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  1. Phantom Pain
  2. Mario Maker
  3. Just Cause 3
  4. Witcher 3
  5. Splatoon

That'll be the top 5 this year. I promise you. If I'm wrong, I'll eat a fucking shoe.

I'm wondering if they are going to have to drop the everyone gets a favorite that isn't TOO crazy on the top 10 list dealing that has been going on. With 8 Duders, and Metal Gear, that leaves a pretty narrow window for a top 10. I'm hoping they get more interesting with their lower tier awards so that many of the oddball favorites can get their due there so we can have a more appropriate (if much more acrimonious) Top 10. Of course I want Austin to push King of Dragon Pass for old game of 2015. If you made the right choices you could have Anglo Saxon/Vikings riding triceratops into battle.

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@t_wester said:

The photosynthesis part is completely bonkers btw. The avg photosynthetic rate of a c3* plant circa. 15 micromol CO2/m^2/sec**.

The "leaf area" of Quiet is her skin so ca. 16000 cm^2*** if she is lying prone sniping is only half of that active so 8000 cm^2 or 0,8m^2 if we make sure the conditions are ideal in therms of available water, temperature don't exceed optimum**** ignoring photorespiration etc and say there are 12hours = 43200 seconds of active photosynthesis. can we calculate the production.

15*0,8*43200 = 518400 micromoles or 0,5184 moles CO2 used

if we then use this formula:

6H2O + 6CO2 + energy → C6H12O6 + 6O2

and use the Molar mass of C6H12O6 = 180.15588 g/mol can we calculate that quiet is producing 93.39 grams of sugar or 355,6 kcal a day, a far cry from the 2000 needed. Even if her entire area somehow was active would she only produce 187 grams or 711,3 kcal while still staving to death.

She would have to increase her photosynthetic rate to 43 co2 mikromol/m2/sec**** way beyond the limit of even the most efficient plants. There is also the problem of where she is getting enough macro and micro nutrients without a root system.

But heynanomachines magical parasites son I guess.


*most plants are c3

**although it varies much

***quick google search

**** not very likely

***** still amusing all of the area is active

I was going to get to surface area (as all biology is basically in service of it), but you did a great job on the numbers. I was willing to concede (not having gotten the game) that photosynthesis was more shorthand for some advanced (nanomachines) photovoltaic system, but it appears not.

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I'd love a game that started out abstractly like a Civ game with a village, that you grew into a kingdom/empire and eventually a nation through an intermediate stage laid out like CK/EU and maybe even Hearts of Iron type games, and then proceeding through multiple levels of a 4X game. Your colored tiles would start as a dot on any given stage and keep expanding over the map, only for that map to zoom out back to a dot at key moments in development and repeat over many cycles of exploration and expansion.

Village (a dot)->Kingdom->Nation->World (the whole map)

The Earth (now a dot)->Solar System->Local stellar cluster->Galaxy(the whole map)

The Milky Way (another dot)->Local Cluster-> Supercluster->Universe (the whole map).

The last few steps might even represent a few cycles on their own.

Because of the way the game would scale and in keeping with how the EU games often play out, you could enter your 4x space exploration from an Earth that isn't unified and have oddities like a Western Alliance helping form a Federation with local aliens such as the Vulcans and an Eastern Coalition forming say an Earth Alliance with a loose mutual defense treaty with Centauri Prime.

It would cost a billion dollars to make, and take thousands of hours to play, but that is the dream.

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Ending spoilers:

It was interesting that all the Atlas stuff ended up being almost entirely unrelated to the crime itself. Makes me wonder just how much they had to cut out due to budgetary concerns -- or if, indeed, it was intended that way all along. Either way, I'd think the most satisfying move from here would be to connect the sequel to the threads they set up here. The story of Atlas and its crazy satanic influences must continue!

Communism was always a red herring.

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@ghostiet said:

@cale: New Vegas doesn't allow you to play past the main quest.

@ripelivejam said:

probably means all the enemies scale with you.

That worked "great" in Oblivion. I love when a random bandit has Daedric armor.

Yeah, I get the game design reason, but it can be a real drag. Especially if your companion AI isn't up to snuff. Or really the NPC's where random high level spawns can kill a town.

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I've been asking in the chat whenever Drake has been by to tell the story. If enough people do it maybe they will assuming they can or its not too dark.

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@itwongo said:

I did not like Dinklage's performance at all. He didn't have enough emotion to be a not-robot, but had too much emotion to be a robot. He hit this weird grey area that I didn't even know could be reached, and it just came off as dull.

And I never wanted him to sound like an emotionless robot anyway. It's the far flung future where hella advanced sciences work like magic. I don't want my robot, least of all my magical robot which came from the incredibly ancient space orb, to sound like Microsoft Sam.

I think that's the nail being hit. I mean sure we could have the 1960's era Star Trek computer or similarly dated (and grating) robot voices, but in reality who the hell would actually want to interact with such a voice for any length of time, let alone create it in the first place. Especially when you are operating in a tech environment that is just this side of magic.

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@arbitrarywater: What they need to do is record all of Ghost's lines with several different actors, Saints Row style.

I wonder if it randomly cycled mysteriously between several voices it would actually add enough to be interesting. Like the Borg only there is one microphone.

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Sounds dope. Looking forward to the story possibly being branching.

Might be asking for too much, but to further this point, I'd love it if they went the Sherlock Crimes & Punishment route and you could finger whoever (or some limited number of options) based on how you stacked the evidence against them. Don't have to get the right person, just the one you can convict...

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Tend to agree. I'd accept smaller, less perfectly mapped "open" worlds worlds that were denser. More stuff happening and more of it relevant or not, but there. Buildings that weren't just large blocks to climb on (if you can even do that much with them) except for the odd room or two that matters and often times not accessible from the bigger world outside anyways. Maybe someone could put together that combo of Sim(s) City that actually works and use that as the city your hero is saving.