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To me the game just feels old. Not bad... just old, which I guess is kind of the point... but is alienating....

I feel like video games have gotten highly superficial and dumbed down over the past decade. I would love to see more games return to the core principles that made PC gaming so awesome in the late 90s, but I don't want shitty interfaces and piss poor VO. To entirely ignore the 15 years of the industry doesn't seem right.... it's feels like a bitter old man yelling at teenagers.

With that said I need to play more!

MY main problem is that as much as I loved Fallout 1 & 2, Wasteland reminded me of Brotherhood of Steel a lot more than those first two RPG masterpieces. I don't want to make squads.. I want to be THE GUY.

Oh that's an interesting take. As much as it didn't measure up to the overall quality of FO1 and 2, I LIKED Tactics for bringing in a real squad based design. It was missing an obvious avatar for the player but that was much less of a thing back, but certainly welcome in any modern incarnation. To each their own I guess.

I'm more curious to the technical difficulties I've heard a bit about.

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Nintendo sticks F-Zero cars in Mario Kart while steadfastly refusing to develop a new F-Zero game.

Sometimes I hate them so much.

As much internet buzz it gets and mindshare, F-zero doesn't sell. Gotta keep the lights on at Nintendo somehow.

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"Dry," Bowser? Does this mean we should attribute Bowser's princess-knapping to his struggles with alcoholism?

I thought so too, but it seems to be a Dry Bones version of Bowser.

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Love it. I've kinda wondered why the Mario Party series didn't expand to include Nintendo IP in general...and have minigames based on their actual games, like a minigame that was basically a Mario Kart track, or a Smash Bros fight, or multiplayer platforming levels, or various Mario Sports battles. They could also use the minigames to highlight their more obscure titles.

Thought the racing levels of Mario Galaxy could have simply been MK tracks for example.

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Love the work!

Though I am against the attempts at rebranding SF GB as West. It's GB. I'd accept 1 or maybe Prime though.

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This has to be a Tag fighting game right? It would be crazy not to be, but who knows.

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Cheers, Patrick! Keeping me amused for some time as ever.

That Brock Lesnar tweet is golden.

Now I'm left wondering if Patrick gets the real joke of that tweet, because holy shit that tweet is the best.

Barnwell does bring the thunder at times. I've grown to really enjoy his NFL work though his music snobbery (probably well earned) can be a bit much.

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Bring Dan on Alt+F1 for some 3D action.

But...what about Drake, John T.?

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@sub_o: So all we need is a stealth based survival horror JRPG based on licensed anime characters eating bone in meat? That actually sounds kind of amazing.

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So, Mario isn't even human? Craziness!

I think he might still be considered human. He is still of the Homo genus.