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Thank you for writing this.

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And so begins the prophecy laid out in Final Fantasy VII.

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It looks like some kind of cicada to me, specifically the shedded skin of one, but I'm not sure. There's a good subreddit for just this type of thing:

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Skull Snaps - I'm your pimp

It's been going on a loop pretty much non-stop in my head for the past week.

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Back when a 7.3 was a solid score.

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The PS4 is region free so you could buy it from somewhere like Amazon (US) but I'm not sure if it would work out to be any cheaper.

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I wonder how many of those exclusive deals were set up with Microsoft because of their DRM and other policies. I just can't support the direction Microsoft is taking when Sony has shown there is the superior alternative in this respect (also hardware-wise). The Wii U is sort of in its own category and seems like a fine enough system that may eventually have a large catalog of good games.

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The best part is eating it with your hands. I don't understand some of you at all.

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