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It finally hit me, Colt Cabana is wrestling's version of Vinny. Their voices kinda sound alike, both are goofballs, but also geniuses.

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The one thing he needs to learn is to stop referencing wrestling every 5 minutes in every quick look.

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Man, people that complain about them being unprofessional are just a bunch of puppies. This is a fighting sport, not freaking basketball or soccer. If the two guys don't like each other so much that they want to throw punches at each other, the more excited you get for the fight. I can't wait to see Jones elbow Cormier to a bloody pulp.

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From a person that has played a bunch of NBA 2k games, I've got to say, the WWE licence is in good hands. 2k usually knows how to represent different character models as realistically as possible. Also, I'm really interested to see how they reinvent the commentary, which has always been god awful in all WWE games. NBA 2k games were also pretty terrible at commentary at one point, but now it has probably the best commentary of all sports games. And the career mode... that might actually be phenomenal. Maybe not in the first year, but 2k can make an interesting and incredibly addicting career mode, that's for sure.

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This would break the game and all the story behind it. It's like asking NBA 2K games to add snowmobiles next year, because wouldn't it be more fun and exciting to play basketball on snowmobiles? You walk everywhere for a reason, the freaking nuclear war happened and everything went to shit. Even if they managed to somehow make vehicles, where would they get the fuel for them? Would they be the generation, that figured out how to power cars without using gasoline?

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I think Dan is cool, but he still needs some more time to be better in all of the content he's a part of. Pretty often it still feels that when he's talking with Jeff on QL's like they are still just strangers. Like starting to ask about completely different games, whether Jeff has played them and stuff. He still needs more time to get to know the whole staff. I can't remember, but was it the same with Patrick when he joined as well? Because I remember a lot of people hating Patrick in the beginning.

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I completely agree with you, Patrick definitely needs a QL buddy. However, I would say that Patrick is probably the best when it comes to solo QL's. Vinny is probably second best, but not even close to Patrick, because he can easily carry even videos that are longer than an hour, and the rest are incredibly boring, even Jeff. Also, Vinny has said that he would want to do some videos with Patrick, like playing some co-op games, which would easily make the content the best on the site.

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Wow, they are giving away all expansion packs as well! That's pretty damn cool. Every half a year I get into a weird Sims 2 wormhole, during which I only play Sims 2 for like three days straight and stop. This will come in handy.

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I don't know about you guys, but Ouya is my go-to console of choice.

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Just because they signed KENTA, I might actually start watching WWE again. I really hope they won't just make him another Asian wrestler, you know, the one that only plays into his stereotypes and pretty much is a jobber to their more popular talent.