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Please, for the love of god, never compare a video game to an actual sport. eSports, sure, not actual sports. Anything that involves you just sitting in front of your computer and clicking the mouse over and over can never be considered a sport. That's why I hate that chess is considered a sport.

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Just set everything on the easiest difficulty and try to understand the controls from there. Also, this is more of a basketball simulator, so don't try to play this like it's NBA Jam or like the GB crew always try to play it during their QL's. It has a practice mode where you can learn all the moves, of course pulling them off at first will be difficult, but it's not necessary to use them at low difficulty settings. It's not going to have a full on tutorial mode, but it should teach you the basics.

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I'm so happy I'm not Brazilian right now.

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The biggest problem is that now due to the success of the joke, there will be a lot of copycats. And I mean a lot.

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I want to have Hardcore Dave back! He promised when leaving that he will still come by from time to time, but he hasn't done so in years!

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Can somebody please explain to me why in the blue hell there are so many people angry with the fact that GB hired somebody that isn't a minority or female? Like why do people want to have somebody that is worse at his job but isn't a white male? This is ridiculous. Dan Ryckert is freaking awesome, don't know much about Jason AustrianMan, but he seemed cool in the podcast.

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Yeah, fuck it, I hoped that GB would only hire black/asian/latino guys and girls, don't care if they were more qualified or not! I mean seriously, this is the white guy guilt coming out with all that race stuff. If the GB staff have known both of the hires for a long time, got along with them, that's the reason why they were hired. This stuff about getting females and minorities on staff is just complete bullshit. If they were better qualified than the two new hires, they would be hired instead.

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I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at the censored version of Blink 182.

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Noooooooooooooo! Why does VVVVVV have to go against Mass Effect, Dragon Age and The Walking Dead? I was hoping to get it on the cheap and this was my chance! I'm going to still hope I'll be able to get it through a flash sale or something.

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It's official, video games are art.