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Just in time for the Bombcast hopefully. This will be exciting.

Giant Bomb has terrible luck

That is hilarious. To carry the meme further, Brad is terrible at hosting podcasts.

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Just in time for the Bombcast hopefully. This will be exciting.

Always bet on Nintendo. They have been doing this shit for so long, and have outlived so many of their competitors, they're not going to bow out any time soon.The mobile and PC arena is too large a slice of the gaming pie for a company to outright ignore, this move will keep Nintendo relevant for years to come..

It is insane that Sony still hasn't made a PSPhone, rather than persisting with their ridiculous Vita nonsense. It is beyond insane that Microsoft still hasn't found a way to properly leverage their potential for utter dominance of PC gaming. I'd expect similar moves from both of them in the near future.

MS wants to own your living room. That has been something they willingly told people on tours of their campus back in the 90's and probably why they got in with the Xbox when it looked like Sony was well on its way of doing just that with the Playstation brand. I think the market shifted on them, so dominating PC's might in some way achieve that living room future, but I think that's why they've had such a weird time doing that.

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These are great! Great job duder!

Hopefully they start doing Unplugged more often.

Something seems up with Rorie, but yeah I'd like to see more, though for this crew they might need to expand their horizons from bog standard D&D.

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1. The Power Gamer:

2. The Experience Hound:

3. The troll who is just roleplaying:

4. Armchair "Rulemaster":

5. The Delicate Flower:

Hmmm. I'd say just take each character from Knights of the Dinner Table, especially the extended cast and that would pretty much cover these and most others. Excellent distillation of the worst offenders!

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I'm hoping for a Supaidaman revival given his newfound canonicity in the latest event, but I'm also rooting for long-term success for Spider-Gwen.

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@notnert427: I'm with you there, all theories are are just attempts at explanations with the limited info we have. The prevailing theory is just the one that seems most reasonable giving what we know. That doesn't preclude it from being proven wrong when we have more information. This just seems like a reasonable conjecture given the info available; it makes a lot of assumptions, but assumptions that are normally made, therefore it is sound until the math us proven wrong or more information is discovered that proves it wrong or incomplete.

That is more or less the gist of it, but just to be clear, a scientific theory, to be accepted as one, is set to a pretty rigorous standard. It's not how Science Officer Spock uses the term. Explaining everything that has been observed without contradiction? That is simply the first step. It ALSO has to make testable predictions, that then get tested and have to remain true. That's the big part that the layperson doesn't always consciously realize and so sometimes you get people that feel safe dismissing the eggheads "theories" as just some ideas they cooked up.

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I liked Patrick's stuff on GB and I think it was a dumb mistake to leave. I think everyone in games media wants to be at GB and it's foolish that he isn't anymore. They need to hire Kyle Bosman from GT and get all of the good people (The McElroys) from Polgyon before that ship sinks. Oh and they need more diversity in the staff really bad. Giant Bomb needs more videos and more types of videos, more video editorials, opinion pieces, and off topic stuff.

Griffin pushing Pokemon on the GB crew would be worth it.

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Yikes some of you people with your bandwagoning and thinly veiled insults, even after the guy left. He's basically writing what he did here and it's all good quality, just at a slightly higher volume. Don't believe he's written a super in depth feature yet (ala EVE), but none of it reeks of clickbaitness that people like to bandy around about Kotaku. There's also a way to just view his articles for those of you deathly afraid of viewing Kotaku's site.

I'll miss him for nothing else being another voice in the wilderness in regards to some niche games. It's kind of a trip going through old Bombcasts and how much the new blood has given different games and genres an advocate.

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Since GB is under CBS now, stuff like this makes me wonder and concerns me about the future of GB. Any one know? How much control do the GB folks have in terms of their destiny?

Giantbomb has a few things going for them over other gaming sites.

  • They are a small/lean group. Because of this they do not cost nearly as much to support as the bigger sites.
  • CBS is much more stable parent company then AOL. AOL has been a zombie of a company for years now.
  • Giantbomb offsets some of their cost by having a successful subscription model. This is something a lot of sites have a lot of trouble implementing. I

To that point, it's why I've come to accept the turnover in the GB staff. We get people with whole new gaming pasts that can talk about things that would have been roundly scoffed at just a few years before. Though weirdly the biggest turnaround as a GB thing was Demon's/Dark Souls.