Music,what the hell happened to you?

Hello everybody.Welcome to my first blog post.Here I will try write a little about todays mainstream music.If you have any thoughts on this subject,feel free to leave a comment bellow. 
Music is one of my favorite things in this world.I just can't live without it.Saddly,music has changed a lot,especially mainstream music.Today mainstream music is populated with a lot of really dumb songs and even dumber singers(I use the term singers loosely).Seriously,thanks to T-Pain even I can become a singer,becouse of the little thing called "Auto-Tune".Songs have stupid lyrics and really annoying beats,that get stuck in your head pretty quickly.I mean the other day on the radio I heard some Justin Bieber song(God I hate him) and even though I heard only about 30 seconds of it,it got stuck in my head for the whole day. 
My favorite genre of music is rap.Sadly most of the rap songs on the radio are fake thug songs about jewelery,women,money,cars...Somehow lyrical songs have no place for the radio.I mean you will never hear rappers like The Roots,CYNE,Fashawn,Jay Electronica,P.O.S. or Atmosphere getting plays on major radio stations. 
So all in all what do you think happened to the music?Do you think any lyrical songs will get plays on the radio?Or do you like todays music. 
P.S. Please excuse me if I made any grammatical mistakes in this blog.