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Oh, wow! Those are some incredibly sharp looking figures. Gwendolyn is by far my fav tho ^_^.

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@ESREVER: Wow, thanks, that IS the game she was talking about (confirmed just now), you're a life saver ^_^ We hunted for hours! She (The Queen) thanks you a thousand times over :).

@LikeaSsur: We were looking at that series, but it wasn't hitting exactly what she was describing. Thanks a bunch though :).

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I'm trying to help someone figure out a title of a game she played back in the day on the PS1. A few clues we have to go off of:

  • Was a Shooter - Probably FPS but, possibly a mix of FPS and TPS
  • Not on earth, you shot bugs/aliens that looked a lot like the Bug creatures from StarShip Troopers.
  • Most of, if not all, was set in a winter like levels, sometimes caves.
  • You had a "base", A climbable tower near by
  • Had a very similar feel to that of Lost planet.
  • 90% sure it was PS1... slight chance it may be PS2.
  • Game case/artwork was remembered as very plain, possibly used a lot of white space.

Any help to finding this title will be greatly appreciated.

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@Alex_Murphy said:
" Anymore? Did people ever play it? "
Yeah, oddly :P I remember a match sporting a few handful of people on either side :P Usually it was a 1 on 2 or 2 on 2 kinda thing tho :P
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@Timmmycap said:
" I am looking of someone to check out the Multiplayer, and NO one is playing this game "
What system are you playing it on? I've only ever played a few maps with people as the community isn't there. There are a few trophies there I wouldn't mind getting... but like you said, no one plays it. BTW, I've got the PS3 version.
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@Jack268 said:
"  @Abyssfull said:
" @hush404:  I just noticed you have 484 posts...yet on the PS3 board it says you've posted 546 posts! =O What evil sorcery is this?? "

  Fucking miracles "
lol. Perhaps? :P I have no idea.
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There IS a way to do do it in infamous. Most games have this ability. If you find one that doesnt, just copy your old save to a flash drive and start new?: P

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Skipping updates doesn't affect your machine. You could take a stock 60gb launch title and update it in one swoop via the latest update. Also, it's prob smart to deal with Sony directly.

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Hasn't Sony said, thanks to the blu-ray they'll be able to slap both the 3D and non 3D versions into the same disc? Non 3D will be able to enjoy the 1080p resolution and when using 3D I doubt you'll care too much about it being in 720p as 3D kicks ass. If you honestly sit in front of a TV running 3D content and bitch about it no being 1080p... there's something wrong with you. Not to mention that most games don't do 1080p @ 60fps as it is...

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Dude, 500gb is like $100. 5400rpm is the same speed as what's in there and recommended. Make sure it's the right form factor (2.5" sata drive) and you're ready to go.