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So I guess they showed a lot more of the next Mass Effect game at Bioware's panel at SDCC this past week. They also talked a lot about it too. It will be focused on exploring planets and to help with that they've announced that the Mako will make a return in a major way.

There's some early footage of the new Mako roaming a planet in this news bit from the Escapist.

What do you guys think? I'm super excited myself! :)

I think the return of the Mako itself is a mild positive. But the idea that exploration might be returning with hopefully the tech and resources needed to actually make it interesting has me excited. I got into Mass Effect cause it was a weird hodgepodge of space operas and I thought the near complete abandonment of exploration was a major mark against the later games. I'm hoping the design philosophy finds itself in the level design as well. You have literal teleporters and cyber ninjas as class options...having to go down shooting galleries right into entrenched enemies with no options to bypass or change the parameters of the fighting seemed a bit weird.

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@humanity: What would a modern Fallout game look like for you then? What was wrong with them compared to the originals? I never played the original games at the time but I went back and had a mess around with Fallout 1 (it was stupidly hard).

I have seen a few people post things like this and it just always seems like a kind of snobby thing people say when their cool band has become popular, but you don't seem like the person who would have this attitude, so I am interested.

I understand that Fallout 3 didn't really match the tone of the original games but New Vegas seemed much more in tune with their humour and style. What was your problem - tone, depth, style? I'd be interested, because they are two of my favourite games of all time, so I would like to know how someone can have such a contrary opinion.

I've never done it myself, but apparently in the original Fallout, getting the actual best ending can only be done by sequence breaking (you are on a timer in that one and the best ending requires completing the main story super quick). It is in fact not canon as it was never intended to be achieved. So yeah, Fallout was hard.

And in regards to New Vegas, that is why I liked that more. The Fallout apocalypse is one by way of 50's nostalgia. Not just by stirring in the trapping of the 50's but in the glossing over of the likely very horrible realities in favor of the rose tinted good "new" days. Because if you are going to look under that rock, Paradise Falls would be a quaint resort town in comparison to what would actually be going on.

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The Chris Wager article has a strong basis, though I think he paints with as broad a brush as the journos he is criticizing. It is why I like the Endurance Runs in all their flavors, Patrick's deep dives exploring the frontier of his gaming landscape, and (to be determined) hiring new blood at Giantbomb. We lost Dave's Eastern European madness and the Flight Club has splintered. I want weirdo games played by people who will be advocates for them.

I've never played Divinity Orginal Sin so this might not be correct. From another site's podcast, someone thought it weird that you needed to press a specific button to be able to target an item in the world. Brad had a comment that targeting random items seriously degrades weapon durability. These would seem to tie together with the stated goals of the devs to give you alternatives for all obstacles. You don't have to find keys to open things, but then it appears to cost you combat effectiveness to rush through. I want that kind of nerding out and more people on staff increase the odds for oddball gaming interests. We just need an adventurous MMO'er and JRPG fan I think.

EDIT - And I found the Super Joystiq podcast illuminating on a related thing. It seemed unanimous that the crew preferred Fallout 3 with New Vegas being some level between just below and hot garbage with Xav even stating he reviewed New Vegas and not understanding the fans that prefer it (Broken on the Obsidian scale was given as the reason). Which I think highlights a couple things. The more obvious that maybe working under a review schedule doesn't do favors to certain games as compared to super fans that put in 300 hours or the folks that buy on Steam sales a year or two down the line. And the disconnect where internet folk can't possibly understand (or tolerate) someone that thinks differently who then fill up comments sections with angry rants...and the writers that face that not recognizing that these angry people might also not play the game the same way that game reviewers do (See also "waiting for a sale and, indirectly, patches" and "new gaming plus 7 times").

It's why I'd really like something less to do with Day 1 buying information and more a QL of a game where the QL'er spent a sizable amount of time with the game beforehand, perhaps well after the game came out so some of the community surrounding the more obscure elements of a game have developed (the Souls games or Etrian Odyssey party builds come to mind here).

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I'm kind of disappointed with the album as a whole after seeing the first two (fantastic) videos. There's some decent songs and the Polka remains the most fun part of his music, but that's about it.

I think it also has to do with mainstream music being pretty lame today. I wish he went for a Kanye song.

I'm wondering if he hasn't tried to get permission. Kanye doesn't strike me as the most self-effacing type to grant that permission.

If he doesn't get permission for something he usually puts it out for free because he never has to get the artist's permission to parody their songs.

He doesn't have to legally, but to Weird Al's credit as an artist it's something he does out of professional courtesy.

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I don't believe you should be worried about the next X-Men movies. You should be worried about one of the largest news/media companies in the US is trying to own one of the largest content pipelines in the US.

I definitely don't disagree. I picked that Bond flick for a reason. Obviously an overstatement of the risk in that, but it's not a trivial risk at all, certainly with the likely folding of CNN as a starting point and as you said the marshalling of Time Warner to push Murdoch's agendas. It's just my question was what popped into my head first.

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So apparently this might be a thing as reported on CNN.

Now the obvious thing is that the media mogul of Tomorrow Never Dies would no longer be a thinly disguised version of Murdoch. Dude would just about literally be that powerful if this goes through. And of course what to do with CNN in the hands of Fox. Those are much bigger, important things to worry about. But here's my question.

Anyone have any idea on how this would affect Fox's contract with Marvel? I would assume it wouldn't have any language in there specifically preventing it (because back in the 90's when it was made this whole scenario of Fox even making Xmen movies in 2014 likely was a longshot let alone this news) but it might involve rolling rights back to Marvel, maybe.

Bigger idea, layers of what ifs before it could even be a thing...would it be possible in a strange quirk of multimedia rights to crossover DC (which is owned by Time Warner) characters with the Xmen or Fantastic 4?

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I'm kind of disappointed with the album as a whole after seeing the first two (fantastic) videos. There's some decent songs and the Polka remains the most fun part of his music, but that's about it.

I think it also has to do with mainstream music being pretty lame today. I wish he went for a Kanye song.

I'm wondering if he hasn't tried to get permission. Kanye doesn't strike me as the most self-effacing type to grant that permission.

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Robin Hood Prince of Thieves on NES. 3rd person overhead action rpg, party based mass combat, 3rd person side view dueling.

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@mrwakka: That and like all boob armor, on the OTHER side of the surface you have metal directed to the middle of your the area where you keep all the lifesupport for the 3 pound pilot ensconced in your skull. At least this boob armor doesn't meet as a point or edge like the worst offenders.

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@hailinel: Well sure, anythings possible i suppose, but it's comic books i wouldn't have high hopes for that is all. Just seems like a slippery slope, but thats not the case apparently. We got some new lady taking Thors hammer and powers, then calling herself Thor? Isn't that just his name? Wasn't he named Thor before he got the hammer? I dunno! i don't follow comics that closely.

This is very, very low on the scale of comic book insanity that runs basically from "Spider-Man's marriage is erased by the devil" to "holy shit have you read anything that DC has done lately"

Q: So what exactly happened to change the old DC Universe to the new one?

A: In Flashpoint #5, we learn that the changes to the DC Universe were caused not by the Reverse-Flash (a.k.a. Eobard Thawne) as Barry Allen suspected, but rather Barry himself. After visiting his late mother’s grave on her birthday, Barry discovered that Reverse-Flash had killed her by traveling back in time. In a fit of grief, Barry went back in time as well to stop Thawne, but ended up accidentally changing history to the World of Flashpoint by “sucked in the entire speed force” which then shattered history “like a bullet through a windshield. This seems odd because somehow Barry’s mother being prevented from dying in the 1980s caused Frankenstein to kill Hitler in the 1940s in Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown.

Q: Wait, how did it cause Frankenstein to kill Hitler?

A: I have no idea. It also somehow Butterfly Effected into space and stopped Abin Sur from crashing his spaceship with Atrocitus in it, thus negating Hal Jordan’s origin story, so now he isn’t Green Lantern. The effects of time travel here aren’t taking place on a physical scale but symbolic; somehow, Barry Allen’s altering of the past changed the entire timestream in a four-dimensional ripple effect, rather than the simple chaos theory butterfly effect we’re used to thinking of.

DC done gone crazy. Though I will say that given how much alternate realities and time travel feature in comic books, if the events of the 1980's changed, that could lead to a change in some time traveling hijinks where Jack Knight goes back to meet his father in WWII and further changes the course of history. I've always thought it would have been interesting that instead of a huge Crisis, DC just canonized wildly varying character portrayals between editorial teams and writers and retcons as simply the consequences of background timetravel events gone awry.