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Hello fellow duders!

I entered a small design contest but i could use your votes! If you have G+. Please vote for my design. Not a frequent poster on these boards but a gold subscriber since the beginning if that helps.:D Below is the orignal design. For some reason it shows up black in G+. So I'm losing votes...

Link to G+ page

Design nr.8

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Got my poster this week but sadly it wrinkled in one corner... But most won't notice it because of where i'm hanging it. A little bit of advice for the next time to social imprints... DON'T package the poster naked in tubes. You should always roll the poster in either plastic bubbles or just plain 80gr offset paper. Preferably cut bigger then the poster for some protection during transportation but i also think a lot of damage has been done while rolling the poster and then they put in the tubes too firmly. Still a great poster !

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@hoboiam: I got an email from GB as confirmation of the purchase.

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Got my poster through paypal. I was logged in GB and had my paypal password ready. I was just lucky to see the GB tweet appear. I also assumed when you got one reserved when it appears in your cart. Glad i did not wait a couple of minutes longer. I just dropped everything i was doing in front of my boss when I saw the tweet.:) I said it was a rare poster i was trying to get.:) He understood.

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Did not think to order two tbh. I went as quick as i could through the check out process. Total of 30 dollars with shipping to belgium. Steep but worth though.^_^

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Got one! I was just @ my desk when you guys tweeted the link!

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Thx. I'll try to buy one on thursday. I like the restriction on two per person!:) I would not have a problem if you offer the poster in the store without the signatures.

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Honestly: I consume almost all the content from GB... I put there vids up instead of watching regular tv. Recently I rewatched fortune street and the lantern runs.:) Love what they are doing but i do agree that since Ryan death the vibe has been different. Which is understandable. I would love to see a weekly retro show. Play some pilotwings, double dragon break out the old ridge racer or play some ikari warriors! Get a super scope and make a short show about it. I bet most peeps never witnessed the awesomeness but battery consuming as shit that was the super scope! Kinda like the show and tell from Tested but a bit more in depth.

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@rorie That would be awesome.:) I've got the Tested poster back in de whiskey days. Still regretted not getting the GB one.