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Not only is it Vinny but it's just about the best stock image I've ever seen.

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Go to your profile and click about me. You joined 2010-09-09 apparently.

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I've put off giving games away too long after winning too many myself. Hopefully some of you are interested in some Darksiders II.

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You'll get pulp and you'll like it! Seriously, it's pretty great.

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If you're like me, if you don't push yourself to finish Skyrim, you might never finish it at all. There's just so much else to do, and so many things to potentially accomplish.

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I think it will be good for the target audience, but I don't think I'm a part of that audience anymore. So yes and no, I guess.

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GameSpy definitely has been off my radar for a real long time. Maybe I'll start checking it out now that it's guaranteed to have at least 70% more puppies.

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When I saw ShaqDown in the new releases panel, I thought I was on the beta site and people were just screwing around.

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The home ec. class at my high school did it. I took woodworking though, so I just got to laugh at the people carrying around eggs in little blankets.