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I have to admit, Ryan is one of those people that no matter how much time goes by, no matter how non-existent my time knowing him, I will miss that beautiful bastard until I pass myself. If I feel this much for someone I've never met and someone who never knew who I was I can only imagine what he meant to the people who knew him. We'll always miss you Ryan. You will always be a part of all of us.

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I don't post much, but this is absolutely the most sad reason to make a new post. A profound loss for anyone who has even passing knowledge of this site or any other Ryan has been associated with. RIP Ryan.

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Hey guys, I'm a composer/music producer/DJ/what have you, over at OCReMix and I've got a remix of a fellow OCReMix composer/music producer/DJ/what have you, by the name of PrototypeRaptor. Anyway, I thought some of you guys might particularly enjoy it as its perfect for Halloween. Here's the link for the free download, Happy Halloween!


P.S. if you enjoy it please share it with anyone and everyone you can, thank you and GLHB!

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I happen to agree with the 7.5 score though... The game's totally fucked at launch (at least on 360).

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@Jack268: Ahem... Hello Sheldon.

Anyway, yeah it seems rather ridiculous; the insomniac trilogy were incredible games worthy of Hans, but these newer iterations are not. I'm pretty sure the way he works is he writes a couple themes and then hands them off to the dozen or so composers under him to finish them out into scores, but still.

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I will heart anyone who gifts this to me :P

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@VelvetLore04:  Sounds good buddy, thanks for that!
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So is there an RPG mechanic?
And yes, i actually do enjoy killing thousands of dudes with zero AI... If theres some kind of point to it... I'm easy to please.

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I played DW3 way back in the day and thoroughly enjoyed going through "Free Play" mode and leveling the shit out of my favorite characters. The grind was interesting when I felt like I was achieving something. From what I've heard, there isnt a "free" mode in 7, but is there still an interesting way to do about the same thing?

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