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Can somebody please explain to me why in the blue hell there are so many people angry with the fact that GB hired somebody that isn't a minority or female? Like why do people want to have somebody that is worse at his job but isn't a white male? This is ridiculous. Dan Ryckert is freaking awesome, don't know much about Jason AustrianMan, but he seemed cool in the podcast.

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Yeah, fuck it, I hoped that GB would only hire black/asian/latino guys and girls, don't care if they were more qualified or not! I mean seriously, this is the white guy guilt coming out with all that race stuff. If the GB staff have known both of the hires for a long time, got along with them, that's the reason why they were hired. This stuff about getting females and minorities on staff is just complete bullshit. If they were better qualified than the two new hires, they would be hired instead.

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I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at the censored version of Blink 182.

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Noooooooooooooo! Why does VVVVVV have to go against Mass Effect, Dragon Age and The Walking Dead? I was hoping to get it on the cheap and this was my chance! I'm going to still hope I'll be able to get it through a flash sale or something.

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It's official, video games are art.

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Did Steam just decided to say fuck it and not even hide the fact that the results of the Summer Adventure are all fake? I mean they could've at least somewhat believable, but now the blue team has 1.2+ million points and all the rest teams have nearly an identical amount of points. That kind of bullshit from their part made the cards you get from this sale damn near useless! Seriously, they depreciated by so much and I'm pissed. Before the fix was in, I would get like 40 cents per card, but now I'm lucky if I get 18...

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Because it's really boring. I never understood why it's the most popular sport in the world. Also, I'm European, so before you start raging against me keep that in mind. Honestly, the only team sports that are exciting are basketball and hockey. Basketball because the pace is really high, a lot of scoring and highlights in a single game. Hockey, because even though the scoring is not that high, at least you will see plenty of insanely hard hits that the players won't be penalized for and you might see an actual fight or two.

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Anyone else thinks that there's absolutely nothing random about the teams? Red team finished dead last, far behind everyone on day 1 only to win day 2 (with purple not that far behind after winning the first day) and now the green team who has been middle of the pack for the first two days already has an insurmountable lead for day 3. I bet every team will conveniently win twice and never two times in a row by the end.

Anyway i can't say i care all that much, i sold a bunch of cards i bought real cheap before it started, made a couple dollars and i'm not even sure i'll grad those i'm missing to craft the badge even when the price hit rock bottom in the last day. I'm not much of a gambler.

And so far i haven't bought anything. I'm contemplating buying Tropico 5 if it goes lower than 30$ but keep thinking that i should be smart and just grad Tropico 4 collector's bundle for 10$. And then that's kinda it.

Yeah, there's definitely something fishy going on with the teams. I mean team purple easily crushed everyone in day 1. Then out of nowhere team red barely beat team purple in day 2. Now team green in some really mysterious way are absolutely kicking everyone's asses, ahead by nearly 100.000 points, even though they were nearly last in day 2.

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Can anybody tell me whether buying State of Decay would be a wise move? Are there any recommendations? Is it any good? I just remember from the QL it being pretty janky.

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I love this sale. I get a card, sell it for a bunch of money, buy some cards needed to craft some badges from other games, get an additional sales card for crafting a badge, sell it, use that money to buy more cards and it that's how everything goes. They finally figured out how to make sure that the sales cards don't drop by so much in value after a short period. I remember last sale card prices at the start were over a Euro and after a day they all cost like three cents.