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Ryan, I will miss you very much. Hopes and prayers to your family and GiantBomb. Rest in Peace!

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Such a tragedy. My heart goes out to his family!

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@BigChief: Except the load times. I couldn't finish it for that reason. Too much waitin' 
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I need 3 more. Please help me out.

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I'd like that too. Thanks

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I am a little nervous about this one. This could get really really tedious. I hope they have the action game play to balance it out. 

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@benjaebe said:
" @Kato said:
" @benjaebe: What service is $5 a month? GameFly damn sure isn't. "
There isn't a service that's five dollars a month. They're saying that they'll give you $5 dollars a month to rent your game, and that seems really goddamn low if you're planning on renting out new games or even older titles. You could get way more selling your game used. "
Fair enough, but that depends on what you compare it to. Our service is specifically for people who want to continue to own their game collection and not sell the games. So if you compare to selling games - $5 is low.  But if you compare it to a game just sitting on your shelf, $5 is pretty good. This by no means is a money making scheme. It's just a little extra reason to keep your games and help you buy your next game at the same time. 
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@Yorick said:
" @hwarang:
You spelled "independent" incorrectly as "independant" under "Our Mission." I just thought you would like to know =) "
Well that's embarrassing. Thanks for pointing that out.
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@Kato: Thanks Kato. We definitely heard this from several users. At one point we wanted to have the "Add to List" feature in case somebody wants to rent games automatically like you would in GameFly. We see there is no need for it and we will probably get rid of it. I appreciate the feedback.  
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