The Blu-Ray/HD-DVD war was the most recent thing I could think of, and even then there was a clear leader from the start, and really only affected the enthusiasts. By the time it mattered to the mainstream there was a single entity. That, and how the media is locked up behind exclusivity, regions, and IP. It's true a band might break up, but if Capcom decides not to make Mega Man games, that's it for every fan of that series, and if they go under, good luck to any fan of any niche titles they owned. So fans get invested. Perhaps, too invested.

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Finally we get to hear something about this game.

Well they have said this is not a steampunk game...despite it looking like exactly that. Maybe not the sanitized cosplayer version, but pretty much everything else. Still excited by new IP's and fighting monsters in Victorian London doesn't get old for me.

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@bigjeffrey: I'm a bit slow here, will these games only work on the console they were released on, or could I play Persona 4 Golden on say a PS3?

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@oldirtybearon: Since Ryan passed there's a lot of dead air on long streams with only Jeff and Vinny left as the "funny guys". I'm not saying Drew's not funny but he doesn't take comedic initiative, and often Vinny's not even on the camera at the same time as Jeff. They need another personality badly.

I think Drew's asides, especially when he's being mock indignant "[Chie]'s wearing bicycle shorts!" are hilarious. That said, I think some more blood (new or old) would work OK. I liked the Jeff/Brad switcheroo with Vinny hosting.

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@bigjeffrey: Oh yeah they've been prophetic in bizarre ways. Like Starcraft 2 coming out in 3 years and stuff like that. I had a post listing them as I randomly went through the back catalog. It's not quite predictions, as most of the time it's off the cuff, and their ACTUAL attempts at prediction are often quite wrong, but yeah the odd comment that seemed completely insane at the time, turning out to be completely accurate is funny.

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@rorie: The funding is definitely wonky given the relative costs of some items or vehicles and I can't argue with the notion of being let into the candy shop but not being given any money to buy anything. That said, I would guess a high supersonic, VTOL-capable, potentially stealth, troop transport costs a lot, beyond a secret mountain base. Also, the US (and every other country) is definitely doing its own thing in response to the alien invasion. That they buy gear off you and then it's later reported that troops featuring that gear have been seen suggests that XCOM is not the only one killing xenos. Just like Marine cadets helping take down Cobra...