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It took me way too long to realise that it was Pikachu talking, and not a generic trailer announcer. Can't wait to see how they deal with Detective Pikachu's drug addiction.

Heinz Field ain't just a place in Pittsburgh

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I wonder if Pikachu's mind palace is full of Pokeballs.

Ketchup and Catsup. And Ketchem.

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I'd add Cyberpunk 2077. We are rapidly approaching 4 years since the original announcement (with presumably SOME time spent working on it before that to get the original creator on board and selling it) with no idea when it will be out. Given the source material and the quality of their past work, I think it will be gloriously praised by a segment of the population and have sharp edges that others will dislike. As an example, people have already complained about the fact there will be unsubtitled dialogue in foreign languages that will require cyberwear to translate, but if you, the player, know the language you can just respond (of course this being the internet the "right" selections will likely come out regardless). Design decisions like that can be super awesome to some and annoying to others.

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Cool, I made an Amy Wong (from Futurama) in XCOM using an Asian female base and giving her the OG XCOM hair (that looks like Guile) and a pink outfit. I just wish I could recruit aliens to get a Zoidberg to go with my MEC Bender.

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@edgaras1103: The tabletop game had all kinds of ridiculous and wacky fun, but a whole lot of horrible. If it is at all true to the source it will be plenty dark and gritty, like the abduction of teens to act as pregnancy surrogates for wealthy families, with the quirky nod like two old electronics guys named Steve running kiosks in the Megaplex Mall of Night City (set a bit south of Silicon Valley) with a fruit fetish.

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I always felt the "touch the medallion" Witcher talk would make the best creepy Jeff in your style but perhaps you've found it.

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But trying not to be that guy, Fallout. It was such a wild game with a mix of 50's Americana, a somewhat prescient view of resource bottlenecks and the growing strength of China, and all kinds of goofy pop culture. I thought Fallout 3 ended up having about the same but with like 50 more hours of depressing green filters on everything. It was only years later that I found out my ending for Fallout 1 wasn't even the best ending and it required a massive amount of sequence breaking and laser focus to finish the game early enough on the clock to get the best ending (which is not canon because it requires all of the above). I did really like Tactics though for being able to make firing lines and having different specialists. I do wish Bethesda was capable of putting in party based stuff into their open worlds.

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I generally play talker/scientist/medic and hang back in every Fallout since 1. Even in Tactics (as much as it allowed anyways). When possible add a bit of stealth/pick pockets.

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@wraithtek: Normally I don't invest too much in Charisma, but if it's back to influencing the number of companions I can bring I might have to invest in it. I like having companions around, even when they're dumb and can barely keep themselves alive. Hopefully the companions will be more like New Vegas than F3 or Skyrim though. I want actual characters I can care about.

Just so you know, the perk descriptions from that site are mostly speculation past the first rank. They've already confirmed you can only have one companion.

I'm definitely with you though, I use companions whenever possible. If they have a personality besides being a packmule to carry my stuff, even better. I loved using Cass in New Vegas mostly for her fun quips.

Well I know what mod I'll be waiting for before starting. Not that the game ever NEEDS more than 1.5 companions, but having grown up on the past FO's, I'm all about collecting a party.

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I generally play talker/scientist/medic and hang back in every Fallout since 1. Even in Tactics (as much as it allowed anyways). When possible add a bit of stealth/pick pockets.

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  1. Phantom Pain
  2. Mario Maker
  3. Just Cause 3
  4. Witcher 3
  5. Splatoon

That'll be the top 5 this year. I promise you. If I'm wrong, I'll eat a fucking shoe.

I'm wondering if they are going to have to drop the everyone gets a favorite that isn't TOO crazy on the top 10 list dealing that has been going on. With 8 Duders, and Metal Gear, that leaves a pretty narrow window for a top 10. I'm hoping they get more interesting with their lower tier awards so that many of the oddball favorites can get their due there so we can have a more appropriate (if much more acrimonious) Top 10. Of course I want Austin to push King of Dragon Pass for old game of 2015. If you made the right choices you could have Anglo Saxon/Vikings riding triceratops into battle.

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The photosynthesis part is completely bonkers btw. The avg photosynthetic rate of a c3* plant circa. 15 micromol CO2/m^2/sec**.

The "leaf area" of Quiet is her skin so ca. 16000 cm^2*** if she is lying prone sniping is only half of that active so 8000 cm^2 or 0,8m^2 if we make sure the conditions are ideal in therms of available water, temperature don't exceed optimum**** ignoring photorespiration etc and say there are 12hours = 43200 seconds of active photosynthesis. can we calculate the production.

15*0,8*43200 = 518400 micromoles or 0,5184 moles CO2 used

if we then use this formula:

6H2O + 6CO2 + energy → C6H12O6 + 6O2

and use the Molar mass of C6H12O6 = 180.15588 g/mol can we calculate that quiet is producing 93.39 grams of sugar or 355,6 kcal a day, a far cry from the 2000 needed. Even if her entire area somehow was active would she only produce 187 grams or 711,3 kcal while still staving to death.

She would have to increase her photosynthetic rate to 43 co2 mikromol/m2/sec**** way beyond the limit of even the most efficient plants. There is also the problem of where she is getting enough macro and micro nutrients without a root system.

But heynanomachines magical parasites son I guess.


*most plants are c3

**although it varies much

***quick google search

**** not very likely

***** still amusing all of the area is active

I was going to get to surface area (as all biology is basically in service of it), but you did a great job on the numbers. I was willing to concede (not having gotten the game) that photosynthesis was more shorthand for some advanced (nanomachines) photovoltaic system, but it appears not.