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No offense intended at all, but I'll yet-again reiterate the misconception everyone seems to have about pixel-art games. People make SNES/NES/Genesis-inspired indie games because making pixel art is typically much easier than making a 3D game. You will see '64 and PS1-inspired games when development tools get a fuck-ton easier to use (although we're already at serious diminishing returns on that front, referring to Unity), because, let's face it, '64 and PS1 games look like total fucking trash, while SNES-era games are both gorgeous and easier to make, while also being much more iconic to many more people. And nope, "most current indie devs" didn't grow up in the SNES-era. It's 2014. There are a shitload of indie devs who grew up on PS1 and '64.

Pretty much this. Early pixel and 3D have important places in gaming history for what they ultimately ushered in, but I wouldn't think either are in much need of nostalgia driven revivals. IP's from the era sure, maybe even the gameplay, but not the art itself.

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Reading the original post just makes me appreciate how Jeff has a talent for saying off-the-wall stuff completely deadpan.

Having him lose his shit is rare, but that's because he can usually make something even better by calmly saying something ridiculous and witty.

It's a gift, my friends.

Oh I love Jeff's under his breath, seemingly shy introvert comments. Vinny asking there must be different classes of aircraft carrier, and Jeff throwing in...Galaxy class was a personal favorite of that style.

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There was that moment they realized they were going to have a social link with a fox in Persona 4. Greatest game ever I believe was said.

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I do the same in regards to naming files. It ensures my files are in chronological order regardless of any vagaries in date modified and whatnot.

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It doesn't really matter considering the metric system tends to be used by the wider scientific community, even within America. Anything else is just colloquial (not all the time I know), and this may be news to you, but there are plenty of people in the UK (older folks generally) that use the imperial system for day to day language. Most people are comfortable using the imperial system for that.

What do you mean things will sort themselves out anyway? There's no debate, no one cares what the average American uses, and the people that do care just use metric anyway.

Pretty much the answer. Other than making engineering courses harder by having to keep the units straight in working with slugs into newtons and everyday usage, metric is just easier.

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Is this a typical list? I've never seen these before, though I could have guessed a lot of the entries. How does the voting work? Is it graded on points (ie 1st place gets 10, second gets 9, etc) or just tallied votes in each category? An interesting look behind the curtain, Alex.

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@negativecero: That's sorta the thing that bothers me. It seems that the people who hate it in the US try to put down the people who really like it. I became a fan after the 2008 World Cup and I haven't looked back.

@extomar: I know that's why marketing doesn't like it but that's probably why I've grown to like it. Two long stretches of play and a short break in between. 2 hours of your time compared to the usual 3 in the US.

@leebmx: I can see that. At that point the sport was dead in the US. It's changed since then so maybe in the end it was a smart decision.

I'd say the answer to your question lies in the second post in this thread. Like most things, it's not so much the actual thing being discussed, its the more vocal of the fandom. Like with Apple...or consoles...or anything really.

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Please don't let anyone from polygon close to giant bomb ...

I don't know, I like Justin McElroy, and to a lesser extent Griffin the Younger.

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I'd like them to get big enough to be able to capably subdivide a little. Do things they are individually into and not have to be the lone voice in the wilderness about say Vinny way back in 2009 in regards to Souls games, Brad's sporadic DOTA, or even Patrick's crazy sojourn into Monster Hunter. Hell, one of the most beloved things on this site is the Endurance Run for a JRPG/High school simulator. I think a few more people would be critical to allow for that both in terms of available man hours and potential range of interests. Beyond opening the doors to more varied long form (but self contained) content it might help a little with the end of year stuff where more than one person can argue a game's merits while muddying the waters with more games being discussed. Win all around I say. Just don't make it so big the crew don't interact regularly.

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For the cats from other gaming websites and game devs, it might serve to have more than one from each source show up at the same time if possible. Obviously the McElroys are gonna roll well together, but I think it might help to be less of a thing in trying to jump into conversations. I'm guessing that was/is intimidating for any new person jumping into Bombcast waters for example. Obviously, some people are simply prone to hanging back in a conversation and everyone has off days (particularly at E3) so I'm not singling any one person out here.

Also, I think mixing people up in their seating is useful, so that while they might have a familiar face with them who they are comfortable shooting the shit with, they now have to talk across the room and thus engage everyone over there at the same time.

EDIT - Loved the talking over conferences way you went about things. I think Nintendo's conference was the only minor static which I might attribute to it being a canned presentation that didn't have built in pauses for audience approval or deck chair shuffling a live conference would provide you to make comments. To be clear, loved the work this year. I can't say I'm an informed source for improvements, hopefully these help within that reality.